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  1. Only Singe Density Disks? I have a Corcomp Controller not a single disk is Single Density they have all been converted to DSDD. Been using TIPI so even Corcomp has been pretty much useless. At least I can access TIPI from XB or RXB. Hope they can updated MiSTer to DSDD and access from XB or RXB.
  2. Google search: How do you describe a set? A set in mathematics is a collection of well defined and distinct objects, considered as an object in its own right. ... The most basic properties are that a set "has" elements, and that two sets are equal (one and the same) if and only if every element of one is an element of the other.Sep 15, 2012 What is sets and examples? A set is a collection of elements or numbers or objects, represented within the curly brackets { }. For example: {1,2,3,4} is a set of numbers.Jul 19, 2020 What is set in math? Set, In mathematics and logic, any collection of objects (elements), which may be mathematical (e.g., numbers, functions) or not. ... For example, the set of integers from 1 to 100 is finite, whereas the set of all integers is infinite. A set is commonly represented as a list of all its members enclosed in braces. Set Symbols (mathsisfun.com)
  3. Hey I said in RXB I was going to make a new routine called SET[1,3,5,7,11] last year! Glad someone is reading my posts!
  4. Ok what is EA ROM? As this is why I said EA GROM is not a ROM? Is there some new version of EA GROM written in ROM for EA? Does GPL now run from ROM now?
  5. Just to be CLEAR, I think you mean EA GROM as it is not a ROM as those are Assembly based and EA GROM is GPL based. If you want the source code for it I can post it.
  6. I thought since Ti99Dir was mentioned I had the right to say something. Silly me I should have asked your permission first!
  7. Ok what does that have to do with file copy? Why would the CAPS LOCK affect FILE COPY or FILE CONVERSIONS? That is like if your car radio is on you can only turn left!
  8. I do get rather upset at Ti99Dir making Filenames to lower case all the time. Do not understand how a UPPER CASE name is changed to LOWER CASE and for what reason? If it was UPPPER CASE it should stay that way and if LOWER CASE should also stay that way.
  9. I can see many enjoy compiled XB like XB256 but it does have limitations like instantly changing a line and not having to wait for it to be recompiled. Like original XB or Super XB or XB 2.7 or XB3 or RXB do not have this problem. Yes you can squeeze more speed out of it and the resulting program is faster and more efficient but not really XB or Basic anymore as that is why no on includes the source code as it gets so crazy complicated it becomes only readable to Assembly programmers. Thus not even really XB or Basic anymore. Think of it like a car, a Hybrid is not the same as a classic car anymore then a jet car is the same as a electric car. Calling it classic is a real stretch.
  10. Well people have been using it for 20 years can you say the same in 20 years for yours?
  11. Hmmm then write it in ASSEMBLY why even bother with Basic or XB at all? The point of XB or Basic is to be easy to read and use, but tailored to ease of reading and changes. Basically all I see is making Basic or XB into C or Assembly defeating the point of even using XB. You get the speed from them so what is the point as the only people that are going to use it are Assembly people. Like using a Ferrari to drive in supermarket parking lot. Impressive but mostly silly. Give me a hand with RXB that does exactly what is needed and is 100% backwards compatible and easy to use. Compiled Basic or XB is just that, compiled and not easy to change or debug. Again might as well use Assembly or C.
  12. Yea XB has a routine for that too SEG$(A$,position,length) B$=SEG$(A$,2,1) :: C$=SEG$(A$,3,1):: and so on. An array would be a better fit with FOR / NEXT loop. I do not understand the reason to make things much more complicated on purpose?
  13. I started with a K43 Teletype machine Computer and installed a Checkbook program that also printed out a kinda self invented spread sheet. The program thus loading registers and add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers to print out a listing broken down by account. Later I bought a TI99/4A and learned Basic, then XB, then Mini Memory and Assembly and finally moving to GPL as no one else was doing that. Sticking with XB that should be easy to use and easy to program with that same old saying "KISS: KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID"
  14. RXB has CALL HGET(ROW,COL,16,A$) ! The 16 is number of bytes to read from screen into A$ this does exactly what CALL LINK("VREAD",0,16,A$,32,16,B$,64,16,C$,96,16,D$,128,16,E$) does but in a single string variable. Or you could use RXB CALL MOVES("V$",16,0,A$) ! Same result as CALL HGET but not specifically designed for this use as address is used instead of ROW,COL If RXB was converted into XB256 it would eliminate a ton of these weird lines needed to created in emulation of XB or Basic. RXB has been around since 1991 so not like it is not known or new as it is over 20 years old now. Not to mention updated and debugged!
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