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  1. so they're sitting on 10M in inventory? how many units is that? like 50,000? that seems nuts is that the current ownership group, or the prior ownership group? hmmmn.
  2. Phoo on that also. Read the room, you guys!
  3. Is he finally working on that? I must have missed that.
  4. This is a great story! Thank you for sharing!
  5. Rumor has it that Knight Rider 2600 is the 2022 Champ Games Secret Homebrew.
  6. wow, those are serious! I was thinking they were like mardi gras doubloons, but brass and iron is lethal!
  7. @Albert are the coins plastic or aluminum? Thx!
  8. still waiting for someone here to pick this up and make it a reality... happy new year, everyone!
  9. very sorry to hear. condolences to you, tanya and atari. thank to you, we *all* have terrific memories of pixel.
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