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  1. I just realized that the E8 does save states. How do you bring up the menu? IS it the same as the Mega Everdrive where you press start and down on the controller?
  2. Me too! I'm looking forward to the new Dizzy games. Hopefully they will have the save/load function.
  3. How are the clone GDEMUs? Does anyone have any experience with them? Are they worth getting or is it worth it to get a legitimate one?
  4. I received mine the other day and was able to try them both out for a good bit of Jaguar gaming. I'm super impressed with the controllers. Thanks for making an amazing controller!
  5. I'm excited that this is coming closer to completion. What is the website for buyers to put in their updated address information?
  6. Has this game been updated since the time it was originally programmed or is this exactly how it was back in 1984?
  7. Not the Exidy arcade shooter Combat. There was a home-brew sequel to the atari 2600 comet made for the 5200 in the early 2000s.
  8. I would love to see more early and mid 80s arcade conversions. There are a lot of Atari games that never had a home port that should have such as I, Robot, Major Havoc, Peter Pack Rat, Quantum, Qwak, Cloud 9, and Fast Freddie, etc. I would love to see quirky arcade games from this period such as Guzzler, Mr Do's Wild Ride, Do Run Run, Jumping Jack, Snap Jack, Changes, Faster Harder More Challenging Q*Bert, Krull, Kick Man, Domino Man, Timber, Two Tigers, Sarge, etc. The Ed Averett news is awesome and I'm looking forward to what he will be supervising. I would also love to see a trivial pursuit style game such as Exidy's Fax or something similar that could bring an arcade twist to the genre with a top five or ten high score board. Between Scramble and R-Type I would go with Scramble, but honestly I would rather Darius. ​Another cool idea would be something like the Mario Party style games where there will be a board game and then mini games included to increase your chance of winning overall among your friends. Perhaps there could be an Ed Averett board game with characters and mini games from his games that are battling it out to win the board game? Either way I'm excited for this and the possibilities.
  9. I'm extremely interested in this. In fact I'm more excited about this than the PS5 and next Xbox. What I'm hoping for is a machine that will hopefully have a lot of arcade game conversions of 80s arcade games. With the ability to save your initials and high scores on the cartridge would make for a killer arcade/home console.
  10. I can't figure out the high score feature. I have an Atarivox+ plugged in and it works for every game that I have tried except this game. I have tried it with the latest download located at the top Thrust v1.26 (PD).bin. I'm also curious what the extra feature is that you added that hasn't been noticed yet?
  11. Thanks for the quick response. I want to thank you for all of the great games that you brought to the 2600. I'm definitely looking forward to anymore that you will bring in the future.
  12. I got my Harmony Encore quick, so if others are wondering if it's safe to order the answer is simply YES! I got to play some Zippy on the encore yesterday, but was wondering if there are other Encore only games or demos?
  13. I hope you're right. I preordered the Mega SG and will totally enjoy it, but I'm really looking forward to an FPGA Neo Geo.
  14. I just found the final version on your blog. Out of curiosity is the 1dot or 2dot random in their appearance on the game board?
  15. Hey Bob, your games are awesome and there is a strong community that supports you. Take the time you need to better yourself. Looking forward to Baby Pac Man and any other potential future games you do as they are all top notch!
  16. This won't work as you need the 32X hardware to play the games.
  17. Thanks, this is what finally worked for me. It's odd because I never had an issue getting on their site before. Ordered mine, and shipping came out to $54.99 for shipping to Hawaii. Argh!
  18. I still can not connect to the website. This is madness. MADNESS!
  19. I can not get on the website. I have been trying all morning.
  20. Kevtris, will this have the ability to display more sprites on screen without flicker or slowdown?
  21. I would love for both the master system and genesis games to also have an option that allows more sprites without flicker. This would definitely be great for the master system games.
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