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  1. I have stock Jaguar SCART cable for sale.  Price is $25 + $10 shipping in USA.  I purchased new from Best Elec.  But cable did not work.  One line needed to be repaired.  Cable works perfect now.  I will re-test before mailing.  Let me know if interested.



    1. grips03


      Cable is gone.  I purchased it from http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/


      Maybe they have more for sale?

  2. Who makes those? Also got my overlays from pboland thanks! I want a T2K overlays!
  3. I’d like the official Atari cable, if you have one please PM me.
  4. Does anyone have an original Atari Jaguar Scart they would sell?
  5. Does anyone have one for sale? Thanks
  6. Isn’t there like a 5 year waiting list?
  7. Would T2K take advantage of this? Could you put it in a reproduction Pro controller?
  8. Same, I’m looking for this controller. Thanks
  9. I wanted to buy one of these but the website is down. Does anyone have one they would sell? Thanks
  10. MAYAman

    Moar Minter!

    Yup already have Polybius but it isn't Tempest. And if you didn't try T4000 in real VR then you didn't experience it really.
  11. MAYAman

    Moar Minter!

    Yak, when is Tempest 4000 PSVR patch coming?
  12. It would be cool to know where all the old developer employees are now. Are they still in games? Which companies.
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