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  1. Nice one. Looks I'm also need to post some my photos from 2018, when I first found this buddy. :)
    >Here's< I also posted quick background that related to that cancelled Nokia N-Gage device,

    and also attached many my internal/external photos of it's HW in original size.

    And btw, the official commercial name of the unit planned to be "N-Gage IC". So, you can update the thread name from:

    'Planned successor to Nokia N-Gage QD found!' to the 'Nokia N-Gage IC. Cancelled Nokia N-Gage and N-Gage QD Official Successor.",

    for the better indexation. But that's for sure for your choice. :)



  2. As abt TCSCCT. It's just Media Kit Version, but with cool cardboard box and branded flashlight, if I remember right.

    I have 4 or 5 complete TCSCCT Media Press Kits (G2.0 Beta + MiniDVD with Press Info).


    As for PtG, I got this kit with #1 signed by PtG devs already in 2010.

    Near year ago, I found 2nd kit. And it was #2, lol. As I know, It was only 50 (very unlikely 100) released. :)

  3. Hello Dirk it's been a long time, your N Gage stuff rocks, what's your total N Gage software lot now?

    U mean total quantity of all NGE units? Near ~50 Classic & QD's)
    As abt games, I have near complete (85+%) G3.0 Gold (Yellow) and (85+%) G2.0 Beta (Orange) set (Complete set - 100% mean near 60 official game MMCs). Most builds in 2-4 copies, hence total is 200+ MMCs). As abt G1.5 Alpha (Red) here is much more modest, near 20%+. (~15 MMCs). + Near ~70 Promo MMCs (White) and 25+ Dev MMCs for DevKit (White). Still no time to update pics of my collection. Hope to do it till next summer. :)

    Despite the fact that after the release of NGE has been more than 10 years, I still like and enjoy to collect games for it. :)

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