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  1. Guys, appreciate a little help please. I recently picked up a Satandisk to use on my 1040. It came with a bundle of pre-installed games but I notice that the largest majority seem to crash out after the loading screen including Buggy Boy. Managed to get Academy, Arkanoid and Backlash all working. Is there anything you can do to get others to load or is there a particular reason some dont work? I believe the image I have on the SD card was one put together which was available to download. Any help / advice would be top banana. cheers Alan
  2. Chaps, appreciate a spot of help please. Is the CX853 16K memory cart compatible with the Atari 400 or is it only for the Atari 800? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks again for your kind help fella. I'll just take my chances I reckon. :-)
  4. Many thanks for your help fella. I was offered £40 including postage minus 'Beer Belly Burt', by time I'd posted that lot I'd be lucky to get about £26 left over.
  5. Chaps, as I'm fairly new to the Atari scene I've not got much of an idea regards prices. I've been made an offer from someone on Ebay for all of the games bar one of them and have a feeling it's quite a low price. I'd really appreciate if anyone could give me a ball park figure as to what these games might be worth. There are a couple of them on Ebay at the moment and one of them alone is asking for £59.99 BIN which seems stupidly high. Any help would be wicked. thanks Alan
  6. Currently selling a few titles on Ebay. http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/mamemeister/m.html?item=121217158855&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 If anyone is interested in anything and wanted to make me an offer (before any bids are recieved) just let m know please.
  7. I've just been using a utility called 'My Copy R' which formats the disk before copying from the SIO to the the 1050. TBH I've been comparing the disks that work with the ones that don't and I'm struggling to physically see any difference? The disks were used on a BBC Model B computer. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBC_Micro
  8. Russ - thanks so much for your reply, though it's disappointing to find out that most of the disks I have won't work it means I can stop wasting all my time trying to get them to work. Appreciate your help lads.
  9. I've kindly been given a big bundle of floppy disks by a mate who used them on his BBC computer. I've noticed when I'm trying to transfer ATR files across and the disk is being formatted, it gets halfway through (it clicks 40 times - 40 sectors I'm guessing) then comes up with a format error. The other disks I have that have worked all click 80 times (80 sectors?). Back in the day when I had my C64 I recall you could use pretty much any type of floppy disk. I'm guessing since they all do the same it's not just a corrupt disk but more to do with the type of disk. Is there any way to format these or is the 1050 drive quite specific about what type, make of floppy it uses? Thanks :-)
  10. Aah, just found this thread which contains a couple of utilities to make them up to 90k, I'll give this a go. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/168083-transferring-atr-images-to-actual-atari-disks-on-pc-drive/
  11. I've now successfully managed to transfer ATR files from the SIO2SD to my 1050 drive. One problem I've noticed though is a lot of the games I would like to put to floppy eg Bruce Lee, Dropzone etc the image size is less than 90k, some of them are 20-30k in size which although they run in the SIO2SD don't transfer to a floppy. Is there any work around or is there a collection online anywhere where the images are the proper 90 or 130k size?
  12. The courier company have now settled this so I was free to start a repair job. I discovered that it's only the bottom part of the case that was damaged, the top half is completely fine. With some clever use of tape, glue and bits of plastic I've managed to piece a lot of it together and it's now quite strurdy. Also discovered it came with 32k so runs a lot of games too. :-)
  13. Another Lotharek fan here, I've bought both the SIO2Sd and Side Cart and both are professionally made. Also bought an SD loader for the ZX Spectrum which again is excellent quality. Bit of help please chaps, I'm attempting to copy some of my ATR images from the SIO to my 1050 floppy drive. I've tried 3 or 4 different copying apps but all seem to give read errors reading from the SIO even though the image boots up fine. I have the SIO set up with D1 drive on (with the disk image loaded) and all other drives set to off. The 1050 is set up as D2. Also should a ATR file 180k in size successfully copy over to a double density disk or is it too big? Lastly, what would people recommended as the best copying utility? Thanks in advance chaps. :-)
  14. Oops, not sure what happened to the photo, here it's here again.
  15. Thanks, my 16k cart arrived today but before I plugged it in I did the Print FRE (0) thing and it showed about 29k available (this is with 2 x 16k and the 10k in place). When I plugged the 3rd 16k module in and did the check it was reporting 32 something K, would that be about right?. It did load stealth and Mercenary ok which it never before so I'm guessing it's now got 48 ok.
  16. In addition to an Atari 800, 1050 drive, Atari 800XL I also got this bundle of goodness, some obscure titles in there. Anything of any note d'ya reckon?
  17. Thanks for the tips lads. Unfortunately until this is settled with the courier I can't make any attempt to salvage this. I had to laugh, as due to the fact that it was my my mate Tony (he of Missile Command World Record Holder fame - I'm serious!) who kindly collected this from a guy down south and arranged to have it delivered to me here in Scotland, it's been down to him to lodge a claim for the damage. We had to provide photos of not only the damaged computer but also the packaging it was sent in. They wrote back to him asking how much he sold the stuff to me for. He replied saying any cost or price was completely irrelevant, they were paid to deliver something in one piece and failed to do so so they should cough up the cost to replace like for like which in this case is very difficult due to the fact there aren't actually any Atari 400's for sale in the UK right now, only a couple on Ebay in the US. Let's see what happens.....
  18. I bought one along with some other stuff this week and here's how it arrived. Hopefully the carrier will pay out for this but I'm more upset the fact it was in great condition (until it got smashed) and isn't readily available in the UK to buy. It does still work ironically so am wondering if there is any way of trying to patch it up so I can use it, open to any suggestions please? In the meantime if anyone has a spare they're looking to shift please let me know. I'd obvious;y have to wait on getting the money back before buying right enough. It's particularly annoying to see what was a 35 year old bit of tech in perfect working order then smashed in seconds due to some careless twat. Fortunately the Atari 800XL and 1050 disk drive arrive in one piece.
  19. Thanks for the interest guys, quite surprised at the number of people interested in these. As MAC-42 has suggested, I'm going to have a crack at scanning these and maybe stick them up as a PDF download or something. That was it would enable others to have a look. I should add it seem these are all notes and programs written in basic but would still be of interest to some. :-)
  20. Bit of an odd one this. I bought an Atari 800, disk drive etc from a bloke off Gumtree. The computer belonged to his recently deceased father. When it arrived he'd also included all his Dad's program hand written notes, listing etc. In some respects I feel the guy should have hung onto them for sentimental reasons which obviously have no tie to myself. In my mind they are an interesting bit of history of the Atari and may be of interest to someone. If anyone wanted them ping me your address and I'll send them on. There's a couple of small folders worth.
  21. Hooray, managed to pick up a couple of 16k modules from someone here in the UK.
  22. Appreciate all the help guys, unfortunately when I try and run some games it comes up with the message saying it requires 48k so it looks like my model doesn't have it. How do I physically check to see the memory it has and are the memory upgrades expensive? Ah, just checked and I have 2 x 16k modules and a 10k one. Just need to source a single 16k one now.
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