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  1. many common carts still have regular Phillips screws as well. But it is handy to have one of those screwdrivers for the triangle screws:)
  2. Hi William, I’m definitely in to preorder 1 NIB copy. Thanks
  3. Thanks Steve definitely in for 1 maybe 2 I’ll Pm you. Thanks
  4. Pretty cool I never saw that mock up I don’t think. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Cool info Jason. still need the Sears controller CIB & this catalog if someone has an extra for sale/trade.
  6. Also very sorry to hear:-( Hang in there & I hope things improve soon! joe
  7. Hi, I bought mine NIB BITD from a local video game store for either $17.99 or $19.99 and I don’t believe mine was sealed. Slightly off topic I don’t think any of the 21 INTV games were originally sold sealed either.
  8. Thanks Dave! Looking forward to this - Space Battle & Soccer were my 1st 2 games Xmas 1979. Remember emailing you about this one many years ago glad to see it getting done! Hope all is well & Stay Safe!!
  9. Looks good interested in 1 copy for US when opened up to North American sales. Thanks
  10. I think I got mine same way it was like 10 years ago I think. I think I have two working loose ones for sale/trade eventually. I’d say they are pretty rare especially boxed but even loose they are uncommon I believe.
  11. I eventually need: 1)Small box edition 2)Rom 3)2 Replacement cart labels thanks joe STAY SAFE EVERYONE!!!!
  12. Hi Jay yeah I’m looking for a CIB Sears controller but that would be fair I just don’t have an extra Wico CIB only loose but if I get a box for it I will message you first promise. hope all is well everyone! joe
  13. Hi Jay, Sorry for slow reply - not sure what you’re looking for in trade PM me & I’ll see if I have something you want for the Sears Controller CIB. joe
  14. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I received my package ok last week. I opened up the box & realized that the cartridge label was not on the cartridge. I mistakenly thought it was a peel on sticker oops! I guess we were supposed to glue it on. Any chance you have extra of the cart labels? I think you started selling budget edition of so I may get one of those & maybe I can get a replacement with that order. Thanks nice presentation for sure & great packing job! joe
  15. Yeah the pride you put into these auctions is AWESOME! You could easily come up with the same number of games but your packages are almost entirely CIB and you include some awesome Semi-Rare games like Dracula, etc.... Keep up the good work! Happy New Year/New Decade!!
  16. Hey hatman! i have to say you put together some of the BEST Intellivision Packages!! How AWESOME is this for someone just starting out - what a head start!! Good luck on your auction buddy!! joe
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