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  1. My suggestion is modern tech. A projector screen being a PITA has solutions too.
  2. I personally would like to be able to enjoy the consoles they already made instead of them making more that I still can't enjoy.
  3. I bought that RCA 480p projector from Walmart for $79. It might work well with your RetroTINK since it outputs 480p. You said you don't have room for another LCD or a CRT but if you have room for something smaller than your Atari VCS and a white wall, white sheet, or whatever then this may be a solution. I tested it with my wife's NES Classic and SNES classic. It exceeded my expectations and I'm impressed. I think I need to clarify by what I mean by impresssed. I am very pro-CRT and very anti-anything else. I mean, I wish flat panel TVs weren't even invented kind of anti. So, when I say impressed for something that isn't a CRT then it has a very strong meaning. Anyway, the image looked so much like a CRT that I would have to look at them side by side to tell the difference. It had scanlines but also veritical lines forming "pixels" that look very similar to the phosphorus "pixels" on CRTs with even a glow and slight bleed to them. Another appearance it had was the look of depth like a CRT. It is kind of hard to explain but with an LCD I can see that the image is on the screen but with a CRT there is a depth that makes the image appear behind the glass. If I didn't know what I was looking at I would guess that it was a real NES and Super NES hooked up to a CRT with compontent cables. I didn't even project it at its full 150". The 4:3 image was about the size that would be on a 55" or maybe 65" LCD and it looked like I had a huge late model Sony Trinitron in my wall. I'm so impressed that it will add life to my CRT collection because they won't need used as often. I think it is kind of cool that for most people it would seem like a very cheap projector that looks like crap at 480p while the image looks so spot on for retro gaming that it seems like a homebrew gadget one of us would create.
  4. My advice would be that in the future buy a TV based on what you want to display on it instead of buying a TV and then trying to figure out how to display what you want on it. Unless it is so cheap that is worth the gamble. For example, I'm interested in trying out this cheap RCA projector from Walmart that is less than $100. I'm interested because its resolution is only 480p so I assume the results of blowing up the image to 100" with a lens instead of scaling it up to HD would look more authentic and maybe reduce lag, since it is projected light it may have more of an anolog look without being able to see pixels with the image less sharp, and on one of the YouTube videos I watched on it the guy zoomed in real close and there was an effect from projecting 480p that huge that looked like scanlines. So, I'm willing to take the gamble just to have a little toy to play with that may look close to a gigantic CRT like image while feeling like I'm gaming in a theater.
  5. I doubt those combos will work. The VHS sides are still just ordinary VHS with the connections separate from the DVD side. I have 4 SVHS VCRs. I don't think the model you get would matter much. It is just like how any VHS VCR with composite out can output RF through the composite output. It is the same thing with SVHS VCRs but both RF and composite can output through S-Video. I think the only feature you would have to check is if the model you are looking at has more than one input like Video 1 and Video 2 to switch with the VCR remote between S-Video and Composite. If you don't plan on using it for tapes I would avoid expensive professional models. As far as I can tell there is no lag(light guns work) and can't think of any reason there would be. To my understanding I don't think there is anything processing or anything like that to introduce lag. It is more like the video is going straight through with maybe comb filters for video separation.
  6. That is normal behavior. What I do is use SVHS VCRs. Since they output with S-Video you can put composite or even RF in to the SVHS VCR to output in S-Video. It might just move your mess of wires from the TV to the VCR but at least there would be only one S-Video cable hooked into the TV.
  7. I don't think it is a niche. The poll of this thread put those who prefer analog in the majority and I doubt it changed that much in 3 years. It just appears to be a niche because if they are only coming out with HDMI then you are going to mostly hear from those that prefer HDMI.
  8. Component output would be ideal because it is the best I have but I would settle for composite. The important criteria is that they could display on a CRT exactly as the original hardware would. I'm mostly interested in them just for being replacement hardware so that I can have new consoles for when the originals are all gone. So, basically to use them the same way the Nt Mini could be used.
  9. I think of the Flashbacks as being like Jitterbug phones. I would recommend them for people that can't figure out all the other options to play Atari. For example, if my dad wanted to play Atari I would just give up and get him a Flashback.
  10. Since I have yet to get an answer about if more information about the DAC is buried in this thread like when it will be released, I have a similar question. Is there a product from another source that can be used with these FPGA consoles to convert HDMI to component and have it output in fullscreen instead of widescreen? I'm very interested in these consoles but want to make sure I have a way to play them on a CRT before purchase.
