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  1. That is great news about the arcade ports. That's what I'm most excited about.
  2. I won't be happy. I like your games and look forward to what you make next.
  3. In the first post there is a link that you can subscribe.
  4. How many colors per sprite will the SGM2 be able to handle? When the Omni is released are the SGM2 games going to look identical on the Omni as the SGM2? Will the Omni have Omni specific games that are more powerful than the SGM2 games?
  5. I signed up as an Innovator. I'm eagerly awaiting the email.
  6. Was Car Fighter not in the vault for any specific reason? I bought the game, but have the version where you can't die.
  7. I'm loving Risky Rick and looking forward to any upcoming games you might be producing.
  8. Cheyenne is the game! the other exude games would be great to have as well. A sequel to Cheyenne and Crossbow would be great!
  9. I understand what the FPGA does, but what I'm asking is to make a snapshot of the RAM. On the Mister there are some cores that allow the save state of cartridge saves. Also on several everdrives there are save states as well.
  10. I have a recommendation for the arcade cores. Would it be possible to add an option to make a save state for the high score boards? It would be great to make a save state when you finish, and then load that state when you start your next session to save all of your best scores.
  11. Risky Rick plays fine on my F18a modded colecovision. I have gotten passed the first level numerous times.
  12. Just subscribed. Can't wait for this and the Omni.
  13. I'm definitely interested in subscribing to this.
  14. As to the speculation as to what the game will be for the colecovision club, I would love it to be an arcade conversation of an early 80s to mid 80s game. Preferably one that didn't have a prior home conversion. Zoo Keeper, Qwak, Maze Invader, Triple Punch, Major Havoc, I, Robot, etc.
  15. Is there any ETA as to when the game vault will be available?
  16. I got the new cable and just installed it now. Everything works perfectly! Thank you for your help.
  17. Someone has to write the core for the FPGA to "emulate" the chips that are in whatever system the core is made to be. Cores can constantly be upgraded when a better chip implementation is created. That being said, I have heard for a while that because the MiSTer is open source that the cores are in a state of incompleteness. I recently jumped into one at the beginning of the year and I am very happy that I did this. The Turbografx-16 core is like 98% complete. It is absolutely awesome and looks, sounds, and plays great. The Genesis core I would say is also in the high 90s percentage of being complete and also looks, sounds, and plays great. I'm still awaiting my add on boards, so I can't play all of the cores yet, but I can play all of the arcade cores and that's awesome. The only complaint I have with the arcade cores are that the scalene options that are built in (I haven't tried the filters yet) are in the wrong orientation and are horizontal along the vertical games. This might be fixed with using the filter options, or possibly in the future. I also can play the Ti99/4a and Apple IIe cores and they are also in a state similar to the aforementioned cores. I also got to play several eastern European and UK computer (BBC Micro) and it's been a wonderful experience. The TL/DR version is this. The MiSTer is awesome and I recommend it for any retro gaming fan. I'm also super excited for the Collectorvision system with the recent announcements of what they are doing with it. We are living in a wonderful time.
  18. I got the two ColUSB power supplies and tested them this past week. They both work flawlessly. If you need a power supply or just want to be sure to get a backup, this is the one to pick up!
  19. I was hoping that I would be jumping into the vault on Saturday. Hopefully this will come very soon!
  20. This may have been asked before, but is the early access black color or the adam color?
  21. They always mentioned that the other cores would come after launch.
  22. Thank you Mathew. I'm in the mountains of Oahu in Hawaii, so not that bad with humidity here. I think it probably is the ribbon cable and I will be ordering one. Thank you for the advice and the link for the ordering of a new cable.
  23. The arcade roms would have to be provided, but the specific cores would only be able to play that specific game or their clones. For example if they made a Pac-Man core, you would provide the roms for Pac Man and play that game. The Pac-Man core wouldn't be able to play I, Robot.
  24. Is there any chance of a preview of which arcade titles we will get first?
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