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  1. Ehh I opened mine and immediately put the cart with his friends. I kept the ripped plastic bag though lol - didn’t even use a scissor but it’s there.
  2. Hi Chris oh ok that’s not bad at all for Nucks then. Definitely one day I’ll email you & maybe I can pickup some FC commons. I have a slip I need to copy for you for that controller you got from me - good buy by the way lol. Never see the thing then see 2 in 6-months in the wild. Ok so we both need the other Spiker - both so damn rare. I opened mine from plastic. Definitely will keep you in mind if I ever need to unload or if by some devine intervention I get an extra. Haven’t seen “VOLLEYBALL” or “Super Pro Volleyball” in a long time! Got mine ~10 years ago & paid a lot then.
  3. Thanks Chris! Haven’t followed Vancouver Canucks this off season hope they did well in the expansion draft. Isles cleared some space so hopefully they can get some additional help. PS: my French Canadian variation collection is so pathetic lol - after all these years you would think by accident I would have 15 but I probably have Utopie & a few more lol. One day I’ll transact with one of you fine folks up North. hope all is good buddy! We still need opposite Spiker variants or were you able to get “VOLLEYBALL” yet?
  4. Hi Jason, Thanks! That’s too funny - I swear to you the only 2 items I needed in that lot were the backgammon white cart & that Sharp Shot double labeled cart which amazingly after 3-decades is my 1st double labeled cart lol. I think you have a nice sunset of like 18 of these right congrats! I don’t go to crazy with variants but like the I.I. & Sears & pick up a few here and there in lots nothing crazy. Hope all is well buddy! joe
  5. Thanks Bill. Yeah I mean I see SO many purple & green labels but for whatever reason the white label backgammon was a bitch for me to find.
  6. Congrats! I think I saw that auction too. I was feeling happy about my white label backgammon cart w/manual. Don’t have I.I. box but think the white label cart is the hardest to find. I think I did ok got in lot with mostly commons for under $100. What an approx. value on white label backgammon? I know it’s the 1st one I finally got my hands on lol. Congrats again on LF1 & LF2!!
  7. WOW that is definitely one of the COOLEST Intellivision Items I have ever saw - Congrats & thanks for sharing. And I’m glad it actually works!
  8. Awesome News!! Can’t wait for this one thanks for taking the time to update!! I always liked boxing & still do but I know you will make it better.
  9. I recall after 1992 I started collecting and remember getting sealed copies of Super Cobra & Tutankahm from Tele-Games. Years later I sold them and had to buy them back much higher lol.
  10. I believe these were made by Roger (Psycho Stormtrooper).
  11. I have 3 1/2 of the blue ones lol & a brown one that is same exact as the blue one (not like one shown here).
  12. Hi Dave please note that no overlays were originally produced for LF1 or Tutankham.
  13. Hi Hank, thanks just checked my spam but didn’t see anything in there so patiently waiting to pay:)
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