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  1. I know that a lot of the games I mentioned are A list, and I'm glad they are to you as well. I do love the more niche games like Oli Boo Chu, Munch Mobile, Lasso, Pioneer Balloon, Crazy Balloon, Carnival, Lost Tomb, etc. If we are talking vector games, I would love for Quantum and Major Havoc to be brought out. I'm also loving the idea of the updates for O2 games. I think you're definitely onto something special here.
  2. This is bizarre. I purchased my X7 in October when I pre-ordered the Mega SG. I checked the OS on the Mega Everdrive and I was on 3.06 so I upgraded to the latest 3.07 and the rom still doesn't work. When did you buy your X7?
  3. I found something interesting regarding Genesis. I recently upgraded and purchased a Mega Everdrive X7 and downloaded the smoke monster pack to put on it. In the section "4 Color Enhancements and Restoration" I found a hacked Altered Beast rom with the name "Altered Beast Arcade Voice+Alternate Style (Hack) Linkuei v1, Pyron v2" and tried playing it on the Mega Everdrive X7 and all I got was a blue screen. When I tried it on my MiSTer set up the rom works great with zero problems. I tried the rom out on the Mega SG when they released the jailbreak and I also get a blue screen on that as well. This might be a question for Kevtris. Why is it that the rom works on the MiSTer, but not in either the Mega Everdrive or the Mega SG jailbroken FW?
  4. I'm using an 8bitdo brick receiver and a Dual Shock 4 controller. I also have an 8bitdo m30 controller along with another 8 bit do brick. They just released a new update to the MiSTer that for one blue tooth receiver to handle multiple controllers. It's specific receivers at this time, and I don't think the 8bitdo receiver is one of them. There is a good MiSTer facebook page that talks about all the new updates and other questions. There is also a MiSTer forum on atari-forum.com. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Enjoy your MiSTer as it's really pretty great.
  5. I completely understand this situation. Rest assured that I will be supporting the SGM2/Omni and just wanted to chime in for a little support for the niche games. The issue that I have is that I have been playing video games for a long time, and I have played tons of versions of Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Galaga, etc. I get that when people talk about their favorites that these will inevitably be brought up. If these games are brought to the SGM/Omni and have an exclusive mode of play than that will be totally worth getting. A savable high score will also put those versions of the games on a must buy list for me. I'm just saying not to forget that Major Havoc, I, Robot, Mouse Trap, Venture, Jungle Hunt, Qix, Quantum, Ladybug, Mr Do series, Cheyenne, Crossbow, etc are also great games that could also attract buyers and positive press.
  6. The MiSTer has an Astrocade core that is a lot of fun to play.
  7. I'm excited for the new arcade releases for the Omni/SGM2. I'm always advocating for more obscure arcade releases, but I will happily support all arcade releases. One thing that I'm hoping for is that the enhanced modes of these games have some new gameplay elements to them and aren't just enhanced graphics. For example, in Galaga maybe a triple ship power up, lasers, spread shot, or other power ups. Maybe some extra bonus rounds, or different challenge stages than the original arcade. Some different background music that could be selectable between enhanced music and original music.
  8. I can't believe that we are in April already, but I was wondering what is happening with the early access for the Phoenix? Is April still a target month for getting these out? Is there a timeframe of when it will be sent out in April?
  9. I don't have the original hardware, but you could go the way of the MiSTer or the Mega SG. Both of these options are great for playing Mark III games on HD televisions. I would say at this time the MiSTer slightly beats out the Mega SG as the core has the option to display all 64 sprites on screen with minimal to no flicker. Hopefully the Mega SG will get that in a firmware upgrade.
  10. Kevtris is awesome with his work no doubt, but MiSTer is pretty bad ass as well and shouldn't be dismissed because it wasn't developed by Kevtris. I absolutely love the MiSTer and also love the Mini NT, Super NT, and Mega SG. This is a great time to be alive.
  11. Which games are incompatible on the MiSTer? Everything that I have tried has worked flawlessly.
  12. I also got the wrong button color. I ordered the japan style and got the european style. One thing I was a little surprised about was the lack of an option to have more sprites on screen without flicker. I wonder if this will be implented in a firmware update? I have the MiSTer and both the Genesis and Master System cores offer that feature. I would love to get it on the Mega SG as well.
  13. I just got confirmation that my Mega SG has shipped. I should get it on next Wednesday.
  14. Then do it up! More people need to be able to play this awesome game.
  15. I own one, and would not have a problem with another release. I like the idea of having the updated release be different than the original. Such as different packaging or different levels like a Boulderdash II game. You all did an amazing job on it and it really needs to be in more hands. Thanks for making this in the first place.
  16. You have made this member a happy member with you announcements of both the added games to the vault and the exclusive game being an arcade conversion.
  17. How to find this easter egg? Is it just completing the game or is there something that the player needs to do to trigger it?
  18. Have the stickers come in yet? I would love to see the difference between the black console and the Adam colored console.
  19. I'm interested in an NTT controller if you can get some.
  20. With the built in F18a support, is it possible to have a Ti99/4a core in the future with F18a support as well? That would be awesome.
  21. I was just playing the original on the Ti99/4a core on the MiSTer. I'm looking forward to this one!
  22. Thank you Shanti. This game is a great addition to the Atari library.
  23. Out of that list I'm hoping it is 005. If it's not 005, I would love for 005 to be made.
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