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  1. WOW that is definitely one of the COOLEST Intellivision Items I have ever saw - Congrats & thanks for sharing. And I’m glad it actually works!
  2. Awesome News!! Can’t wait for this one thanks for taking the time to update!! I always liked boxing & still do but I know you will make it better.
  3. I recall after 1992 I started collecting and remember getting sealed copies of Super Cobra & Tutankahm from Tele-Games. Years later I sold them and had to buy them back much higher lol.
  4. I believe these were made by Roger (Psycho Stormtrooper).
  5. I have 3 1/2 of the blue ones lol & a brown one that is same exact as the blue one (not like one shown here).
  6. Hi Dave please note that no overlays were originally produced for LF1 or Tutankham.
  7. Hi Hank, thanks just checked my spam but didn’t see anything in there so patiently waiting to pay:)
  8. Hi submitted my order on Good Deal Games website now waiting on payment instructions. Thanks for the heads up!
  9. I just filled out my application hopefully I did it right.
  10. Mine arrived last week (#77). There was a white plastic piece in there about size of cart was this the bonus item? I thought it may glow in dark but no lol. Thanks
  11. I was late too so missed out on both. Hopefully will catch next time in stock.
  12. 37 games didn’t originally have overlays produced to cut down on costs: 20 of 21 INTV games (WC Baseball) 7 of 8 Coleco games (Mouse Trap) 6 Parker Bros. games 3 Atarisoft games 1 Sega game The remaining 88 games had overlays produced. All games had boxes & manuals produced. Hope that helps. joe
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