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  1. Lodmot

    AVGN Game

    Sorry for the late response. Yes, it can.
  2. Hey there, no worries! Unfortunately, no-- I never got the Genesis Model 2 to work again. I never got rid of the console though, because it's from my childhood (plus it's also signed by James Rolfe, lol). But yeah, your issue is probably different because I don't even get the license screen text. All mine does is a black screen. It's concerning because no matter whether it's a cartridge or the Sega CD add-on it does the same exact thing... I have my suspicions that the CPU fried or something...
  3. Just for fun, I had my 66-year old dad actually try out the Atari VCS. He's not really a gamer at all, but he played Pong a few times back in the day and Donkey Kong in the arcades. He tried out the new VCS joystick in Pong and noticed that the paddle control had some "give" to it when it shouldn't. It was difficult for him to describe, but he said it made playing the games a lot harder/less enjoyable. I think I know what he means, because it isn't very smooth when you turn the handle. I would expect the paddle functionality to feel like adjusting the volume control on a stereo receiver (if that makes sense xD).
  4. I posted a comment on the IGG page about the paddle functionality. Let's see what they say.
  5. Hot diggity dogs are bomb-diggity. o u o
  6. Ehh… I just find it annoying to have to sync my controllers up with my PC all the time. Then you gotta charge them when the battery is low, and after a while the built-in rechargeable battery actually gets permanently weaker. I'd rather just stick with a USB controller if I'm given the option to.
  7. Gonna be honest-- I actually hate wireless controllers. LOL > u >
  8. O: GUYS! I'VE GOT IT I'VE GOT IT I'VE GOT IT I've got it!!! Why don't we all just...... go out and get some ice cream? That way we'll all feel a lot better about everything.
  9. The part of the letter I find funny is that Feargal Mac didn't want to have his name associated with the VCS because it "might hurt his reputation". And back when I was an avid supporter for the VCS, I foresighted that people like Rob Wyatt, etc. wouldn't work on this project and damage their reputation if it was going to turn into a huge shitshow.... Well, now, here we are. The unimaginable became a reality. Lol... You can call the backers stupid (including me), but it really just goes to show you how f---ing retarded companies will actually be.
  10. I saw what page number we were on and it reminded me of this:
  11. I know you were just fucking around here, but sadly that was actually better-written and easier to comprehend than some of the actual updates Atari puts out on medium.com. LOL. Most of the time when they post an update, the first and only thing I jump straight to is any new pictures/videos they put up. Also, this guy below is classic. Some people on the IGG Comments section should really hang out with us here:
  12. We need a psychiatric unit that has vacancy:
  13. You're right-- it's not. Atari doesn't know what it is.
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