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  1. Are the games put on this removable media for the big consoles so DRM free that I could potentially find complete ROM sets of all of them just like the Harmony Cart?
  2. Yes and no. It used to be my only option to use my hundreds of Atari carts but today I can use my Harmony Cart with all the games and getting them through digital download. I wouldn't want to go back to before that or wait for a new cartridge based system to get a flash cart like that 30 years from now. So, my vote would be for a new cartridge based system that is already like that from the get go with just one cart that I buy ROM's for with no DRM. I would want it to be a cart instead of an internal hard drive because I'm just as concerned about a console breaking as servers going down. I just want a cart I can quickly pull out and install into another console to get all my games in seconds. To me it doesn't get much more of a sense of ownership and preservation as that.
  3. I call it based on which revision I'm referring to. The solution to the Atacobox and referring to all revisions can be found on the Atari 7800 ProSystem Video Computer System box: It says Atari 2600 VCS on the box. That is a clear name that should cause less confusion.
  4. I'm interested in what version of Stella it is running and the features of that version.
  5. Once everything is in play after the 3D effects it already looks similar to the original on an av modded Atari.
  6. This business model is not going to work. History has shown that. A successful campaign means jack because of that big elephant in the room. The OUYA launched their campaign for similar reasons. They had the funds from other investors but had to prove it with a successful campaign to get it and said they wanted the community involved. Other than the backers they got over 10 million from investors but only ended up with a user base around 200,000. They didn't make enough money in software sales to pay back the investors so they had to sell OUYA to Razer. Razer has a huge budget and still couldn't make it successful by putting the OUYA Discover store on their Forge TV. That actually made things worse and slowed down the pace of submitted games even more because why would a developer put a game on the OUYA Discover store only for the Forge TV when they could just submit the game for Google Play to get on all Android TV devices including the Forge TV? Atari is making the same mistake with the difference being that they are starting where OUYA was at with the Forge TV because why would a developer put a game in Atari's store just for the Atari VCS when they can just submit it to the Ubuntu Software Center for all devices that run Ubuntu including the Atari VCS? It makes no sense and won't work. If Atari was just selling it as a Ubuntu computer with a fancy case and controllers to only make money on the hardware sales then it might work and fit within the niche of Linux computers but a model based on software sales wont. That requires a user base in the BILLIONS or there is no reason for a developer to submit games. To put this in perspective, all Linux gamers combined aren't even in the billions. That is why Steam machines have failed just like the OUYA, Forge TV, and others. Software sales from a dedicated console? Hell no. Hardware sales from a niche Ubuntu computer? Maybe. Simple as that.
  7. Since Ralph Baer invented them then I think that if his patents weren't expired then the ones that would have to pay royalties would be the real ones. I mean, wouldn't the inventor's definition be the authoritative one? Anyway, I think all of today's could get around that hypothetical scenario of paying royalties just by them not displaying the games on CRT TV's.
  8. I assumed that marrying a bisexual woman would get me more than all the pussy I would ever desire. Unfortunately, my assumption was correct. I don't try to talk her into getting rid of them because I'm scared I'll come home to a house full of beavers.
  9. We can add a room and by then it would likely be the 5th instead of 4th room because we are already planning on adding a cat room for our 12 cats.
  10. I hope you make it way past 2030 but that does bring to mind another part of my future plans. I hope to be around after most retro gamers have passed and their collections are back in the wild while being completely worthless to everyone but old farts like me.
  11. I will try to avoid nursing homes because of potential abuse; not of me but from me because I'm likely to be a cranky old bitch that has nothing better to do than harass nurses. Anyway, some things I am doing or planning to do: 1. If I get a child raise it to accept retro gaming as their religion. That seems to get most people interested in things for the long term. 2. I'm currently moving my wife's and my collections slowly into our new house. We got a three bedroom home just so we both could have our own collection rooms. 3. Maintain and add to my CRT collection. I try to have a few big ones with everything up to component video and many small ones all the way down to a 5" color Watchman. 4. Get flash carts, A/V mods, etc. for back-ups and to have as much compatibility with my CRT's as possible. 5. Not treat my collection as I would as a child but keep everything clean and maintained. 6. Get consoles refurbished when necessary. 7. Collect console revisions to also serve as back-ups. 8. Get some FPGA consoles and maybe get into software emulation. 9. Make it clear to trespassers that I value my collection infinitely more than their lives which will end by getting shot off my SKS's bayonet. 10. Survive until the Singularity so that I can become Borg.
  12. Jacro017's really dumb question and the responses have caused me to think of a completely retarded question. Is it possible to use a bluetooth transmitter thingy for all of my retro consoles and then have the receiver be a bluetooth enabled audio cassette tape that I could play in a Walkman so that I could use headphones for all of my retro consoles while at the same time the games' music and sound would be like that of an audio cassette tape to make the experience ultra-retro? That would turn flash carts into the ultimate mixtapes!
