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  1. i suspect this may have been the issue, will test in a bit when i get some free time.
  2. Possibly a dumb question, but when the computer prompts me to press record, am I supposed to press Play AND Record?
  3. alright, ill try that tonight, as ive tried two different TI data recorders and gotten the same thing. is it possible the TI isnt putting out the signal?
  4. Yeah I'll have to reseat the connections and try again.
  5. cassette? There a trick to it? I've got a NOS tape drive that I've loaded files with before, but when I try to save a file and go through the prompts, I hit the record button but the gears don't move.
  6. Ordered some beautiful 7800 labels from Pboland, they arrived super quick. I pillar of the community. 

  7. Alright once I get a few dollars together I'll throw an order at Arcadeshopper. Thanks everyone.
  8. Yes like Ksarul said, it was just a matter of loading the file into their interface, and just measuring. What label do you need? I only put one of each on my sheet, but they auto filled it and now I have multiple copies of these.
  9. Well, learn something new everyday. Off to shop for a new power supply, guess I've just been lucky so far.
  10. sweet, any time frame for when i should check for them? feel free to just send me a PM when you do if you like.
  11. Main one I'm really trying to get a hold of right now is Frogger, but am also interested in most of the Funware releases or other hard to find 3rd party carts.
  12. Ah so either way I should've had audio. Probably the bad caps or the Audio Chip then I suppose.
  13. Just grabbed a 128 at an estate sale with just the AC. Plugged it in with my C64 composite and it worked, but I was only getting faint clicking for audio. Suspecting a bad audio chip I opened it up and found capacitors 105 and 104 where in pretty rough shape. I pulled them right off the board and ordered a cap kit, but got to thinking, was my audio issue just caused by the cable not being 100 percent compatible? In hindsight I should've tried the RF out before I pulled the bad caps.
  14. I ultimately went with the 512K Triad board, install was a breeze.
  15. Thanks. I tried a Google search and hadn't had much luck. I'm sure I just wasn't looking in the right places. I appreciate you taking the time to give me the info.
  16. So I've already got a 32K sidecar I bought a few years back. While I have a original PEB I loathe heaving the thing out and hooking it up, so I'd probably just be going side port. Does running the TIPI need the extra RAM from SAMS? I have zero experience with raspberry Pis, is it pretty straight forward?
  17. No plans on selling them, just want to make sure they're nothing that needs to be archived before I stick them on a shelf forever.
  18. I'm trying to dig into the deeper cuts with my 99 and start discovering the software that was only released in disk format, what are my modern options? I've heard the NanoPEB discussed alot, although that seems a bit dated now and not easily available. I've also seen the TIPI discussed, but that seems to be a bit more advanced, it appears as though i need to set up my own Raspberry Pi to use it? Most all of my other 8-bit computers seem to have a very approachable SD floppy emulator device, is there one for the TI99 that I'm missing?
  19. Thanks again for all the help, with that and an order from Stickeryou.com I'm looking good.
  20. Wow I don't need anything right now but I just want to say, this is one of the best put together For Sale posts I've ever seen. You obviously put alot of work into it, nicely done.
  21. Wow, what are the odds of that! Still, I cobbled together an order from Stickeryou.com, but if I completely botched that I'll send you a PM
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