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  1. close this discussion of dick !! I broke !! thanks

  2. My hovercraft is full of eels.

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    2. ferghead


      Dammit, I missed it. :(

    3. Shawn
    4. retrorussell


      Drop your panties, Sir William, I cannot wait till lunchtime.

  3. No more yanky my wanky...the Donger need food!

    1. Cebus Capucinis
    2. Grig


      LOL - Don't let grandma feel you up

    3. Seethransom


      Maweed? Married! Maweed? Married!

  4. More bacon!!!!

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    2. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      In the future, breast implants will be made of bacon.

    3. cmart604


      had some for lunch today and maybe some later as part of a snack. Bacon FTW!

    4. ggn
  5. What's on my mind? Bacon...as usual!!!

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    2. Mxyzptlk


      You know, there is not alot of products out there that could not be improved by the addition of some bacon.

    3. CyranoJ


      Even adding bacon to bacon makes it better!

    4. pce_collector
  6. bacon with a side of bacon.

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    2. retrorussell


      Damn, I was just thinking about bacon earlier today! But it's almost never cheap..

    3. cmart604


      MMMMM. Bacon.

    4. frankodragon


      Bacon burger with no buns-just bacon to replace the buns and bacon in the middle.

  7. bacon.

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    2. Albert
    3. Emehr


      Pushed the button. Did not receive bacon.

    4. Fixitguy74


      I only like it when it's wrapped in bacon.

  8. ADIOS CHILDREN! 2600 games will warp all of your minds! I'm out!!!!

  9. Q: What am I worth? A: (per Fernando Marin) you're not even worth the bother to answer...

    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      How dare you want your packages to contain packing material! Jerk!

    2. Austin


      LOL. Amazing.

    3. bennybingo


      more "nando" nonsense going on...now, it's in the CV community. When will this scammer just go away?

  10. I'd like to just take a ride through the tunnel sometimes before work. And jan says, "no, that tunnel "... two years, no access to the tunnel. >> Dr. Brule: I don't have to take the tunnel.I just use the expressway.

    1. Cebus Capucinis

      Cebus Capucinis

      Why am I scared of pruppets? I used to have a TV show about pruppets. Some of you might remember.

  11. Gene Gene made a machine...

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    2. bennybingo


      Sharks growl? And what does Gene have to do with zombies and sharks? :)

    3. NE146


      no, and nothing. :P

    4. bennybingo
  12. Three more boxes 7800 games for a complete CIB set! (luckily they are commons!)

    1. toptenmaterial



  13. I thought found a new use for my 5200, but the kid I offered it to at the homeless shelter said he would much rather play a game.com.

  14. Bingo..needs food...badly.

  15. Keep it up keilbaca!

    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      When did keilbaca start doing porn?

    2. keilbaca


      Since recently ;)

    3. bennybingo


      How is that working out as a career choice?

  16. berzerk record +keilbaca = broken!

  17. RIP Jack Tramiel

    1. Lodmot


      I wonder where the remaining Swordquest prizes will go now. O:

    2. Zedex


      His son has them.

    3. Pong


      Well, we better hope that the remaining three items won't be buried with him. I guess I'll see him around later. Later = tonight and him = graverobbing victim. Time to get a shovel.

  18. Just got my copy of Seaweed Assault!!!! Can't wait to fire it up!!!!

  19. Friday time...dedicating my night to Moon Cresta 7800 tomorrow!!! Thanks again Bob!

    1. toptenmaterial


      You should do a write-up for it Ben

    2. toptenmaterial


      You should do a write-up for it Ben

  20. Going skateboarding tomorrow....time to knock the rust off the old hinges!

    1. Fixitguy74



      I am an old skater myself, and I knock the rust off once and a while with my kids.

    2. Zedex


      I've been attempting to learn to skateboard since last May, and I haven't really progressed at all. I'd like to learn though.

    3. bennybingo


      Just got back home...it was fun, but my muscles are aching now. Tomorrow I'll pay for it all day at work...it was worth it tho.

  21. there's a horse in the hospital!!!

    1. atari2600land


      There's a llama in the courtroom!!!

    2. Zedex


      There's a camel on the highway!!!

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