  11. The line of reasoning in the video is why I believe Nintendo should put all of their old "IP" on their modern hardware for free with the highest quality of emulation. I bet that alone would sale a shit load of Switches and 3DS's. Some may buy them just for that.
  12. I don't feel like I'm drifting away from the scene. It is more like having trouble relating to changes in it. For an example, I can't relate to the common desire to want to play original hardware and/or very accurate clones on HDTV because I don't see a huge difference of what is being displayed compared to just running an emulator on an HDTV. In other words, the difference between running original hardware vs. an emulator on an HDTV doesn't seem to me as night and day as going from a CRT to HDTV.
  13. I'm not really seeing the need for extension cables for controllers or a wireless reset because it was already designed to be a pull out and put in front of you like on your coffee table type of console like the VCS and ProSystem.
  14. You can still use the fireplace without actually using it. They make stacks of fake logs that light up and flicker to turn a fireplace into a fake one. They have the option to put off heat or just look like a fire.
  15. I feel like you are wasting that beautiful brick that looks like it used to house a fireplace and the placement of your TV with your chair in the middle in front of the couch looks kind of odd. What I would recommend is buying one of those entertainment centers with the fake fireplaces in them and put it in front of that brick with the TV on top of that. Then move the chair by the couch and buy a huge coffee table for the middle for when you set up huge things like a 5200 with all accessories like the trackball.
  16. You are totally invited. I could see you coming over then I say,"I wish I could see yours someday." Then you say,"You can now because I brought it with me." I look at you confused but then you open up a laptop with the most organized and curated set of emulators ever. Then I say,"May I have a copy of ALL of that?!"
  17. My memory from day care of seeing an Atari 400 that a kid brought is the first thing that comes to mind. I think the NES was already out and only knew of the VCS at the time. So, I thought I was looking at a new console from Atari and thought PAC-MAN looked amazing on it. Since I was looking at it from child eyes I don't think I was thinking of it as a computer. Well, not a serious one anyway. More like a video game console that was also an all-in-one with things like the Speak & Spell and other electronic toys. I just kind of had a feeling like,"Yes! This is the thing that Santa is getting all the kids this year! It will be able to play any video game imaginable and I will be able to talk to video game cartoons!"
  18. I also bought my first house last year but my game room isn't finished. I pretty much just need to buy about five of those tall and deep plastic 5 shelves units that you usually see in garages. I need that much deep shelving because it won't just be a game room but my retro room with my CRT collection, boom boxes, tape decks, VCRs, 8-track players, turn table, etc. If I fit it all in there in an organized fashion I will be impressed. Anyway, I'm a Hoosier too. Maybe we can someday go on field trips to visit each others man caves, make trades, or whatever.
  19. I lost my spot in this thread and other mega threads forever ago during a forum update. Anyway, I was looking at Analogue's site and that is how I first found out about the Mega Sg. So, I apoloize if this has been asked before but have they released the DAC yet so I can finally use their products? Also, have they already had or will they have any more Nt Minis in stock? Thanks.
  20. The NES takes cartridges (ok, "Game Paks" but same business)
  21. You go panhandling with a very honest sign saying something like,"Anything will help to get me more video games." In no time you would be able to afford not just a used but a brand new copy to vote with your wallet for developers to keep publishing on physical media.
  22. I know. Which is why my answer was a yes and no. Here it is again: In short, my no vote was for not going back to the original DRM and my yes vote was for a hypothetical console coming with a flash cart that you fill up with DRM free ROMs through digital downloads. In other words, I don't want to go back to what cartridges were but what they have evolved into today because they are the best of both worlds between physical media and digital downloads. However, if we were to go back to a physical medium that has complete games and no need for the internet then I think I would prefer the games on discs as big as LaserDiscs in similar vinyl like cases full of art everywhere including the sleeves.
  23. If the OP is asking if there are people selling them for less than $100 then how is it not relevant to provide examples of getting it for less than $100?
  24. I have so many Atari 2600's and 7800's with doubles, triples, etc. of games, joysticks, paddles, etc. that this thread is tempting me to either be greedy after sorting through it all or being very generous. Anyway, I'm mostly leaning towards memelord's opinion of the value or at least how I value them because I acquired all of these extras from lots looking for just a few things in them with all these extras thrown in as if they were free. To me even $30 with just the console and necessary accessories seems expensive. And $100?! Well, most of mine I spent around that or maybe a little more... with 100 carts and many accessories along with them just to get that one label variation, prototype, or other rare item hidden in the lot. For me to pay $100 for an Atari by itself it better have already been modified to give me head.
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