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  1. I was late too so missed out on both. Hopefully will catch next time in stock.
  2. 37 games didn’t originally have overlays produced to cut down on costs: 20 of 21 INTV games (WC Baseball) 7 of 8 Coleco games (Mouse Trap) 6 Parker Bros. games 3 Atarisoft games 1 Sega game The remaining 88 games had overlays produced. All games had boxes & manuals produced. Hope that helps. joe
  3. Ordered 1 copy thanks. Can Maria Small box be ordered from website & not sure how it would affect shipping? Thanks
  4. I saw this topic on Facebook - Unfortunately they buyer would be correct even if it wasn’t the seller’s fault. I have no clue why Regular NASL Soccer overlays & the Intellivision Inc. B&W manual were included inside a sealed World Cup Soccer NIB game. I’m not 100% maybe cmart, BBBW or someone else can chime in but I’m not sure if World Cup Soccer came sealed or not? I bought it NIB when it 1sr came out & I don’t believe mine was sealed?
  5. Yes I realize that now it was an honest mistake. My package arrived yesterday haven’t opened yet thanks Michael.
  6. Got mine today as well but only received one and ordered 2 PM sent. Thanks Steve looks nice!
  7. Game looks like fun I’m sure profanity will be used while playing:-)
  8. He is legit and a stand up guy have ordered many, many games from him! I believe he’s just catching up on some orders is all but don’t not buy from him with any worries - have ordered over 50 games from him without issue so I’m sure he’s just swamped with real life. I’m waiting on a few games that will arrive soon enough. hope all is well.
  9. Tried to add to my cart & pay but having a problem. Sent an email let me know how I can order these. Thanks. joe
  10. The three I’m talking about were sold at BIN price no best offer option but all 3 were sold like 3-5 months ago within 2-weeks I believe. I’m sure there were more sold after as well.
  11. Last 3 on eBay went for $400 each believe all new or new never used. Have 1 new never used if interested PM me.
  12. Pretty neat!! little off topic is there an end to Atlantis? I was pretty good as a kid but don’t think I ever got to an end of there was one after a certain number of days/nights?
  13. Thank you for maintaining this list & Rev for his list very helpful!! Thanks again and hope everyone is well! joe
  14. Hi William, If possible could you remove me from Facebook list and add me to this list and as soon as I see I’m added here I’ll PayPal you asap. Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience. joe
  15. It’s just that to acquire that game CIB you had to purchase from 2 people & the total cost was close $55-$60 shipped. And also eBay takes 10% of EVERYTHING - final sale price & the shipping to. Then you add in PayPal fees, and the remaining cost to actually ship the item, there is no money being made here. And maybe you didn’t know but the seller is a very respected & honest member of our small community. It’s all good ok but I just wanted to point this out to you because he’s a stand up guy. Hope everyone is safe & healthy!! joe
  16. I thought that comment was a joke at least I hope it was???? Awesome seller & NO that is NOT overpriced at all! joe
  17. Ok thanks sorry about that I’m on the Facebook list so don’t need to add me here sorry about that. Thanks William!
  18. One for me as well. I did reply in Facebook reservation thread as well when I saw hope doesn’t confuse anything. Thanks & hope all is well!
  19. As I go to my photo gallery & delete lol & I don’t even have any of these. nicely played!
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