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  1. I posted a comment on the IGG page about the paddle functionality. Let's see what they say.
  2. Ehh… I just find it annoying to have to sync my controllers up with my PC all the time. Then you gotta charge them when the battery is low, and after a while the built-in rechargeable battery actually gets permanently weaker. I'd rather just stick with a USB controller if I'm given the option to.
  3. Gonna be honest-- I actually hate wireless controllers. LOL > u >
  4. O: GUYS! I'VE GOT IT I'VE GOT IT I'VE GOT IT I've got it!!! Why don't we all just...... go out and get some ice cream? That way we'll all feel a lot better about everything.
  5. I know you were just fucking around here, but sadly that was actually better-written and easier to comprehend than some of the actual updates Atari puts out on medium.com. LOL. Most of the time when they post an update, the first and only thing I jump straight to is any new pictures/videos they put up. Also, this guy below is classic. Some people on the IGG Comments section should really hang out with us here:
  6. Yeah, I saw that one and i was like "DAYUMN.... XDD".
  7. Yeah, I understand. > u < I have a weird gut feeling that the new footage is legit, but I'll be the first to point out that it's only just a feeling-- not actual evidence.
  8. Lol. XD But yeah. Seeing them actually power the unit on in the back, and also actually launch games was re-assuring. Hopefully Atari will be able to at least fulfill peoples' orders. That's the best thing they can do at this point.
  9. Lately I think Microsoft has switched to tying the serial key to your hotmail account (which is actually more convenient for going from machine to machine).
  10. True, we don't know how hot it's runnning. I just don't want to assume anything though until I can see it in front of me. That's screwed me over before. xD
  11. Well, they're in 3rd place unfortunately. Wishing them luck. o u o
  12. I'm almost 100% certain Atari was outboarding (by the way, we had easy access to an email address at the CES website for reporting that stuff..... Anyone here utilize it?) I can agree that its possible for Atari to fake the gameplay footage still, but I personally dont feel it's too likely at this point. Also, dont forget that a fake x86 board running inside the VCS casing is still a functional board nonetheless-- that means it's generating heat and needs a cooling system of some kind that happens to perfectly match with the casing's air vent placement. If anyone here has built a computer before, you'll know how important airflow is to keep things cool. A regular heatsink on a generic x86 board usually points upward, not sideways. Otherwise, Atari probably had demo units shutting down suddenly pretty often. Lol. As much as i am skeptical about Atari delivering anything to me, let alone delivering a GOOD console, my gut is telling me that their bootup/gameplay footage was more than likely authentic-- as rough and slapped together as it was. Going through the trouble to find another x86 board that happens to fit and function inside that extremely compact VCS case just seems impractical and unlikely to me (unless it was a raspberry pi, but that doesnt run windows or the Atari Vault). But that all being said, I'm leaving the door wide open for anyone to convince me otherwise and be like "ahh.......... gotcha.... sorry... o w o".
  13. I actually think having a console sized PC for your TV is a nifty idea. I already have a Sega-themed one that i built in my basement. Lol.
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