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  1. This isn't true at all, it wasn't blanket policy across the industry to not do pre-orders. I worked for VGA magazine and also cyberactive publishing which owned several distributorships and video game stores. For instance for mortal Kombat on both super Nintendo and Sega Genesis we took pre-orders in the hundreds that's several of our stores. That way we had an idea of how many units to buy for our retail outlets, and we encouraged the other retail outlets we supported both in the United States and Europe to do pre-orders as well. When we first started carrying snk's Neo Geo we also had to do pre-orders as they were very few units available even to us, and that was even earlier. So while pre-orders weren't common practice by any stretch, pre-orders were definitely a thing. And this also included the Japanese systems that we carried months before their US release. When we started carrying PlayStation and subsequently Nintendo 64 there were most definitely pre-orders. Sam goody, FYE, and several other retailers all had pre-order programs in place for these systems. In fact I believe both babbages and electronics boutique had pre-orders for Nintendo 64.
  2. Not sure how I missed this. A little tidbit about Shakespeare’s video games. One of my ex employees from totally video games went to work for Shakespeare’s. One day I’m walking through the mall and I walk by Shakespeare’s and I see my employee inside and decided to say hello. He says hey I wanna show you some thing and takes me to the side room at the store and I see a camera set up on a tripod and a giant velvet red couch. Billy says look in the eyepiece and he presses play. Well I couldn’t believe it, but Shakespeare was taping gay porn at the fucking mall. Turns out he never made any money from the video game stores because nobody would shop there since he was so expensive . It was all the front for his gay porn business. Crazy.
  3. Jess thank you for this! I’m sorry about your mom. 😢. I’m happy I could make so many people happy. It was the best time of my life and I miss the stores very much. I kept a whole bunch of the customer list and sales sheets, and other stuff and I have them at home in my office. Hopefully you see this message and know that I valued everyone of my customers and you guys made working there every day a joy. If I ever hit lotto you can bet that I will open a new totally video games in the exact same spot, and it’ll have the exact same look and feel. And I couldn’t care if it makes a penny or not, it’ll be for the love of games.
  4. Yup, I like Cybermorph. It was the game I and my friend saw in NYC that made me want the Jag months before release.
  5. Yes and no, Atari was still pretty autonomous even under Warner. But I get your sentiment for sure, it's more the environment I was speaking about than the actual corporate structure.
  6. I worked for VGA publishing as Senior Editor and I can tell you before the Jag launched there was a lot of excitement from certain markets like UK, east coast USA, West Coast USA and all of our retail outlets. If AVP, Tempest, Iron Soldier, Burnout, etc could have been available at launch the Jaguar would have had a really good chance. Our distributor arm (Dolphin Cove) actually visited Atari and had spoken about carrying hundreds of thousands of Jaguars for distribution. There was just too much mom and pop in Atari to function in the new age. They were stuck in the 2600 era and the world had moved on business wise. From what I heard Sam and Co. had the mentality of old where you'd have a couple guys finishing a game concept in a few months. Despite it's limitations, in the right hands like Capcom, Konami, etc the Jaguar could have done some great things.
  7. A PC spinner will work on Jaguar along with all the number buttons?
  8. This is amazing. I'd love to have a custom panel for Tempest for my arcade cabinet. Going to message you.
  9. Built a cab with a 29" CRT. Have launchbox set up and two different control panels. One for 2 play fighting and the other with roller ball and 4 way joystick for pacman, centipede, etc. Looking for someone to take apart one of my Jaguar rotary controllers and putting it into a control panel so I can play Tempest on the cab. Does anyone here do custom controller modding?
  10. You think that's weird? You think it's only this forum? People like nostalgia and new people want to see if anyone thinks about these long dead systems and maybe what could have been. Sometimes old threads contain such info. Because you've seen it doesn't mean everyone has seen it. Why does that bother you so much? It's not like it's pushing breaking news down the forum (homebrew/controller mods) respectfully acknowledged. I was an original Jaguar supporter, I met many of the Atari crew a few times during visits and at E3 and I don't mind noob questions. Just weird how many Nick Burns Computer Guy types are on the retro forums.
  11. Having used a space orb and now a space mouse this would be wonderful if implemented for several games on Jaguar. Another depressing footnote.
  12. Still locked out of my account and can't claim my special edition! Customer service doesn't respond.
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