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  1. I have all the original ColecoVision, the flashback, and the Phoenix. I would keep the Phoenix.
  2. The new website looks great. Did I miss something or is the new video the one that was released in August? Looking forward to the reimagined classics. I saw Lode Runner on the original list of titles. Have you seen the four arcade games that Item made between 84 and 86? Those were great and would be an awesome jumping off point for the new game.
  3. I haven't picked up a quest yet and didn't know about sidequest. Thanks for the information. What are your thoughts on the quest? Is it worth getting. How are the games that they have in the storefront?
  4. It is super easy to hack this. I recommend Autobleem as that works with not much set up and is super easy to add games. If you have any questions, you can ask away.
  5. I'm excited for everything that I have seen. The arcade remakes look amazing, the original content also looks amazing. I was on board before, but I had to jump in my place to show that I'm still on board. October 2020 can't come quick enough. I have one suggestion since it looks like there might be some Sega Genesis games coming over. It would awesome for a new Comix Zone. I think that could be quite amazing on the Amico.
  6. Would the SGM2/Omni be able to do a game like Qwak? If this is possible, I would absolutely love to see this come out. This is a great game!
  7. I am excited for both, but the Amico isn't stealing any thunder from the Omni/SGM2. Opcode often goes into work mode and not really posting mode from time to time. This is par for the course. I'm sure we will hear something within a month or so.
  8. I'm hoping that the game trailer comes out soon. I'm excited.
  9. I know I'm excited for the gameplay video that was promised. I will be buying two Amicos. One for me, and one for my nephew which will be his first game system. He will be five when it launches. I love the idea of multiplayer in house, but hope there will potentially be online multiplayer. I live a half a world away from my nephew, and it would be awesome to be able to play some games with him.
  10. I know that I'm psyched for the Phoenix. As someone whom has never owned an Adam, I'm really excited for the potential Adam core. Hopefully we will be able to write to the SD card like the disks could back in the day. It would be great to have your high scores saved in the games that utilized that function and would be great for the upcoming Phoenix games to save high scores to the SD card as well.
  11. I just noticed that they listed a new Archon for this machine. That along with spelunker, lode runner, and all of the arcade games they have listed will get an instant purchase for myself. Actually two as I will buy one for my at the time of launch five year old nephew.
  12. When does Starforce lock up on you? I'm pretty sure that I have played that on the MiSTer with no issues. I will try it again to make sure I'm remembering things correctly though.
  13. Does the Phoenix with the F18a option fix the flicker? I would assume it does, but I will ask this nonetheless.
  14. They do have to be made or ported to each different FPGA systems. You can see that in many of the arcade core ports to the MiSTer from the Mist.
  15. Do you have any pictures of what you did?
  16. What's happening with the concerto cart? Is that still being worked on?
  17. Are these still available or do I have to wait for them to come to the Atariage store?
  18. I would love to see the lions in the Omni version.
  19. I would love to see an updated mode for Jungle King.
  20. This looks great. I can't wait for this!
  21. It looks like you can. There is a separate cart and cd folder and a third that mixes the games together.
  22. I would say the cutoff should be at least 87 if not just open to the 80s. There was some great Atari and other arcade games up to 87 like APB, Toobin, etc that could be real cool to have. Although it could be interesting to stick up to 85/86 at first. Let's have some Peter Pack Rat, I, Robot, Major Havoc, Marble Madness, Quantum, and the two Star Wars arcade games, etc from the Atari side. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  23. I didn't realize that there would be a user generated post card. Do you have any suggestions? Any examples?
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