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  1. So I realized my post could be read like I'm still getting a black screen but I can't edit it again. With the SanDisk SD card and after letting defraggler get the drive down to 0% fragmentation, these CD games are now working. For Battlemorph I used the method of having it in the base directory and the A-B folder and booting one then the other after blackscreen.
  2. I can confirm this blackscreen issue with Battlemorph, Blue Lightning and Highlander are working on the sort-of recommended Sandisk UltramicroSDHC UHS-I 32GB Card. Using the method above, adapted to my directory structure of CD-ROM games in the Base directory and then a copy of them with the Cartridge ROMs in their alphanumeric directories, I was only partially successful. Loading the file to a black screen, and then loading it again from another directory does indeed get a good boot to gameplay. Something else I can confirm, my much older Sandisk 8GB card I've been using with Everdrives works until it doesn't, but then works again if I defragment the drive with Defraggler. Mac users I hear have better defragmentation software built in to MacOS than Windows default defragmentation. Windows defragmentation has never been worth the effort or complete in its process. Defraggler however can make files on the SD card work when they were not previously. I can also confirm that none of my Adata or "generic" SD cards work at all for CD-ROM games no matter what I have tried. Finally, I have multiple SD card readers across laptops and a Rosewill adapter for my Office PC, and I have found both of my older readers work fine at transferring the CD-ROM files one-by-one, not a mass cut and paste. However, after that initial card setup, after formatting it as Fat32, the cards were seen as read only on one, not visible at all on the other laptop, and needing repair which worked on the newest Windows10 laptop. I have cleaned all of my SD cards with 91% isopropyl alcohol and blown out the connections with compressed air to no effect. After format they just stopped working, and I wonder if this is contributing to others' not being able to load files consistently. Saint, I totally appreciate all of the hard work and testing that goes in even just the software support you already have provided. This is awesome, and I hope my testing can help others get into the CD-ROM support aspect sooner than they might have otherwise.
  3. Yes, it's soldered to the board right outside of the optical assembly.
  4. With no leads on why the Jag CD would only display the no power bios screen with three different tested and working power adapters I'm stumped. With the power plugged in the laser visibly tracks, but only for the bottom 10% of the rail near the spindle, then the no power bios screen comes up. I ordered Philips Lens Optical Pickups VAM1202 Replace VAM1201 CDM12.1 CDM12.2 off ebay because I figure I'll end up needing to replace that too, but I don't see that solving the power issue. Is it possible I need to do something else to the Jaguar CD developer unit for it to boot to a cracked bios menu? Any help would be appreciated. I'm not quite to the point of doing a full recap, and none of the capacitors are damaged. I also noticed that the connector board doesn't have any of the solder joints (resisters?) on it that I see on retail Jag CDs in online pics. This board just has straight through wiring to the Jaguar Cart port. But since cartridges now boot fine, I'm not thinking that connector board is part of the problem.
  5. I bought a bios from Console5. With it installed now, the bios no power screen comes up with the Jag CD Dev Unit plugged in or not, but now the cart port works! Previosly the CD unit wouldn't play carts at all and would only boot to a red screen. Blue Lightning, my only game so far, doesn't spin up. If I release the tray lid button the screen goes black with interference on the video. As soon as I close the lid again the no power bios or cart boots again. So, at least I know the board works, not I get to figure out what the deal is with the power. I'm using a Jag AC adapter and a Genesis 1 AC Adapter, I've tested both with the base Jaguar and the Jag CD and there is no change. I guess the next step is to resolder that power jack on the Jag CD, or maybe I'll try cleaning all of the resetable power connections first.
  6. I should have been more clear. While I had the CD opened up to swap the bios out I took out the connector board and cleaned the pins on both sides. They weren't dirty. But is this black screen issue indicative of the pins there having a bad connection. I was also wondering if having a cart in the jaguar CD cart port was a good way to test if the unit was working before taking it apart further.
  7. I cleaned the pins on both ends of the board coming out of the bottom of the CD board that plugs in to the Jaguar Cart port yes. I did not remove any ribbon cables and attempt to clean the CD unit itself outside of blowing it with compressed air. Without the top CD plastic on I can see the laser jump when I power on the Jaguar, but only if the CD unit is plugged in to the power too. Out of curiousity, how long should I wait for the bios to load upon startup and should I be able to test the board itself by loading a Jag cart?
  8. Alright, the unit is in and I tested it with the all-in-one PSU from retro game supply, both the red jaguar screen I expected. The psu works with my retail jag. So I installed the bios from console5 and now get a black screen with or without the jag CD plugged in to the PSU. I'm thinking of trying my Jag and Sega CD a.c. adapters next but wanted confirmation that a UK Developer CD unit doesn't need some converter or whatnot. Also, if the groups prefers a troubleshooting guide for this I'd like to know it.
  9. I was looking for this one last night, but Space Lords should have been a Jaguar game:
  10. Privateer 2, or heck why not X-Wing and Tie Fighter while I'm at it? Did 3DO have a thing with the creators of Wing Commander though? Also, on the Arcade Front: Assault: Aurail: Tattoo Assassins:
  11. Ok, that shouldn't be a problem even if I have to desolder. Overclocking a Genesis was a lot more work. I suppose we are talking about this? https://rdemming.home.xs4all.nl/Atari/JaguarCD/ I suppose it has already been discussed and found impossible to just use the skunkboard to boot my retail Jag into a developer/stubulator Jag bios? I'd rather not damage anything about this developer CD unit and want to keep its full capabilities intact. It would also be simpler to test it and make sure it is working if I'm not swapping out chips before I can even get that far.
  12. Depending on the cost I'd be fine with that. Do I understand correctly that the bios in the Jag CD is just a standard IC I can pull out and replace? I haven't fond any pictures of the inards online yet.
  13. Awesome, thank you. Sorry if this post is jumping the gun. I'm just trying to figure things out while I'm off work for once.
  14. Hello, and sorry to necro this thread but it is relevant to my recent purchase of a Jaguar CD Development unit. While I'm waiting for it to arrive from the UK I am trying to figure out what I can as to how I can test it when all I have is a Retail Jaguar and a Skunkboard. This thread seems spot on, but I don't see any specifics other than physically replacing the Dev CD's BIOS chip? Is there any way to boot a Dev BIOS from the skunkboard so the CD Development unit can boot? I have found some threads on the topic, but nothing specific to using a Development Unit on a retail Jaguar. In addition to that I am curios what kind of AC adapter I need to test out the CD Dev unit, as mine doesn't come with an official adapter. I have seen various posts about Jag CD working with Sega CD or regular Jaguar AC adapters, but I would rather make sure I have the right one, or at least the right specs. At the moment I do not know whether this unit being from the UK makes a difference for this. Thanks in advance for any and all info.
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