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  1. Now that the Fry button is being used to exit back to the menu - is there some way to enable some of the game glitches like the Space Invaders "double shots". I actually do like being able to exit to the menu quickly rather than booting up each time.
  2. That's exactly the one I have. The menu driven one that says 2000. Nice Scan Thank you! Maybe I can get a local printing company to print out a professional looking sticker. I'll try my printer first and see how it comes out.
  3. I bought Sean Kelly's Vectrex Multi-Cart about 10 years ago and the front sticker is really faded now. It's been sitting on a clean and convered bookshelf so it hasn't gotten any bad light. Does anybody have a good hi-res scan where I can print another sticker? Thanks! Matt
  4. The links for the Last Starfighter manual are now old and broken. Can anyone repost them? Also was there ever an Atari 5200 conversion done for Star Raiders II?
  5. I just got my V2.2. I haven't installed it yet, but I just want to say Kudos for the fine work. It looks like a solid, professionally made product. I can't wait to see the results when I'm done.
  6. Uh-Oh, did I make a newbie mistake? Should I have mentioned that I've owned a Lynx I and II since the day they were released and I own about 20 carts? I originally got the diagnostic cart to fix 2 more consoles, but then I decided to try some other games that I didn't own. Oh well, flame away. I can handle it.
  7. Not too long ago I bought a Lynx Diagnostic Cart on Ebay and then used a 32-pin eprom socket and some Winbond W27C020 EEPROMS and have been able to play all the lynx games to my hearts desire using the PCB. Does anyone know where I can buy some bare bones Lynx eprom pcbs so that I can play more linked games with a second or third Lynx? I'd just like one or two extra but I don't want to pay $35 each. Thanks! Matt
  8. So is this the same board that is currently on eBay? or is there a later revision coming out soon?
  9. I actually do have the Atarimax flash cart, but somehow I bricked it while flashing the firmware one too many times while troubleshooting some boards using the Atari 5200 Zero RAM DRAM Test. It wasn't a problem with the firmware though, I think it was probably due to the flakey power switch which most likely corrupted the firmware during the transfer. Atarimax was *very* kind enough to exchange it for a working one. So I would prefer to run the diagnostics from a normal 32k rom and not take any more chances.
  10. Hi there everybody, I'm looking for an Atari 5200 32k rom pcb that I can use an eprom with such as a 27256. I was corresponding with AtariAge for a while they said they had some, but suddenly they don't respond back anymore. Not sure why. Does anyone know where I can get one or two of these? I'm also looking for a bare bones eprom board for the Lynx. I bought a diagnostic cart on ebay and I've since loaded other games, but I don't want to pay that much to get a second one. AtariAge said they may have one of these as well, but stopped responding. Thanks! Matt
  11. By the way, I'd really hate to sound like a noobie, but I pulled the cartridge PCB out of a 5200 Dreadnaught Factor and took the rom out. How hard is it to retrofit a standard 2732 eprom so that I can use it for diagnostic programs?
  12. I was able to verify that this works on a dead board as well as a working board using the Ultimate SD cartridge. I just put core_boot.rom in the /Recovery folder to flash it, then removed the rom and left the /Recovery folder there. The RAM test came up fine. Reflashed by putting the standard core_boot.rom in the /Recovery folder to flash it, then removed the rom and left the /Recovery folder there like the last time. Even on my dead board the RAM's tested fine, so it must be a problem somewhere else. thanks! Matt
  13. I found two different versions of the lynx schematics. The only problem I'm having is I can't identify the pin numbers for the Mikey & Suzi chips and some other IC's. Is there a datasheet available anywhere that is a little more readable? Thanks, Matt
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