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  1. Well, by the moment I have Vectopia and Gravitrex (7,8, Pictures) but Protector and I,Cyborg are two adittions that I seriously consider for new buy.
  2. thanks everybody for the comments Ransom: By now, I have been collecting Vectrex for almost exactly theree years... Nathan: I also have multi-games cartridge,althoug Vectrex is a system that deserves having the complete games with overlays, etc...However,not a cheap system for sure... Desfeek: Yes, certainly, i want those "very rare" games and I'm aware of how expensive they are. First I want to complete the "general" catalogue, then begin witch lighpen and 3d-imager. And a Usa-Vectrex or Japanase-Vectrex would be a good addition (however I'have never seen a japanese Vectrex on Ebay on being sold in any forum)
  3. Hi, from Barcelona, just want to show my Vectrex collection, which is probably one of my favourite parts of my retrogaming collection. A system certainly hard to collect in different terms...Boxed Vectrex is Germany and even includes the small and original salt bags for humidity, the other one is a spanish Vectrex.All games are 100% complete.Hope to continue completing it.
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