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  1. many common carts still have regular Phillips screws as well. But it is handy to have one of those screwdrivers for the triangle screws:)
  2. Hi William, I’m definitely in to preorder 1 NIB copy. Thanks
  3. Thanks Steve definitely in for 1 maybe 2 I’ll Pm you. Thanks
  4. Pretty cool I never saw that mock up I don’t think. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Cool info Jason. still need the Sears controller CIB & this catalog if someone has an extra for sale/trade.
  6. Also very sorry to hear:-( Hang in there & I hope things improve soon! joe
  7. Hi, I bought mine NIB BITD from a local video game store for either $17.99 or $19.99 and I don’t believe mine was sealed. Slightly off topic I don’t think any of the 21 INTV games were originally sold sealed either.
  8. Looks nice also in for a box & set of overlays.
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