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  1. Last time I saw some posted on Ebay they were in the $15-20 area. The cables being sold looked to be in the same condition as the ones I already have though. No problem! I should have looked at the plugs before I bought so many of the other types, haha.
  2. The male end of that plug looks to be to big. It would work for a 2600 Jr. but not the others.
  3. Is that something that can just be easily soldered out and replaced?
  4. Apologies if this has been posted before, I did a search and didn't see anything related to my question. I have a question about internal RF cables, specifically relating to the 2600, and for non-Jr. models. I've tried searching for a replacement cable for the internal one, and I've found some good candidates to use, however even through their length and durability are ideal, they don't work as the internal post is too long and does not fit correctly into the main circuit board. It appears that Best Electronics is sold out of two different versions of the cable. I've looked at Ebay, and every once in a while someone will post one or two, but at a rather high price. The long posted cables are plentiful, and affordable, but don't work for this situation. Does anyone know of another source for this specific type of cable?
  5. Hmm, I'm getting an error message saying you can't receive PMs at the moment.
  6. Hey all, looking to purchase a good, working set of paddles for the 2600. Let me know if anyone has a good deal available on some.
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