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  1. While not an Atari exclusive, I still go back to Wavy Navy. One of the deepest fixed screen shooters with lots of variety, plus some great nautical tunes after every level.
  2. Yep, ordered a 512K Triad board from Mark Marlette.
  3. Yes, I did that. Got to title then the command line error.
  4. Aha! I'm closer. Mounted the file to drive 0, then launch DOS, then type EX ROGUE -X And hit enter. Get to the title screen, press space, then get hit with Rogue: unknown command line argument I'm sure this would be easier with a floppy disk and a drive... still, I'm proud I made it this far as a relative noob.
  5. So it would go more like this? DRIVE 0,"ROGUE128K" OK DOS<ENTER> ROGUE <ENTER> I'm still fairly new to the Tandy scene, sorry if this sounds dumb.
  6. Trying to launch the 128K version of Rogue from my SDC and it's tripping up. I see the file is has a tag on it that says OS9, I imagine that is the snag. Anybody know what I'm doing wrong? DRIVE 0,"ROGUE128K" OK LOADM "ROGUE128K and I get an error code. When I check DIR to see if the .DSK is mounted I get garbled data.
  7. Already shopping for a RAM board 😅
  8. Thanks, I've sent them an Email.
  9. Only link I found was this https://www.frontiernet.net/~mmarlette/Cloud-9/Hardware/512K.html Is this a trusted seller?
  10. With the new release of JOUST, I've realized alot of the best stuff for CoCo3 needs 512K of RAM. a quick Google turned up the boomerang boards that looked super easy, but that gentleman doesn't seem to be making them any more. What are my options?
  11. Dangit. Thanks for the tip.
  12. Wait am I dumb? Do I need more than 128K RAM?
  13. Trying to get this running on my COCOSDC, but I'm getting a blank screen. I put the joust.dsk file on the SD, then DIR- to list, shows the file, then DRIVE 0,"JOUST" OK LOAD "JOUST" OK but then EXEC gives me ?FC ERROR So I try RUN, that goes to a black screen, then eventually a garbled pattern of blinking graphics?
  14. 9 pin as though it where compatible with sega or atari.
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