  13. The sexy times would outweigh the risks.
  14. SNEZ Police sounds bad ass. I'm imaging it on a black Super Nt with a Decepticons logo sticker on it.
  15. "Launch yourself a mile away, go back to kick some more ass, and then launch yourself a mile away again." Road Rash series
  16. "Rule from the sky as the world's oldest dictator even under democracy." Sid Meier's Civilization series
  17. I just thought he was taking credit for the jailbreak by claiming to be not Kevtris. Isn't Not Kevtris the same person that released the jailbreak?
  18. I just now looked at the marketing for it on their page to see if somehow I overlooked it and don't see it. Can you show me where this was said? I'm not in disagreement that it is a distinct possibility.
  19. That definitely counts for something and I thank both you and Analogue for that. I was thinking something along the lines of the spirit of emulators and ROM's but not at that unlimited supply extent since we are talking about hardware. Something more like everyone that has an NES and actively uses it instead of stored in their attic or somewhere either has an Nt Mini if they are a super fan or a new cheaper model with the Super Nt treatment as their main way of playing the NES. To paint a picture, when I go to Disc Replay instead of seeing whatever crappy NES clone I always see there I would see the Nt Mini. Everyone that would own both an NES and Nt Mini when thinking about which one to play and which one to sit on the shelf as a collectible would choose to play the Nt Mini with the NES on the shelf because the Nt Mini wouldn't have any rare limited edition collectibility to it. In other words, I would consider a long term solution to be the Nt Mini and/or a cheaper iteration of it becoming replacement hardware for both the NES and every other NES clone out there. Or to put it another way, instead of the Nt Mini being the NES of the year 2017 for some fans it becomes the NES of the 21st century for most fans.
  20. I am being realistic though. If after all of the NES clones that have existed we finally get the end all be all ultimate one that renders all clones and even the NES itself pointless to own then I think it is a reasonable and realistic assumption to assume it would be on the market at least until the demand has been met to an extent that ones being resold aren't going for over $1000 in NES Classic Edition Scalperville. Especially if there was no clear indication that it was intended to be a limited edition console. Everyone may have had a chance to get an Nt Mini last year but everyone didn't know that last year was their only chance. I decided to buy one on day one but didn't because from my point of view all the way up until it recently appeared that it may be discontinued it seemed to me that everyone that had bought one up to that point were early adopters and I would be able to buy it later at my convenience. On the other hand, if they would have made it abundantly clear from the beginning that it was limited edition then there is a good chance I would have one now because it would change my purchasing behavior to not wait. They probably would have sold a lot more that way too because there are just as many people if not more that wait to buy at their own convenience when they believe that is an option as there are of people that buy things ASAP. To use other retro things as examples, there are all kinds of mods, flash carts, homebrews, etc. that I intend to eventually purchase but I feel no urgency to spend thousands of dollars buying them all today because I believe I will still have the option to tomorrow. However, the ones that are marketed as limited runs I feel some urgency to put near the top of the list to purchase first. I had no indication that the Nt Mini belonged on the top of my list. If I would have known otherwise it would have been in the #1 spot at the very top of the list.
  21. On their Super Nt page it says,"We're preserving video game history.","We're preserving history with FPGA hardware.",and,"The Super Nt is designed to preserve video game history, with the respect it deserves." It isn't preserving video game history if after the Nt Mini and Super Nt are discontinued they are so rare that most are still playing on the original NES and Super NES while waiting for someone to actually preserve video game history with long term solutions for both for the majority and not just collectors with limited edition clone consoles.
  22. With the Super Nt I'm in the boat of waiting for the DAC. I want to see reviews of it in use on CRT's, with the Super Scope working, showing which analog connections it has, with comparisons with a real Super Nes showing that one can't tell the difference, etc. It would suck if the DAC comes after the Super Nt is discontinued because the DAC is what it would take for me to buy one.
  23. My thinking was something like,"The Nt Mini looks so awesome and is so much of a hit that it is going to be for sale for a long time. I'll buy one after I close on my house and rebuild my game room there." I had this assumption because I thought one of the reasons they moved away from cannibalizing original hardware to using FPGA's was to get away from making a console that has to be a limited edition and because they seem to be about preserving video game history so that it can be enjoyed in the future. It isn't really preserving video game history if a limited number of people have one and now that I'm ready to buy one because I'm at my rebuilding my game room stage I can't buy one from them. I think they definitely should bring it back in plastic and make it compatible with the DAC they are working on. There has to be others like me that wanted one but either the funds or timing wasn't right. Edit: My assumption was kind of like how many automatically assumed the NES Classic Edition wasn't going to be treated like a hard to get limited edition item because it wasn't marketed as such and millions would buy one.
  24. Everyone else might not though because it keeps coming up.
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