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  1. We don't "want" this to fail (well, at this point maybe we do, lol). Here's my perspective on the whole situation: I was initially super excited and enthusiastic about this console. Look back at my old replies to this thread-- I defended it left and right against other people here. Now? I feel silly for backing this thing. How did I get from there to here? Because I actually approached Atari by email and through the Indiegogo comments section about developing an exclusive game for them, and they gave me literally no information. I was polite, professional and excited in my messages to them, and they pretty much gave me the same treatment as an average joe. That's fine and all, but if you're a game developer and you're specifically saying "I would like to make an exclusive game for your platform to help you out", you would think you'd get something other than a scripted response. But nope. Even today, their communication with developers has been abysmal. There STILL isn't any way to sign up to be a dev, and this thing is going to be out like 6 months from now. They've already been involved in controversy with the devs of Tempest 4000, because they initially said "Hey, we didn't make an Atari VCS port of that game..." My point here is, I'm not interested in bashing the console or the company, but they pushed me to want to. Initially I was actually really excited. Ask the others. Having said all that, I'm still moderately interested in the hardware itself, and I have ideas for ways I can make good use of it in my home. I believe it will be a fun piece of tech to play around with, especially since it can essentially be a Windows PC in a nice console-sized unit-- different from most traditional desktop PC's. This makes it easy to carry around and pack in my suitcase if I want to go on long trips or something. Just slide the VCS into my bag, hook it up to the TV in my hotel room, and bam-- I've got my entire PC connected to a nice large TV. By the way, here's another (more clear) picture of the clear-shell version of the system from Tom's Hardware below. Strangely, I don't even see a circuit board-- which is strange... Just parts. O.o The cooling system looks like it makes sense-- you've got what appears to be like a laptop-style CPU fan, and it blows the heat out the back vents. That's exactly how my laptop works, so that looks good.. It also looks like there's an M.2 slot in the front there, which would actually be a great feature to make up for the abysmal onboard 32 GB of eMMC. Though you would have to provide the storage yourself, which sucks.
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