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  1. I wanted to buy one of these but the website is down. Does anyone have one they would sell? Thanks
  2. MAYAman

    Moar Minter!

    Yup already have Polybius but it isn't Tempest. And if you didn't try T4000 in real VR then you didn't experience it really.
  3. MAYAman

    Moar Minter!

    Yak, when is Tempest 4000 PSVR patch coming?
  4. It would be cool to know where all the old developer employees are now. Are they still in games? Which companies.
  5. Can you put an emulator on the cart so I can play 3DO and Sega CD games? Thanks a bunch!
  6. So far they are great but my second controller has something rattling around inside. I'll test some more.
  7. I've had Tempest 3000 since new still sealed and never got around to getting a Nuon player. Now I want a player but can't find one with a remote and can't find a controller. So I guess T3000 will stay sealed forever.
  8. I actually played the game in its unfinished state at Atari, no, it couldn't have saved the Jag. But it was amazing at the time.
  9. I thought the Jaguar did decent 3D, Iron Soldier is great. I think that they should have done more 2.5D games like Donkey Kong Country and maybe 2D sprite monster games like Neo Geo. Just my thoughts.
  10. When I hit the lottery I will commission the creation of a Panzer General type game for the Jaguar. It will be the greatest WWII simulator ever made. That is all!
  11. So these haven't shipped yet right? Eagerly waiting for mine.
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