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  1. so they're sitting on 10M in inventory? how many units is that? like 50,000? that seems nuts is that the current ownership group, or the prior ownership group? hmmmn.
  2. Phoo on that also. Read the room, you guys!
  3. Is he finally working on that? I must have missed that.
  4. This is a great story! Thank you for sharing!
  5. Rumor has it that Knight Rider 2600 is the 2022 Champ Games Secret Homebrew.
  6. wow, those are serious! I was thinking they were like mardi gras doubloons, but brass and iron is lethal!
  7. @Albert are the coins plastic or aluminum? Thx!
  8. still waiting for someone here to pick this up and make it a reality... happy new year, everyone!
  9. very sorry to hear. condolences to you, tanya and atari. thank to you, we *all* have terrific memories of pixel.
  10. ah, I miss that woolworth's. I bought a lot of mickey mouse watches there. Kept losing them and needed to replace them.
  11. here's hoping you get him on the show for that!
  12. an atari joystick is 5" tall. Nine feet is 108" that joystick is 21.6x the size of a traditional joystick. can't anyone do math? *this* joystick is 15x the size of a traditional atari joystick... I wonder if the nine foot tall joystick pivots on a golf ball, or whether they had to move up to a bowling ball.
  13. was that @sramirez2008 playing robot war at the champ games setup?
  14. by march 30, we had estimated that they had sold 979 copies. I'll bet that @Andrew Davie's estimate of around 1,500 sales is pretty close. If they were lucky, they'll get a boost for the holidays. It's too bad that Casey's Gold isn't ready to go, the could have sold a relative ton of those for the holidays and also give a boost to Circus Convoy sales as well. I, too, would love to know what their sales projections were and what they are doing now.
  15. I like the looks of that. Does it flap?
  16. new t-shirt? is the resetting rageous if the game is couch compliant? so many things to think about...
  17. D Train

    1942 WIP

    I missed that one! she was even crewed by a future president! Not in 1942, though...you'd have to rename the game 1943!
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