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  1. How Analogue has treated analog video after the Nt Mini is why I have yet to buy from them and am reading this thread. I pretty much gave up hope on waiting for them to restock the Nt Mini and release the DAC when I saw the Super Nt has a version in white for $60 more than other colors instead of an edition with the DAC and/or the DAC sold by itself. It just seems like they went too far into Mike Kennedy Land for me by putting console shell colors as a higher priority.
  2. I'm not convinced they aren't. You are just misunderstanding me. I'm saying that the people of 1982 didn't realize they were going through a transition and didn't know how to deal with that. Therefore, instead of it being a smooth transition it resulted in a crash. But now that we understand how it works when we go through these transitions we don't have crashes. To use the consoles flooding the market example again, if I went there with my decades of experience going through these transitions, saw on the shelves the ColecoVision, Atari 5200, and Vectrex being added with the Intellivision, Atari 2600, and Odyssey 2 then I wouldn't be thinking,"There are too many consoles flooding the market! What do I do with all these choices?!" I would be thinking,"The new consoles are the next gen that we are transitioning into and the old consoles are approaching the end of life." Also, as the sales of old consoles and their games are dropping I wouldn't be thinking,"Video games is just a fad!". I would be thinking,"People are tired of this gen and are ready for the next gen."
  3. I'm not confusing them. Me understanding them clearly while people back then not is my point. For an example, when we were transitioning from the Wii, PS3, and XBOX 360 to the Wii U, PS4, and XBOX ONE I understood that the old consoles were approaching end of life while the new consoles were their replacements while back during the crash the new wave of consoles being added gave a feeling of too many consoles flooding the market.
  4. All or most NES sales dropped drastically because nobody wanted to buy them anymore but wanted to buy the Super NES. My point is that the crash happened because it was a transitional stage but since it was new to them they didn't understand how to cope with it.
  5. I think the crash was just an ordinary console cycle with the only difference being that now companies know how to manage them because they plan on their consoles going obsolete in the first place. Going from the NES to Super NES was a "crash", going from the PS2 to PS3 was a "crash", etc.
  6. I don't consider systems that were designed under Atari Inc. as Atari Corp. systems so I will go with the Lynx but if I had one I would probably go with the XEGS.
  7. Maybe. It is kind of like the incandescent light bulb. It feels like no matter how much time passes and how many versions of light bulbs become obsolete between now and then I will always think of the incandescent light bulb as the classic bulb. So, 50 years from now I can see myself still saying that CRT's are the classic television, the shows that were played during that time were classic television, VHS, Beta, LD, DVD, etc. were formats for classic TVs, and the consoles played on them were the classic video game consoles. Or maybe kind of like what comes to mind when I think of classical music. The same music comes to mind now as it did when I was a kid with no music being pushed into it from the passage of time.
  8. I have some curved TV's for my classic consoles but they curve in the other direction.
  9. During the 90s and earlier when growing up what seemed to be the line that made me a retro gamer and most modern gamers was just about what was trendy and popular right now. Like when my older brother got the NES for Christmas I would have been considered retro on day one just for still being interested in the VCS because,"Why would you be interested in that still when it isn't new and popular now?" Or if I would go to the flea market, discover a Coleco-Vision, and be interested without getting others' approvable about rather or not I should think it is cool. This mindset could even apply to something that is brand new. Like if I wanted an Atari Lynx it wouldn't matter if it was new,"Why would you be interested in that? It isn't popular and Atari is old news." So, if I were a kid today I would probably be considered a retro outcast if I were interested in the Wii U because the Switch made it outdated but even if I was interested when the Wii U was new it would still count because,"The Wii U sucks and Nintendo is old news."
  10. The quality is because he focused on every single detail. For an example, even how the pause screen was implemented was important to him. He insisted that the game not be shown when paused because it could be unfair if people cheat. I explained how it is unfair not to be shown because you could die from not remembering where your character is. So, he decided to make it fair in both ways by only showing your character. Another one is that the body doesn't just change colors to show damage and taking in energy but is based on the idea of some sea creatures using bioluminescence to express themselves.
  11. It was fun helping RT with this. Once I started helping him I play tested with all the free time I had. He impressed me every night. I would tell him about bugs, timing issues, difficulty, bounce ideas off of him, etc. and practically every night after work he would already have a new build with everything we discussed addressed in it for me to test for the next build. I think I still have all of the different versions on my Harmony Cart which is many because he didn't stop pumping them out until neither of us could find anything wrong with them and he couldn't fit any more into the ROM. It was just a blast, RT is brilliant, and I want to have his babies.
