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  1. ok hit with alot of isopropyl alcohol last night and compress air the cart its still wants to start up mostly with gorf, but then got the blue with green menu up 4 games on it HES 4in1 wrongly labeled?...same type of hes cart and label is of same quality as the hes
  2. Atari CX2600P light sixer (Pal) channel switch selector A/B speaker holes original RF/coax orignal Power supply Born date: sept 8 looks like 1980 asuming that square paper in pic below is MF date --------------------------------- S/N-412490 label looks like its been deep fried --------------------------------- repair: re solder on/off re solder L power conector re solder channel selctor
  3. what an odd cart... the cart is same as HES i was originaly just sizing it up against the original gorf and deemed it a cheap pirate(yeah was wrong there) i thought the carts menu system must be knackard, i threw the cart in the Jr and after a few on/offs got a square blue screen simlar to activision HES 5 in 1 menu then it freaked out squelled and i turned it back off anyways i will keep on with it big thanks Rom hunter for that info maybe there is more on the cart
  4. exelent quick conclusion there im strongly leaning on the side of slap happy slaped togeather cart from asia and its faulty it was supposed to have switches or a menu like on the HES activision 4/5 in 1s(maybe it did have a menu but cart is F*#Ked edit anyone got one of these carts
  5. ok i was fixing a 2600 6 switchers solder joints and decided to use a gorf(pal) pirate cart as the test cart switching it on and off resulted in getting pacman --- WTF is going here then, i thought for a split second my console had a built in game no deal. just a strange occurrence i wanted to share gorf on the right is the culprit anyway here is a video of it,be patient its long video and getting it to show pacman is a random event at the start is on pacman then to gorf then happens at 1.50 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6M63eyMBf8
  6. flashes of tits.. i mean Roms ahhhhh who am i kidding! a nice random flashing of anything has me dribblinggggggggggg
  7. i leave it RF but if there is a problem with RF i will mod it to AV luck has been on my side i have only have to do it once
  8. farking awsome colection there i was always anti atari(yeah dont flame me) in the day heavily into comodore/amiga (NICE BUNCH OF 500,s there) i thought the XL was a total rip off but as a colector side of things these days very nice to have my brother was a big atari fan and had alot of gear dont know if he still has it,i sort of punched him in the face and havn't talked to him for 20 years what are those white Atari folders used for?
  9. Xr8dPixel


  10. there it is.. thanks atarigal
  11. New... Exciting..! well thats what it says on the box of this taiwan game. picked this up today in a bulk lot could not find it listed in atariage/mania but my search abilities on atarimania suck for some reason i find the site hard to use anyway sorry pics are not 100%
  12. Ne146 is now your bitch Zach
  13. its just the way he worded his thread,gives you the impression he bought the items for those prices
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