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  1. Awesome work! Just asked the gf & we both liked the last one best as far as facial features for Mario. Pretty impressive all around!! Keep it up.
  2. Mine arrived last week (#77). There was a white plastic piece in there about size of cart was this the bonus item? I thought it may glow in dark but no lol. Thanks
  3. I was late too so missed out on both. Hopefully will catch next time in stock.
  4. 37 games didn’t originally have overlays produced to cut down on costs: 20 of 21 INTV games (WC Baseball) 7 of 8 Coleco games (Mouse Trap) 6 Parker Bros. games 3 Atarisoft games 1 Sega game The remaining 88 games had overlays produced. All games had boxes & manuals produced. Hope that helps. joe
  5. Ordered 1 copy thanks. Can Maria Small box be ordered from website & not sure how it would affect shipping? Thanks
  6. I saw this topic on Facebook - Unfortunately they buyer would be correct even if it wasn’t the seller’s fault. I have no clue why Regular NASL Soccer overlays & the Intellivision Inc. B&W manual were included inside a sealed World Cup Soccer NIB game. I’m not 100% maybe cmart, BBBW or someone else can chime in but I’m not sure if World Cup Soccer came sealed or not? I bought it NIB when it 1sr came out & I don’t believe mine was sealed?
  7. Yes I realize that now it was an honest mistake. My package arrived yesterday haven’t opened yet thanks Michael.
  8. Got mine today as well but only received one and ordered 2 PM sent. Thanks Steve looks nice!
  9. Game looks like fun I’m sure profanity will be used while playing:-)
  10. He is legit and a stand up guy have ordered many, many games from him! I believe he’s just catching up on some orders is all but don’t not buy from him with any worries - have ordered over 50 games from him without issue so I’m sure he’s just swamped with real life. I’m waiting on a few games that will arrive soon enough. hope all is well.
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