  12. But there is no universal definition of generation either.
  13. But the original Playstation wasn't just pure games. It was also a CD player.
  14. I think maybe the line between retro and modern should be the line between CRT and flat panels. When I think of most consoles all the way back to Ralph Baer's prototypes being able to be hooked on one TV and then needing a second TV for the more recent stuff that seems like a line between the classical "Ralph Baer Era" of consoles in line with his idea of controlling images on a CRT display to a new era where the definition of a video game needs expanded to include a new type of TV that he had no way of knowing about at the time. So, I guess that would be at the PS3 since it came with composite cables with HDMI only optional. It would also feel odd not to include it since most of its library is something like 5,000 PS1 and PS2 games.
  15. That kind of display may have no lag, no need to simulate CRT effects, be compatible with every light gun all the way back to rifles on Pong consoles, etc. There is just one big problem. It is just too bulky for many retro gamers. They need flat panels so that they can get the screen closer to the wall to gain space to store more air in front of it. You can't live without air. So, that outweighs all those other benefits. Besides, HDMI modding every console, buying scalers, simulating CRT effects, looking for flat panels with the least amount of lag, waiting for new kinds of light guns to purchase, etc. is so much easier to deal with than a CRT because reasons.
  16. That is cool but the author exaggerated the problem that it would solve. He makes it seem like we are already in a time where finding a CRT is extremely rare instead of the problem just being an issue of preference.
  17. I mean kind of like those huge CRT projectors but tiny like a modern projector that would do standard definition(480i) in analog instead of enhanced definition(480p) in digital like what I have. If such projectors don't exist then I'm fine sticking with 480p but would be interested in one with better features like higher contrast, higher brightness, etc. So, with either option the goal would be for the projector to display a realistic looking high quality CRT like image. For an example, if I plugged composite into it then it would look like composite on a good CRT like a Trinitron but if I hooked RGB into it then it would look like RGB on a professional video monitor but in neither case would it look like it is plugged into an HDTV. Does That make sense?
  18. I looked through the site but the only thing I figured out is that it may be a good idea to get a grey screen for higher contrast. I'm not sure if pre-HDMI is what I'm concerned about since with mine it already has an AUX in for composite, VGA, and I could probably get one of those RetroTINK things from the other thread(interested in it for S-Video and especially component). What I'm wanting to know is if any exist less that 480p or are based on CRT tech but not huge? In other words, the options closest to a CRT as possible.
  19. I remember its backwards compatibility and being a DVD player being the only selling points I needed.
  20. Wouldn't the 480p be a good fit for all classic consoles?
  21. I need to check into the pre-HDMI ones you speak of. I have seen huge CRT ones but haven't looked for any other small cheap projectors with analog ports and lower than 480p if they exist. Mine has an aux for AV and a port for VGA though that I can test out. I want to live out these commercials:
  22. Instead of retyping it here is my answer: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/286558-advice-needed-return-retrotink-go-emulation/page-2?do=findComment&comment=4188089
  23. My erectile dysfunction is starting to make sense to me now.
  24. The same kind of reasoning could be ablied to the cartridge port. 90% of all Nintendo and SEGA games exist as ROM files while the other 10% exist on cartridges. Those ROM files already have a huge selection of modern hardware to display them on HDTV through emulation. So, why include a cartridge port? And I don't mean to make it more legal. I mean, who are these consoles catering to that makes a cartridge port a selling point? People that don't mind that it is outputs an emulation like image and just wants high quality replacement hardware with higher accuracy than software based emulation by using an FPGA. So, for me it is pretty much the exact same except it isn't just about playing decades old cartridges with higher than software based emulation accuracy but displaying the games with higher than software based emulation accuracy. I can't see a huge night and day difference between one of these FPGA consoles displaying an image with CRT effects and a software based emulator displaying an image with CRT effects. They both seem visually off in the same way that people would point out the audio being off in an emulator like saying the music doesn't sound the same on original hardware. It just kind of seems like a waste to use an FPGA to achieve greater accuracy than software emulation if it is being prevented by design to not be able to display an identical image as original hardware. Anyway, it is kind of hard for me to believe that it is a minority of us that would like to see emulation rather it is hardware or software based to reach a level of accuracy that it is identical to original hardware and that there is no market for it.
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