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  1. On 5/30/2021 at 1:31 PM, c0op3r said:

    There is a very small amount of games that require the MPEG card and some of those even will work without it just not playing the full motion video cut scenes.


    Of the Saturn ODE's I like the MODE, as it is pretty ease to install and a 1TB SSD will hold the entire library of US and Japanese games. But it is not the cheapest of the bunch.


    I have a Satiator but have never used it, neat concept but the menus are not that nice. The big advantage to the Satiator is you get to retain your Optical ROM Drive.


    The fenrir (I think that is the spelling) is a great option, price is good, and install is ease, only down side it you use MicroSD cards and larger ones can be expensive.


    So in the end unless the MPeg card is something you think you need, dont worry about it, get the ODE that you like best and can afford.


    How large is the whole US and Japan library? I was looking at compressed files and it looked like they both would fit on a 500gb HD. Am I wrong in thinking they would fit?

  2. 17 hours ago, MattelAquarius said:


    1) Turn off Dragonfly, and remove its SD card

    2) Use a computer to copy the newest update (dragon.bin) file to the root folder of your Dragonfly's SD card

    3) Insert SD card into Dragonfly and turn it on (you should see a brief message on the LCD screen saying "Bootloader")

    4) You may confirm the installed version through the setup menu (Hold down ^v buttons while turning on Dragonfly, then scroll to "Software version")

    5) Once confirmed, power off Dragonfly, remove SD card, and delete the "dragon.bin" file from the SD card


    Keep an eye on this thread for future updates posted by rj1307.  I've linked his latest update post below:



    Thanks. I apparently did update the firmware and now I will check to see how I can see the logo.



  3. On 7/4/2019 at 5:52 PM, Albert said:

    I could get behind that, as I'm a huge pinball fan myself!  Definitely would be cool if the pinball portion of Baby Pac-Man could be leveraged into some original tables!!



    I would love to see Granny and the Gators being converted to the 7800 after playing Baby Pacman. That would be awesome!

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  4. 39 minutes ago, batari said:

    The file I posted is 1.06, so it sounds to me like you had a 1.07 file on your card (1.07 is an unofficial version) along with the special version of 1.06 I posted above. The updater chooses the first hbios*.bin file it finds, so it's important to only have one firmware file on your card.

    I got it working. Thank you!

  5. I updated my Harmony Encore cartridge and it now says that I am on version 1.07. I tried to load my digital copy of Circus Convoy up and I see the E with the blue meter filling up, but then it crashed out instead of seeing the title screen. What do I need to do to get this game to work?


  6. Has this core been released yet? I found a new beta Atari 7800 rbf file. Is that the one that we are talking about in the thread or was that a separate core? The cores that I have found are named and dated Atari7800 03-10-2021 and Atari7800 03-11-2021.

  7. On 2/3/2021 at 7:22 AM, Tommy Tallarico said:
    Finnigan Fox footage! Freakin' fatastic! 💖 🦊
    A quick behind the scenes sneak peak at one of our upcoming launch titles.

    Tommy, you need to have an easter egg in this game where if you input the secret code and you get to the checkpoint you can hear you say "Badger" like you did at the 2:58 mark of this video.

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