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  1. Those guys in suits that knock at your door are in cults. So, you didn't use the word but brought them up.
  2. I'm not talking about faith but looking at what evidence is provided and trying to figure out where that likely points. For an example, the source being anonymous is a piece of evidence. So, which seems more likely? Someone wishing to remain anonymous because Nintendo's lawyers may be watching the company he works for or similar reasons like that or a customer doing something with their Super Nt that doesn't get them into legal trouble, void their warranty, or negatively affect them in any way by being publically known?
  3. But what about the possibility of it not being Kevtris? That person wouldn't be under an NDA and Analogue also wouldn't have an issue with someone hacking it.
  4. Wouldn't the source being anonymous be strong evidence? It isn't too hard to think of reasons for Kevtris to try to hide that it is him but it is hard to think of why others would hide it. It seems like the person who did it would want credit for it. It also seems like by now Kevtris would have said something like,"Wow! I'm impressed that someone hacked it and this quickly!" Instead Kevtris doesn't even seem to be acknowledging it.
  5. But Atari didn't produce those carts.
  6. But if Kevtris is releasing it this way then he must believe it is possible to hack in a week. I mean, if it is not possible for it to be anyone but Kevtris then he isn't really hiding the fact.
  7. I don't get the worry that the jailbreak is not from Kevtris. Seems like people would be more worried that it is from Kevtris because it would lower the chances of getting the Core Store. Releasing the Core Store in the same way would remove any doubt that it is him.
  8. Does it have the same level of compatibility that Kosmic Stardrunk described below? Does it have S-video and component? Does it fit in his entertainment center? Are there other things he may need to buy to hook up all his other consoles? What about his beer money?, etc.
  9. If they restock and continue to sell the Nt Mini and if I decide to buy a Super Nt after seeing the DAC then they both could find their way all the way down to my 5" Sony Watchman.
  10. The closest I can think of is a pinball machine on Video Pinball.
  11. I think there are just an infinite amount of parallel universes with renders and then ten times that many universes that didn't even make it to the renders stage.
  12. The design made sense for the time because it was Pong-like features that evolved from the dedicated Pong consoles prior to it. Difficulty switches like Super Pong Pro-Am, all wiring away from the front, a super long RF cable coming from inside the console because the whole thing is suppose to be played close to you, Video Olympics as a launch title, etc. was all because the Pong consoles prior to it made those things normal for the time. Besides, sometimes the look of a console justifies having the controllers plug in the back even today. For an example, this wouldn't look right with the controllers plugging in the front: Just the same as this wouldn't look right with the controllers plugging in the front:
  13. And being right next to the controller ports they are for is a logical placement.
  14. I bet if I had a closer look I would find many label variations and that you don't have as many duplicates as you think.
  15. I'm not following. That seems to be an example of people highly regarding it. The Super Bowl just happened and football doesn't change much.
  16. Yeah! Those damn speaker backs need to go back to where they came from! I call bull shit. No one can afford a color TV in that size. It's a render.
  17. If someone was to make a homebrew port of a pre-existing game and gave it the same name of the pre-existing game then I wouldn't be confused at all as to what the game actually is.
  18. You can't afford the Pong coffee table but can afford Pong and a TV that both just so happen to be in COLOR?!
  19. It didn't only function as selecting between B&W and color but other things too.
  20. I'm convinced. I'm selling my Walmart stocks to buy Atari ones.
  21. I haven't tried these new controllers but I agree about not fixing what isn't broken. I have always used extension cords with Super NES controllers.
  22. I think movies may be a bad analogy or one that could cause video games to become less regarded instead of more. When I think of a movie I think of the video version of a play but when I think of a video game I think of the video version of sports, board games, card games, or any other game. So, if video games become highly regarded but more like interactive movies that eventually barely have any game play at all and playing is more like acting then it would seem less regarded instead of more. As an example of what I'm trying to say let's compare two hypothetical futures. In one the best video game players are thought of being like Hollywood celebrities but in the other they are thought of being like sports stars. By sport stars I mean people watch e-sports on TV and take the games a seriously as watching the Super Bowl. I would consider the sports stars future one where video games are highly regarded.
  23. You have won this thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAryFIuRxmQ
  24. I don't understand the question. The forum we are on is evidence that there are people preserving video games just like movies.
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