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  1. A PC spinner will work on Jaguar along with all the number buttons?
  2. This is amazing. I'd love to have a custom panel for Tempest for my arcade cabinet. Going to message you.
  3. Built a cab with a 29" CRT. Have launchbox set up and two different control panels. One for 2 play fighting and the other with roller ball and 4 way joystick for pacman, centipede, etc. Looking for someone to take apart one of my Jaguar rotary controllers and putting it into a control panel so I can play Tempest on the cab. Does anyone here do custom controller modding?
  4. You think that's weird? You think it's only this forum? People like nostalgia and new people want to see if anyone thinks about these long dead systems and maybe what could have been. Sometimes old threads contain such info. Because you've seen it doesn't mean everyone has seen it. Why does that bother you so much? It's not like it's pushing breaking news down the forum (homebrew/controller mods) respectfully acknowledged. I was an original Jaguar supporter, I met many of the Atari crew a few times during visits and at E3 and I don't mind noob questions. Just weird how many Nick Burns Computer Guy types are on the retro forums.
  5. Having used a space orb and now a space mouse this would be wonderful if implemented for several games on Jaguar. Another depressing footnote.
  6. Still locked out of my account and can't claim my special edition! Customer service doesn't respond.
  7. Hey there who were you, I was the manager. Message me.
  8. I somehow missed this, is there anyway to get these games?
  9. Does anyone have an email that I can reach them directly instead of the ticket system? I would like to get my Special Edition but I’m locked out and seems nobody is unlocking accounts.
  10. Yes, I've done the exact same thing. But because I'm locked out it won't let me reset my password. This is insane. I have the original email, my receipt from PayPal, etc. I've opened several email tickets with no response. How do I contact the people?
  11. Yup, I found the email, I tried that but it doesn’t let you log onto the order without signing in, and I’m locked out so I can’t get into it. Gah. It’s going to really suck if my pre-order is given to someone else after years of waiting.
  12. I ordered Xenon months ago and haven't gotten an update on shipping. Does anyone know whats going on? I have recevied no emails.
  13. I was on the original list and obviously I'm fucked on that, how do you get on the new list?
  14. I purchased the Special Edition the day it was announced and received the shipping email but for some reason it went into my spam folder. So I went to log onto the site and forgot my password and tried logging in three times and it locked my account. I have emailed support there for 5 days and cannot unlock my account or get a response. What can I do? I want what I paid for 3 years ago but it doesn't seem anyone is working support there.
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