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  1. It died WITHOUT the cable.. Just a quick clean of the controller end and it's fine.
  2. Brought these games (I went over the 6 limit.. :P) on vacation. River Raid, Frogger, Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man, Super Breakout, Warlords. and Combat. :)

  3. Sorry about that... It was a normal common 9-pin one male one female end cable. I don't really need it now that I have a little game center/display in my room.
  4. Actually, it just "broke" again. It turns out it was a problem with the extension cable I was using, not the system or joystick.
  5. Jr. Pac

    2600 help

    The wat I clean contacts is I cut off a piece of a cleanwhite t-shirt and an expired credit card, any card you don't want anymore. I wet the peice of t-shirt in alchohol, stretch the peice of t-shirt on the card, and push it into the cart slot. All around. To get to the pins, you're supposed to have a small flathead screwdriver and put into the very ends of the black cart slot part, and the door to the pins will open. After, just take another peice of shirt and repeat, without putting on alchohol to dry. It does wonders.
  6. Thanks, Slowcoder! Now it works just great. I guess my original cleaning wasn't good enough.
  7. Yes. The joystick works great on my other 2600, plus the stick is brand new.
  8. Dumb garbage truck woke me up.

  9. It feels like it to me. I'm exited! Once I get back, I'll make a collection thread.
  10. My home-made Atari Vacation Center can hold 5, and the system stores one. I unfortunately don't have Indy 500 or Othello yet.
  11. BUMP! A deal for a CX-10/ I'm probably going to be getting one next week.
  12. No Harmony cart... I mean original games. I want a Harmony, though.
  13. So far it looks like Dig Dug, River Raid, and Ms. Pac-Mna are a must.
  14. Yes. That's very decieving. I just realized m Jr. Pac-Man cart is cracked... I can fix that tomorrow by swapping backs with a Pac-Man cart or E.T. cart.
  15. Ms. Pac-Man only has a one player option. It dosen't really matter, we take turns for one player games all the time. Thanks for the votes.
  16. To play with my family??? This is serious, brandon.
  17. I agree. I was just about to post that. What do 3 Heavy 6ers and me and my school and my reading level and my age have to do with this? (run-on intended)
  18. What games should I bring to the Pacific coast to play with me and my 2 parents? I can only take up to 6 games with me.
  19. back to the stick, what's wrong?
  20. What... What's that wors that stats wit an S?
  21. 3 h6ers I won/bought/pending are attached.
  22. I save up, and if I don;t have enough, I pay back my mom, and I still have birthday money that I saved. I'm being homeschooled next year. I'm too intelligent for my grade level. One of those H6ers was broken, and the rest are untested. Plus, those H6ers were BARGAINS. $22 total for one of them, and it's on the other side of the U.S.!
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