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  1. I would love to see an updated mode for Jungle King.
  2. This looks great. I can't wait for this!
  3. It looks like you can. There is a separate cart and cd folder and a third that mixes the games together.
  4. I would say the cutoff should be at least 87 if not just open to the 80s. There was some great Atari and other arcade games up to 87 like APB, Toobin, etc that could be real cool to have. Although it could be interesting to stick up to 85/86 at first. Let's have some Peter Pack Rat, I, Robot, Major Havoc, Marble Madness, Quantum, and the two Star Wars arcade games, etc from the Atari side. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  5. I didn't realize that there would be a user generated post card. Do you have any suggestions? Any examples?
  6. I like things when they're cooked. Looking forward to it, CPUWIZ!
  7. I'm also on team dump the game while you can. Bit rot is real people! I'm reminded of a incident that happened at a gathering in NJ. I will change the names of the people to protect the innocent and guilty. In the mid 90s there was a gathering of video gamers that would happen about four times a year. On one particular occasion a collector came from a great distance. We will call him "Richard" or "Dick" for short. He had a copy of an Atari VCS prototype game that nobody really knew existed at this time. The game in question was Aquaventure. The people there were really surprised about this game that was basically complete and unknown. I got to the gathering after the original collector that brought the game did, so it was cool to find out about it. Richard had spoken to "Clark" the owner of the establishment that hosted the gatherings and told him not to touch the cartridge. He then told "Peter", a well known collector that believes in preservation not to dump the cartridge. Dick was adamant in his resolve to not have this game dumped because it would lessen the value of his collection. So it was at this time that a plan was coming together. These gatherings would usually last way late into the morning of the next day. On this occasion it happened around 1 or 2 in the morning. Several of us started to hang outside the in the parking lot. We got Dick to come out and chill and talk story (I now live in Hawaii and talk story is a thing out here for having a conversation). While this was happening Peter took the cartridge and put it into the rom dumper that they had there, but respected the wishes of Dick and didn't dump the rom. Clark whom was told not to touch the cartridge did what was asked of him and didn't touch the cartridge, but he did dump the cartridge onto the computer. I'm not sure how many dumps they attempted at this time. It could have been one, or it could have been a couple times. Once this was finished Clark turned the rom dumper off. Peter then took the cartridge out of the rom dumper and placed it back in Dick's collection. At the end of the day, both Clark and Peter respected Dick's wishes. Clark didn't touch the cartridge and Peter didn't dump the cartridge. A couple hours later every attendee that was there at the time (Well maybe not Dick) got a copy of the rom in their emails. Because of this you can now play Aquaventure on your Atari Flashback consoles and your flash cartridges and repros.
  8. I'm in for both an Omni and SGM2 if that is the route you take, but if the SGM2 is going to cause nothing but problems then I recommend just working on Omni.
  9. There was a fix for this cartridge. I can't remember what the fix was for, but there was a fix.
  10. I'm sure the Phoenix will have it's own games, but this thread is for Opcode's SGM2/Omni console.
  11. For Galaga it would be cool to mix some elements from all of the Galaga series into the enhanced mode. You can have a pathway system that offers different routes to get to the different Boss ships (similar to Galaga 88). You can have different weapon systems. Some where you can get a three ship mount (Galaga 88) and another where you cam capture enemies to fight along with you via a tractor beam (Galaga 3). You can also have speedy shots, lasers, three way bullets, and bombs. You can collect dimensional pods that will allow you to change paths after challenge stages (Galaga 88), but also get dimensional time pods that will reverse direction of the stage (kind of like Galaga 3's stages that go backwards) to potentially allow you to change a dimensional direction that you previously missed. During these stages that reverse if you collect another time dimension pod you can get transported to the past where you attack Galaxian ships. You can also change the way your ship behaves during this point by slowing things down changing the bullets that you shoot to match those of the Galaxian game (slow) and potentially collect an item during these times that will allow you to steer your bullets (Like some Galaxian machines).
  12. Have you tried putting the rubber mat that was included for connecting it to the Sega CD under the system? I would think that would stop the shocks.
  13. I will try Knightmare tomorrow and see what happens. Thanks for the update.
  14. He did release Donkey Kong Remix on the Coco 3. I haven't had a chance to try Donkey Kong Jr. Remix either, but it looks cool. It would be really great to see those two games (or modes in Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Junior) get released on the SGM2/Omni.
  15. This might have been asked before, but is there a timeframe for the controllers would be manufactured and available?
  16. I think the lag really depends on the television being used. I'm using an LG OLED55C6 television and I don't notice any lag. I am looking forward to getting the LLcoolJoy to use legacy controllers with the cores. By the sound of it, I think you might be interested in the LLcoolJoy. It should hopefully be released in the next month or two.
  17. What controller are you using for the MiSTer? Currently I am using a Dual Shock 4 with the 8bitdo brick bluetooth adapter and pretty much all of the cores control fine, although I realized today that the Atari 5200 core is giving me problems with moving left or right. This is a newer issue. I just purchased a new bluetooth adapter because the new update allows three or four controllers to be controlled by one bluetooth adapter instead of the 8bitdo adapter that only syncs with one controller at a time. After I get the new adapter I will test the 5200 again and see if that fixes my issue.
  18. I tried both Wizard of Wor and Star Force on the MiSTer and both played flawlessly. I haven't tried them yet on the Mega SG, but I will tomorrow. I got up to Dungeon 7 on Wizard of Wor and I had full sound with voice on the MiSTer and I got up to level 5 on Star Force with no problems on the MiSTer.
  19. Why can't you sit and play games on the MiSTer? I play more on the MiSTer than I do on the Mega SG, Super NT, or Mini NT. Although I enjoy playing on all the consoles.
  20. Another person to ask to is Sock Master for his Donkey Kong Remix which adds new levels that are different than DK2. http://users.axess.com/twilight/sock/dkremix/index.html
  21. This version works on both the Mega SG jailbreak and Mega Everdrive X7. It's odd that the rom that I had refused to work on those systems, but worked on the MiSTer. I didn't try this rom on the MiSTer yet, but it should work there too. Thanks for posting it.
  22. I just changed the file name so it was shorter and didn't have any special characters and still on the X7 and the Mega SG jailbreak I get the blue screen. The same rom with the name not changed works perfect on the Genesis core on the MiSTer.
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