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  1. RXB came out with version 1001 in 1988. It is the oldest XB still supported today hands down. RXB works from just a console alone or with 32K or SAMS up to 32Meg. Almost all the new XB Carts out today will not do much of anything without 32K, RXB like XB can function without a 32K or SAMS. Lastly almost all TI Basic programs will run in RXB unlike any other XB carts made with 32K or not. No other XB made can do that. XB GEM is a great product but Ultimate Extended Basic is a matter of taste more then just Speed, run it from a Console to see differences. 30 years into a RXB can show quality of work I think.
  2. RXB has a DSK#.UTIL1 loader built into RXB press ENTER and then the character of the DSK#.UTIL1 say like press 3 for DSK3.UTIL1 or press 0 (zero) for WDS1.UTIL1 or REA (Rich Editor Assembler built into RXB also) press 5 or press P for RUN PROGRAM FILE again any key will be used for DSK#.UTIL1 or press 0 (zero) for WDS1.UTIL1 Are there ant other Editor Assembler Carts that can boot from WDS1.UTIL1 with a single keypress of 0 (zero)?
  3. I made a mistake as I assumed it was Nov 3rd?
  4. RXB ENDLESS SIZE OF RXB PROGRAMS. Imagine making a 4 meg XB program with both assembly and endless lines. (Well endless to the point of SAMS or Hard Drive space.)
  5. QUOTE: "I neither know nor care." then why are you even here saying this? Are you upset I even post anything as you are always on the attack. LOL wow again you ignored that in this thread I already addressed this issue in 2015, some reason you ignored that fact? Also I was only 11 in 1965 and at time was only listening to Country Western Music at that time so Martha and the Vanellas I know little or nothing about. Currently I listen to New Age, Alternative, pop and current new music (even some new Country.). No classic stations by the way.
  6. Those Bearings have numbers stamped on them so easy to get replacements.
  7. So this is like Facebook and you troll peoples threads? You do know there is not other reason for this right? As for the issue I already addressed this problem on this thread back in 2015 if you want to check.
  8. Go back in RXB thread you will see this problem way back in 2015 and I already addressed it back then....
  9. I did run your test and you never replied to why you do not put PRINT before CALL HCHAR in demo as this would make much more sense. And yea you do not support RXB so yea can not be compiled we have already both said this over and over. By the way this same exact problem was discussed on this thread for RXB vs TI Basic way back in 2015 and my solution was the same one in RXB but of course XB has no solution. So factually I knew about this before you, hell in my note book for RXB fixes the sticky for it is right here in front of me.
  10. RXB solution: 10 FOR I=65 TO 75 30 CALL HCHAR(24,1,I,32) 40 CALL HGET(24,1,32,A$) 50 PRINT 60 CALL HPUT(24,1,A$) 70 NEXT I Seems to fix the issue when you have the proper tools. How come you do not just switch 20 and 30 so PRINT comes first in your example? (Yes PRINT does erase the line in XB, but as it is faster then Basic seems it is a trade off.)
  11. 1-What asterisks? There was no mention of them? Just replace character 31 with 42 in that case. ** ** XB PRINT does not ERASE anything it just scrolls the screen up the prints a blank line of 32 characters space character. In that case RXB: 10 PRINT 20 CALL HCHAR(24,1,42,2,24,31,42,2) 30 GOTO 30 or this would copy entire bottom line before PRINT in RXB: 10 CALL HGET(24,1,32,A$) 20 PRINT 30 CALL HPUT(23,1,32,A$) 40 GOTO 40 2-Sorry RXB is better then XB and you only support XB. Your complier your choice.
  12. Well RXB would be: 10 CALL HCHAR(24,1,31,2,24,3,32,28,24,31,31,2) 20 PRINT 30 GOTO 30
  13. Not what I said. XB256 is like you said optimized for ONLY XB. RXB commands like CALL HPUT(row,col,variable or string or number) is better then DISPLY AT or PRINT restricted to 28 per line. RXB commands like CALL GMOTION(#sprite,dot-row variable,dot-col variable) great for fetching movement of where JOYSTICK's moves a Sprite. These could be updated for XB256 specifically for RXB, not likely but they would be great features to use.
  14. The idea of RXB was using SAMS and Assembly as a combo. XB alone sucks at access to SAMS and RXB fixed that. Thus why I keep saying make XB256 for RXB and you get best of both. By the way RXB SAMS access total size is 242 BYTES of GROM, loads in any 32K location and has a built in Program Image loader/saver.
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