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  1. I actually use Thee and Thy sometimes... Now, does anyone know how to spell the word that starts with Sup that Mary Poppins sings in a song? (I do!) We should get back on topic or rename this thread THE RANDOM TERRAIN GRAMMAR THREAD.
  2. Oh. It's hard to tell the difference. I can't wait!!!
  3. I didn't want to start this argument and have that language (no pun intended), RT... Torr:+1 Thanks for that.
  4. Got my Sears L6 in the mail right as I was leaving for vacation... Only to learn it's a Sunnyvale model! It feels a lot better built than my Atari L6. Can't wait to clean it once we get back!

    1. Chuck D. Head

      Chuck D. Head

      I think the Sears consoles are awesome! I want a Radio Shack Intellivision also....

    2. Jr. Pac

      Jr. Pac

      I didn't know there was a RS Inty! Now you got me wanting one. :P Sears consoles are epic. Is it just me or are the Sears H6ers more common than Atari H6ers?

    3. zylon


      Tandyvision One

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  5. I'm a boy. I have a girl-like voice. I even sing like a woman.
  6. I'm just trying to go with the flow. Not be a troll. Accept the fact I'm 10 and live on. I just want PEACE, and when I start trouble, it is not intentional. Learn to forgive please!

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    2. HatefulGravey


      I accept that you are young, though I'm still not sold on that as fact, but that doesn't excuse negative behavior. Children can learn the rules and how to act as well as adults. In fact, this is the point in your life where you should be learning those things.

    3. Jr. Pac

      Jr. Pac

      This is my first forum website I've ever been on. I'm still learning how to act on a forum site, and now I'm trying my best to be a good part of the communuty.

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  7. And by the way, I NEVER watch normal television. Only to play Atari, which I don't always do.
  8. I;ve only played Atari TWICE in the time I've been here. Once to test. I just went on the Tahoe Queen and I've been going on lots of hikes. You can't just assume I'm bringing it to just play Atari my whole vacation. I'm trying to get my parents to play, and we make arrangements, but we end up not doing it.
  9. I know. It's fine, as long as it doesen't happen on real hardware.
  10. The one I;m using is even shorter than the 2600's controller cable... It just gives a really nice quality picture. That's all, so I reccomended it. My dad just gave it to me because the original one was very flaky and bad. I would have to tape it to display right.
  11. After I complete a level, it changes back to Hangly... Prosystem is so buggy!
  12. Yup. You are right. Odd. I thought pressing F5 would just move thw switch. It looks great, though!
  13. All the sudden were talked about grammar?
  14. Jr. Pac


    The only "trick" I can think of is to not worry about the location of the bombs, but to just move back and forth across the screen really fast. That's what I do when my eyes have fatigued and my brain can't keep up with the action any more. Me too.. I rarely do, though.
  15. Oh... My dad just gave it to me to use. It looks fantastic. I had no idea it was $70...
  16. No. I use a regular heavy duty RF cable labeled MONTER VIDEO. They're much thicker than the original ones and have a matte finish. They aren't made just for Atari.
  17. I use a really heavy sheilded MONSTER video cable. It works great.
  18. Nah. If it was Pitfall II, SURE!
  19. I was in camp... Gosh! It shows I'm online all day because I just put my computer on sleep without logging out. School starts in August.
  20. I just went WAY over the 6 and pack-maned Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man, Super Breakout, Kaboom! (in the box), River Raid, Warlords, Dig Dug, Space Invaders, Frogger, Combat, and Enduro.
  21. I can take pics today, actually. It's just made of an old Toppling Towers wood block set all glued together. It took 2 says to make. Thanks for defending me. All the sudden all these fights start.
  22. Here is the music mock-up. It's in my gallery. (the video is not aligned with the audio and everything's transposed to C major. The 1st one is the arcade and 2nd is 7800.) You don't have to change it. Are pre-orders ready?
  23. Awesome!!! Is it supposed to always be Hangly-Man? It always is in Prosystem. Are there any pre-orders coming?
  24. I took all you listed except Pitfall before the voting was over.
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