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  1. Nice one. Looks I'm also need to post some my photos from 2018, when I first found this buddy. >Here's< I also posted quick background that related to that cancelled Nokia N-Gage device, and also attached many my internal/external photos of it's HW in original size. And btw, the official commercial name of the unit planned to be "N-Gage IC". So, you can update the thread name from: 'Planned successor to Nokia N-Gage QD found!' to the 'Nokia N-Gage IC. Cancelled Nokia N-Gage and N-Gage QD Official Successor.", for the better indexation. But that's for sure for your choice.
  2. WTB PSP Alpha/Beta/Trial/Test/Pre-Production NFR UMD Games and DEV-KiT/Test Kit Unit (DTP-T1000/DTP-H1500). Here Example Of Games: If You have any of these Games, Systems or Stuff please PM (or WRITE at [email protected]) me with its fotos and your price. Thanks in advance.
  3. Just make 'em with build in NGE standard screenshot app, with default .jpg settings, after that move 'em from disc c:// to e:// (MMC) and transfer via MicroUSB to PC (I use NGE Classic at the moment).
  4. Finally got working PreRetail Dev Build of Habbo Islands.
  5. As abt TCSCCT. It's just Media Kit Version, but with cool cardboard box and branded flashlight, if I remember right. I have 4 or 5 complete TCSCCT Media Press Kits (G2.0 Beta + MiniDVD with Press Info). As for PtG, I got this kit with #1 signed by PtG devs already in 2010. http://www.assemblergames.com/forums/showthread.php?30302-N-Gage-Pathway-to-Glory-Media-Review-Kit-(Not-For-Sale) Near year ago, I found 2nd kit. And it was #2, lol. As I know, It was only 50 (very unlikely 100) released.
  6. U mean total quantity of all NGE units? Near ~50 Classic & QD's) As abt games, I have near complete (85+%) G3.0 Gold (Yellow) and (85+%) G2.0 Beta (Orange) set (Complete set - 100% mean near 60 official game MMCs). Most builds in 2-4 copies, hence total is 200+ MMCs). As abt G1.5 Alpha (Red) here is much more modest, near 20%+. (~15 MMCs). + Near ~70 Promo MMCs (White) and 25+ Dev MMCs for DevKit (White). Still no time to update pics of my collection. Hope to do it till next summer. Despite the fact that after the release of NGE has been more than 10 years, I still like and enjoy to collect games for it.
  7. Yep. More than 200+ various Alpha/Beta/Gold builds. (Incl. NGE full sealed set.) Incl. such rarities as Virtua Cop Beta, Payload Beta, Snakes Beta and Gold, Marbles Unreleased Alpha - all on official MMC. And bunch of Proto QD's/Classics.
  8. And here is some truly unique stuff. First time, when U can see real photo of original NGE Alien Front in the web.
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