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  1. I did not use CALL LINK("name") from XB but a RXB subprogram CALL EXECUTE(address)
  2. Sorry Super XB had Plot Routines you could call but resided in Lower 8K thus you could not use Assembly support as that space was taken. They were fast but used up most of the VDP memory which you need for Strings and Variables, thus further created more problems then solved. I opted out of this way to go as the number of Super XB programs you can find using the Plot features are exactly 2 in total in 20 years. They were cool to look at but The Missing Link (Assembly Links youload) did a better job with more features. Again same problem it limits VDP memory and uses Lower 8K so you can not get more Assembly support or get back that missing VDP RAM.
  3. I think that feature was in SuperXB that had the plot routines, but as you could only do this from Assembly limited it to very restrictive SuperXB only programs. RXB has the same issue from many routines. The Plot routines used Bit Map Mode so extremely limited VDP RAM size and XB program size.
  4. Summed up nicely. I tried to add Integer only math but even if I dropped REA (Rich Editor Assembly) from the RXB package it still would not fit. Additionally I would need at least anther 8K XB ROM added.
  5. Without of 32K or SAMS 1 Meg RAM is like living life with your legs in a potato sack. You can do it, but WHY? (Not like Prices are to extreme for hardware or that Emulation of the TI99/4A costs money?)
  6. Finish RXB 2020 and release it before 2020 ends....
  7. How much and what time does it start. Rich Gilbertson RXB Vancouver, WA
  8. LOL where did that come from? Never saw it before? Was that part of a new download that I installed? I have never checked that box or seen it before now, thanks Tursi!!! But the Windows 10 Sandbox stuff is real and you can see many apps that no longer work in Windows 10 1903 Just type a search into Google: Windows 10 third party apps not working
  9. I can only do this on my Windows 7 computer. After Windows 1903 neither my Laptop Windows 10 Pro or my Desktop HP Windows 10 Pro can do this anymore?
  10. Ok I did research on this Windows 10 change. Am I the only one that reads the updates and what they changed? Do write this program and run it in 3 Classic99 screens: 100 X=X+1 110 PRINT X 120 GOTO 100 Now I have a ton of videos you see of me running up to 6 screens of Classic99 all running at same time. I just double clicked on Classic99 each time and ran another, since 1903 YOU CAN NO LONGER DO THIS! Thus I had to find out why with Windows 10 1903 updated as only the most foreground Classic99 would run and only that one would run. Why does no one research what I tell them, but instead just think they know better? P.S. I can run up to 20 with no problems on my Window 7 Computer, but not any Windows 10 1903 computer I have tested. https://devsjournal.com/how-to-set-cpu-priority-to-prefer-foreground-applications.html
  11. The routines I added to RXB makes some of the standard XB routines look really assbackwards and silly to use. Like CALL GCHAR can only get 1 character at a time? (So RXB has CALL HGET for string of characters.) Or CALL INIT has to be called before you can do a CALL LOAD??? (That one really bothered me as just STUPID!) Or DISPLAY AT that does not use full screen, so I wrote CALL HPUT or CALL VPUT to fix it. Or added string check with a IF string THEN next ELSE loop to CALL KEY Or later ON KEY GOTO line number with CALL ONKEY Or CALL IO that allows playing VDP or GROM Sound lists automatically see my game IN THE DARK for an example. Or CALL IO to talk to devices like RS232 Weather station or keyboard directly. And many more...
  12. In case you did not know this... You can no longer run multiple copies of Classic99 at same time anymore. You can run Classic99 then RIGHT-CLICK on that ICON in task bar and start up another copy, but only 2 are allowed to run at once now. Turns out this is the result of 1903 Windows 10 update limitations on Sand Box Apps and Microsoft says it is for Security reasons. I think Microsoft is full of horseshit and makes a crappy OS on purpose. Linux and Mac OS X does not have this problem do they?
  13. I worked for several churches and wrote programs to do checking and money records in Machine Language, it did not have Assembly yet. I never was trained just sat down and read manuals and found examples to create programs for use. I also spent a weekend upside down under computer soldering magnetic loops adding bits to memory from 32 bits to 96 bits.
  14. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/384846730633506622/ Programed on Paper Tape reels.
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