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  1. Yes no serial #’s. I got mine from GDG while they had & know William is working hard to get 1st 125 done. I wish this game great success it really looks impressive. Been busy with my 2 boys etc.. but can’t wait to give this one a go - I’ve never played it before on any platform.
  2. Yeah I actually got one but haven’t even opened it or set it up yet (want to do in coming months) & I’m technologically challenged so hopefully I can figure it out or get help from someone.
  3. I think that was definitely part of the plan as that’s where I was able to buy my DOTC & my Ninja Odyssey Cartridge. I literally missed TNT Cowboy & Anthropomorphic Force by a few hours as Michael only had so many on hand and they sold out very quickly. I don’t have anything definitive, but I believe every effort will be made to get some more at Good Deal Games which would be awesome as Michael is a really nice guy & always provides excellent service & communication in behalf of Elektronite’s games. Fingers crossed was hopping to play for Christmas but might have to wait.
  4. Awesome news thank you for the update!
  5. Hi Wolfy, I’m in the same boat & Good Deal Games doesn’t have any more of those two Cartridges in stock at moment so I believe what Steve said is accurate & William probably catching up on all DOTC sales before getting to the cart sales. Hopefully we can get those carts soon.
  6. Have fun everyone!! Damn I never get to go to PRGE but I would’ve went to this one as I’m in Northern NJ & would’ve did drive but I have my boys this weekend & they have a couple events. Hopefully next year!
  7. I would be interested in one Intellivision paddle controller if you decide to make these.
  8. Lol. They got good F but need a bit of help on back end. Gotta go play some Intellivision Hockey sometime this month loved it as kid still like it now.
  9. I figured tix are probably expensive as heck! Tavares is a d**k for what he did - have no problem losing him but losing him for no assets because he lied was a d**k move by him. Shame on management for not trading him for assets when he wouldn’t give a straight answer. Sorry to derail thread.
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