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  1. Jealous - enjoy! Nucks looking good from what I hear! Isles have Barzal & Awesome Coaching (wow feels good to say that) and then it drops off pretty fast lol.
  2. cmart how awesome would that be - can only imagine Barzal skating on real ice not the crap we got here! thanks all for the replies!
  3. Hi cmart thanks for quick reply. Hope you got your controller ok & Go Nucks & Go Isles!! I’ll get to reach out to William to find out how to pick up a copy of DOC, Ninja Odyssey, TNT Cowboy, & AF. I’ll give Rev a second to breathe before asking for Fubar, Aardvark, & Melody Runner. Thanks again and hope everyone had a blast at PRGE! Hope to meet some of you fine folks one of these years.
  4. - Thanks Intellivotion. - Also thanks Soulbuster for maintaining this list. I assume that Defender of the Crown will be added since it was available at PRGE. Quick question - Ninja Odyssey & TNT Cowboy were available on Cartridge @PRGE but wanted to know if Anthropomorphic Force was available on Cartridge @PRGE as well?
  5. Ghostbusters? I thought that was coded but was that released as physical copy?
  6. Ok no worries thanks again for quick replies. Placed my order yesterday thanks again.
  7. Thank you for the quick reply and clarification. Yeah a 2nd overlay would be nice because it’s a nice box set with added goodies and most NIB come with 2 overlays. I assume the printing costs are the same when dealing with such low print runs and would cost the same whether you included 1 or 2 but I could be totally wrong I’m not a producer or printer expert lol. Thanks again. joe
  8. Hey Jay, Blix & Chocolate Mine were available on Good Deal Games website that’s where I got mine. FUBAR was available at PRGE but I wasn’t there - believe it will be available soon for order.
  9. Sorry if this was clearly stated but is this Big box issue limited to 100 copies or just 100 numbered copies? Also, any chance on a second overlay being included 😂
  10. That actually sounds very right even a bit low. Just mailed a 4 ounce package to Canada with Tracking and it was like $35 or so. To get Tracking info internationally is ridiculously expensive. Canada used to be cheaper but with Tracking even Canada is ridiculous now.
  11. Have an awesome time everyone!! I hope to go one year.
  12. Speedy recovery to your son! If these get made I would be interested in a set of each.
  13. PM sent for 1 bundle of all three titles. Thanks
  14. Hi BBWW, Sorry this happened without your permission or knowledge. I hope you don’t let it ruin your enjoyment of the inty or your originally intended plans. Hope all is well with real life and otherwise. Best regards! Joe
  15. Any time estimate on when Cartridge will be available for purchase for those that never got a chance to order/pay for one? Thanks
  16. I believe that is legit and got packaged same way as “VOLLEYBALL” label with Manual in a baggie. Think I saw one on eBay years ago.
  17. What cmart said. I think put on list and anyone can simply asterisk (*) it if they wish. Thanks for maintaining this list I and I’m sure many others find it useful.
  18. Hi, Pm sent - I’ll take #73 if available? Also just need PayPal info so I can pay I probably missed it. Thanks Joe
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