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  1. Fabric softener sheets in a bag work as well...it takes longer, but does help get rid of that stale smoke smell. 👍
  2. So upset to hear this my good friend. Odd question, but are you a candidate for a liver transplant?
  3. Not an auction, but this for sale ad is still amazing on so many fronts...
  4. bennybingo


  5. First year in many that I fell asleep at the switch....congrats Stephen on being the 1st to carry the torch this year!
  6. It's been a long time since I rock and rolled....
  7. To quote Backin89: "I got your f**king crackpipe b*tch. I don't even smoke cigarettes. i hope you all sleep in the f**king cold!"
  8. It was a "toy fair" exclusive in 2012....they were handing them out to visitors at their booth in NYC for that trade show. They only gave them to the first 200 visitors.
  9. Yea...I jumped the gun a bit...felt myself falling asleep. #OldManProblems
  10. Hi Grig! Just stopped in the site for a minute and figured I would say hello!
  11. Arcade. Nothing else seems to hold a candle to it. The x/y color monitor, the movement of everything in the play field, the sounds and the timing....even the whir of the spinner knob. It all adds up to a unique experience that simply has not been captured in any of the sequels, ports or even the tubes upgrade. The original is one of those arcade games that truly stands the test of time. I still break into a cold sweat when I start getting into the higher levels....super intense!
  12. I will happily buy one...just as long as the label isn't a scratch-and-sniff!
  13. Yea...there was an update recently...at least, you could call it recent when you're living in the "XM Zone" (cue creepy Twilight Zone theme music).
  14. I just saw this...PLEASE let me know if I can still get on the list. I can send payment immediately! Thanks!
  15. Bumping this with a $400 bid. Let's see if there are any other bidders before the night is over! Come on folks...it's for a good cause!
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