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  1. I recently purchased a non-working asteroids unit (serial # 28,XXX) from craigslist. Below is a brief detail of the unit: -Asteroids Rev -04 board -Monitor is a G05-802 -A/R I board As you can see in the attached pictures, there is a weird ripple in the test pattern and it is noticeable when playing as well. Also here are the 0-scope shots: http://imgur.com/a/15LpC ... The Y signal has an odd spot that doesn't match the manual (circled in red) I have replaced/checked the following so far: -Checked all fuses in unit, all are good. -Checked voltages from Power Brick. All checked good. -Checked unregulated input (~ 10-13 volts) and regulated 5V output (~5.10 V) on A/R I board. -Replaced caps on HV unit, Deflection Board, Main PCB, A/R I, Big Blue -Checked all diodes and transistors on Deflection and HV boards, all test good. -Checked bottle cap transistors mounted to chassis. All check good. Made sure all were NOT shorted to case. -Quickly checked all connectors and all seem to visually look intact. Re-flowed solder to all connectors on Deflection and HV board. -Replaced R100 and R101 on deflection board with 18 AWG wire. -Checked X and Y signal from game PWB with O-scope and the ripple is present so I believe the problem is from the PWB. Does anyone know what this ripple can be caused from on the game PWB?
  2. Haha so true, six AAA batteries is a bit much. I just picked up a couple of Konami Justifiers for cheap so i'm gonna test them out with leathal enforcers...
  3. I'm playing on an old CRT TV from the 90s so it should be working fine. I'm trying to get a working menacer gun to compare to this broken one.I just think it's really odd for it to bug out like that when the trigger or any other button is pressed.
  4. Ok so here's the deal... I replaced the two IR LEDs in the gun because when i put fresh batteries in and pulled the trigger while aiming my camera at the IR LEDs the LEDs did not light up. Now they do when I preform the same test. Now I see the crosshair move around on the screen when I play T2 but when I press any button the crosshair jumps up to the top right corner of the screen. While the button is pressed I cannot move the crosshair and it stays in the top right corner. I'm not sure what the problem is now but the gun is partially working. Any ideas?
  5. I recently purchased a Menacer gun from a garage sale. It came with the IR receiver that plugs into the console and the Terminator 2 arcade game. I already had the Menacer 6 in 1 game and an extra receiver so i needed the gun to try the game out. I put some fresh batteries into the gun and hooked everything up into my Genesis 1 console. I first tried the 6 in 1 game. It loaded fine and when I was at the title screen i tried to press the start button. The gun wouldn't do anything. I tried moving the gun closer to the receiver and it somewhat worked. I am thinking the gun in not making a full connection to the IR receiver because when I play Terminator and bring the gun close to the receiver it works a little and I see the crosshair on the screen move around a bit. Anyone else have this problem and fixed it? If not any suggestions on whats wrong? I tried opening up the gun but it was held together by something more than the 7 screws so I put it back together for another night since it was getting late. Any thoughts?
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