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  1. I somehow missed this, is there anyway to get these games?
  2. Does anyone have an email that I can reach them directly instead of the ticket system? I would like to get my Special Edition but I’m locked out and seems nobody is unlocking accounts.
  3. Yes, I've done the exact same thing. But because I'm locked out it won't let me reset my password. This is insane. I have the original email, my receipt from PayPal, etc. I've opened several email tickets with no response. How do I contact the people?
  4. Yup, I found the email, I tried that but it doesn’t let you log onto the order without signing in, and I’m locked out so I can’t get into it. Gah. It’s going to really suck if my pre-order is given to someone else after years of waiting.
  5. I ordered Xenon months ago and haven't gotten an update on shipping. Does anyone know whats going on? I have recevied no emails.
  6. I was on the original list and obviously I'm fucked on that, how do you get on the new list?
  7. I purchased the Special Edition the day it was announced and received the shipping email but for some reason it went into my spam folder. So I went to log onto the site and forgot my password and tried logging in three times and it locked my account. I have emailed support there for 5 days and cannot unlock my account or get a response. What can I do? I want what I paid for 3 years ago but it doesn't seem anyone is working support there.
  8. Anyone want to sell me your Jaguar portable?
  9. I have stock Jaguar SCART cable for sale.  Price is $25 + $10 shipping in USA.  I purchased new from Best Elec.  But cable did not work.  One line needed to be repaired.  Cable works perfect now.  I will re-test before mailing.  Let me know if interested.



    1. grips03


      Cable is gone.  I purchased it from http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/


      Maybe they have more for sale?

  10. Who makes those? Also got my overlays from pboland thanks! I want a T2K overlays!
  11. I’d like the official Atari cable, if you have one please PM me.
  12. Does anyone have an original Atari Jaguar Scart they would sell?
  13. Does anyone have one for sale? Thanks
  14. Isn’t there like a 5 year waiting list?
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