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  2. could you explain exactly how i would go about doing that? im pretty much an atari noob when it comes to this stuff, so i dont understand what you mean.
  3. Yes, i can definitly mount 3 images, seven cities disk 1, seven cities disk 2, and a blank disk, and then toggle the active one so that shouldnt be the bottleneck. I'm thinking its the blank file that is my issue. Does anyone know where i can grab one to try?
  4. No one has any ideas? i'll give this one official bump before i slump away in despair
  5. Not to start up this argument again, but i just wanted to report my status as i said i would after applying the wd40 that i used early last week. So far, im happy to report that my Atari's color issue seems to be resolved. I will definitely purchase some contact cleaner the next time i pass by a radio shack, but right now i can see colors again so im very happy
  6. Hi guys, A few months back i purchased one of Santosp's awesome SIO drives, and have been enjoying it immensly. This weekend i wanted to try to play Seven Cities of Gold. I loaded up disk 1 on drive 1 of the sio, and disk 2 on drive 2. Santosp had provided me with an empty atr file so i had loaded that up on S3. I then loaded up the game, and when it asked me to create the world disk, i changed the sio to drive 3 and attempted to create the world disk but i got a message saying something to the effect of "drive error - please check your cables" so i know im not doing something correctly Any ideas on the proper way to get this working? And while we're at it, i'd also like to get Alternate Reality working again as well... would i use the same process? thanks in advance guys, Slyde
  7. wow, ok apparently theres been alot more discussion since i checked in yesterday for the record, i have applied some wd-40 and tried my best to work it in while adjusting the pot. Right now, i am getting a flawless color from the xl, but it has gone for small periods in the past looking good, only to revert to black and white, so the jury will be out for the next few days while i keep playing it and seeing it things are better. and i'll probably pick up some contact cleaner this weekend just to be safe
  8. Ok thanks guys. i am getting my screwdriver, and have some wd-40 around here somwhere. I'll give it a shot and report back. thanks again all.
  9. Hi guys, i have an 800xl that is having an issue with keeping its color. Sometimes the color is normal, but other times the color goes into black and white. I was talking with others here and they mentioned for me to try to insert a screwdriver into the hole in the bottom of the unit, and see if that affects the color. If it did, it could be a dirty pot. I did so and that definitely seems to be the issue..... when i even TOUCH a scewdriver into the hole, my color flickers like crazy. So, my next question is, is this possible to fix for someone who really is not a technie at all, and is leery on even opening up the unit? I'm just afraid i will end up breaking it more than fixing it. thanks guys, Slyde
  10. i voted! I played in i think only 1 round last year, but i'd like to be more active this year if i can
  11. I was able to fool around with it a bit last night. Thanks to some awesome help from Santosp, i was able to be up and running this thie beauty last night. Awesome awesome awesome!
  12. lol... i was looking at that same tracking screen over the weekend and was getting nervous as well. But i am happy to report that my drive just came tonight! Thanks Santosp Now i just need to figure out how to use it.. i must admit that i am slightly confused right now...
  13. slyde


    id definitely be down for that as well.. lets keep an eye out id definitely be down for that as well.. lets keep an eye out
  14. still anxiously checking my mail every day awaiting mine Hopefully it'll get here to the states soon....!
  15. yeah, i read a review of this in last months Game Informer or PC Gamer... crazy to be making a new version of this after so long, but damn did i love the original....
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