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  1. We always looked for excuses in our school projects to find ways to call that. So many twisted designs seen during our Compilers course...
  2. I've installed the Retrofixes composite kit in my O2, but it's got me scratching my head. When I power on, it goes from bright to dim to off in 5-10 seconds. Adjusting the pot doesn't seem to do anything but change the amount of time it takes to fade. Any thoughts on what I should test?
  3. Congrats on the release! Ran it on my Mac today, Catalina 10.15.5. To get it to launch successfully, I had to turn Gatekeeper off completely for the first run because the binaries aren't signed. Just permitting the first binary wasn't enough, because then it launches Python and fails. So I did this: sudo spctl --master-disable ./ooeygui sudo spctl --master-enable I only had to do this for the first run. I believe it marks the binaries as safe once you run them for the first time. I'll keep an eye out for a simpler way to deal with Gatekeeper.
  4. DigiCert sends reminders. Lots of reminders. "Ok, ok, I get it!" level of reminders.
  5. http://www.mainbyte.com/ti99/speech_peb/speech_peb.html
  6. Same here. I've looked at the schematics floating around, but it's beyond my skill level.
  7. I like this idea. I really didn't want to crack open my PEB, so I upgraded my TIPI to 2.x the hard way (in-place distro upgrade, then manually update the TIPI software). If the card were mounted externally, I would have just re-imaged it.
  8. That's the model we have. Check out the channel "Tomb of 3D Printed Horrors" on YouTube for great instructional videos. I haven't found a need to attach it to a surface. The aluminum extrusions are pretty sturdy, but be sure they're square. Even check the base pieces that come pre-assembled. If there's one thing that drove me (and most other Ender 3 owners) nuts, it's the quality of the bed surface. The magnetic part is good, but the base metal piece often has tiny dips all over. It's very common to eventually replace the magnetic bed with a glass one (or just a piece of mirror from the hardware store).
  9. I had to go back and check the box. I would have missed the cassette hidden in the packing material. Thanks!
  10. O2 was my first console. My dad thought the keyboard meant it would eventually be more of a computer. Once he figured out it wasn't, he got me a used TI, which saw a lot more use. I'm finally near the top of the waiting list for the menu-driven multicart after ordering it after MGC last year. Once it's on the way, I get the O2 down from the attic to refurb.
  11. I tried to reset it back into keyboard mode any time I wandered by. Even with the full Dragon's Lair cab on site, I was still drawn to the TI version. I've seen a lot of weird behavior at LAX over the years, but I hadn't heard of any game theft before. I guess other than the VR/AR room, supervision is just periodic walkthroughs. Sigh.
  12. This one’s not my copy, but someone’s got theirs on display at Louisville Arcade Expo this weekend.
  13. I didn't ignore it. I just didn't have enough room in my luggage to get it home. 😀
  14. After squinting at the schematic, it sure seems like a sidecar modem. There's a 99532, both pulse and tone dialing, a momentary switch for manual pick, a line marked UART, and a "CD" LED that could be Carrier Detect. And I figured out the board layout. "A1" is the lower right. Letters bottom to top, numbers right to left. The 99523 is C5 on the schematic. It's the chip 2 spots right from the EPROM under the VHS label.
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