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  1. I liked it. She's hawt. Rawr. o u o LOL
  2. Lol, I said "each other", as in, you know... you and me, or the other active users in this thread. o w o
  3. I don't think it was "news" per say, but Atari did a horrible job at communicating the actual configuration until that comment. It's obviously a "dual-boot" setup that they'll have with it, to make Sandbox mode work. Pretty simple-- upon turning on the console it looks for an M.2 drive. If one is connected and it has a bootable partition on it, the console will give you the option to boot from it. Basically the same as how a regular PC's "boot device selection" screen works before Windows loads up.
  4. Here's my 2 cents: Both @Flojomojo and @Tommy Tallarico raised valid points and feedback. I think the discussion overall was handled in a very civil fashion, so props there to you both. I'm of the stance that criticism and positivity/compliments are both necessary for things like this. If you have too much criticism to make, the person taking the criticism won't know what they're doing right, and it can get to feel more like an attack rather than constructive criticism. If there's too many compliments, then the person taking them will feel like they're doing absolutely no wrong, even if they are. As a person I tend to lean more towards positivity, because that's just how I am. It depends on my mood I guess though. LOL.
  5. Yeah.. Frankly at this point, I'll be perfectly happy if I get exactly what you described. I'll set up my own gamepad-friendly UI on it and put a bunch of Atari 2600/5200/7800/MAME/Jaguar roms on it. I'll also use it as a secondary device for streaming movies on like my bedroom TV or somewhere else in the house (I don't watch regular cable :P). So I've already got plans for my unit. If Atari actually does in fact have a proprietary UI for the VCS though, on which you can add people as friends and stuff like their concept animations suggest, then I propose everyone that got suckered into backing the unit (including myself) adds each other as VCS friends, just as a gag.. LOL
  6. The Amico sounds exactly like the kind of system I would love to get my hands on (and develop for, as well). I don't really know what type of a gamer I am. I'm not exactly a "casual" gamer, because I know how to play modern, photo-realistic video games; they just don't appeal to me the way games from the 90's always did. I was getting sick of seeing the same kind of stuff come out on the PS4/Xbox One. That's actually what prompted me to become interested in the VCS, and it was just enough of a push to make me back the VCS during the IGG campaign. I was under the impression that the team behind the VCS was going to do exactly what you guys are doing now with the Amico.
  7. Basically in a nutshell, this whole situation sounds like it's going to turn out how I expected: Backers will get their units, and the VCS will probably not make it to GameStop/Walmart/Retail shelves.
  8. Your last question there reminds me of when I was avidly supporting the VCS. Logically speaking, you're 100% correct-- they should just be building hundreds of these units if they actually function. However, this iteration of Atari doesn't exactly live in the real world. I made logical assumptions that the people behind this project would be treading their steps very cautiously because of the fact that they're trying to revive an essentially dead video game brand. Those assumptions were wrong. Never assume an entire company is using logic behind its approach, even though you were able to figure things out yourself. Their #1 priority is strictly "What can we do to ensure revenue increases?" That's the mindset this Atari has... They're doing it so blindly that they're pretty much unaware that they're hurting their chances of having a profitable platform with the VCS in the long run. It's kinda sad, really... because the hardware DOES in fact intrigue me a bit. I'm interested in those controllers too, and the joystick looks nice. I hope for the sake of everyone that backed this project (including myself) that Atari delivers a product to us successfully. Regardless of how terrible the VCS is or how atrociously Atari is handling the communication, etc... I still have clear plans on what I'll use my unit for, and where it will go in the house. And that's really all that matters to me-- is that I find a good use for it.
  9. Eh.... I'm gonna play devil's advocate here-- he's probably trying to suggest it as proof that they're being produced. Even though Atari themselves actually noted that they are still not at mass production yet.
  10. Lol, maybe.. Whatevers. I think I'm taking a break from this fiasco guys. I'll see you later.
  11. So the 20th update came out this morning (rather soon after update 19 actually). It was a bit more substantive, which was nice to see... However, still much of the same-- all factory/assembly-related stuff. I will admit it's comforting to see that the actual motherboard DOES in fact fit in the casing and everything, and they're definitely producing a number of these units from the looks of it. But still-- why can't we see the thing turn on?
  12. Well this is awkward. o w o Apparently Atari DIDN'T delete my comment that I thought they deleted. I just mislocated it. = w = LOL! Still, doesn't take away the fact of everything that's going on though. 😕
  13. Beautiful! Thank you very much Tommy! Edit: Looks like Atari removed my latest IGG comment, asking them politely to consider making their next update a video preview of the console running. Another demerit for the VCS. xD
  14. Just watched your trailer-- that system looks beautiful dude. I'd love to develop an exclusive game for it.
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