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  1. X3R0102, Not sure what you paid but surely this was a nice pickup for sure. I might be interested in the Sears Checkers + Sears intellivision system for parts/etc.. in a trade or for sale/trade. PM me if you were interested. Thanks. Joe.
  2. Championship Tennis took me a while to beat pc, Stonix I beat but I would replay 5-level segments until I had 10-guys before moving forward as you will need them, AD&D Tarmin was very hard on most difficult level as you have to build yourself up over several hours before even thinking about fighting tougher monsters, Tower of Doom with most levels is a bit tough, and all games that were either made poorly or just hard to control as previously mentioned. I gotta try Reversi - haven't played that one in decades. Will post more when I can think of them.
  3. Hi Cmart, Oh I figured you have it snuggled somewhere:-) I couldn't afford it I was just playing around:-) I do have some nice catalogs, etc. but nothing that I would consider one-of-a-kind or anything like that. I got 3 of 6 Intellivision News, all INTV catalogs, etc. If you got extra's of some stuff PM me in future as I'm pretty broke now with all new products coming out. Talk to you later. Joe.
  4. IntvSteve - cool overlays. Pboland - cool slushy patch - I offer $1 more than cmart if not sold:-) Scalpel - cool Cuttle Cart 3 box. Awesome Sears attachment - whoever had that!! Definitely willing to trade for it in future if you ever are willing to part with - the Sears Telegames is my favorite inty system.
  5. Intellivision Dude, nice Grand Theft Auto box,etc. . Bike Guy Chicago nice dust cover. Cool German stickers as well.
  6. Hi Pboland, My brother-in-law ChrisD is in for two as well. He just created an account and is awaiting posting permissions which hopefully will be tomorrow. Nice job. Thanks.
  7. Believe I mentioned previously in another thread, I'm definitely in for 2 copies for me and 2 copies for my brother-in-law Chris D quantities permitting which I think they are at 100 count. Please let me know when ready to ship and can work out payment. Thanks. Joe.
  8. Would love to win a patch but top 5 - I suck at Mousetrap so my chances are slim and none and would bet on latter lol:-) Have to hookup a console and get a game since my stuff is tied up with the wife:-(
  9. Thanks JasonLikesINTV and boxpressed - appreciate the explanation:-) Just felt left out but at least now I know and will hold onto my 1st ***** card for later use:-)
  10. Agree with IntvDave - we should keep things as positive as possible, bring NEW games, & enjoy the games for their game play. As for graphics, sorry Atari 2600 fans but learn how to make a pellet in pacman for God's sake - sure glad my dad got me the intellivision when I asked for an Atari 2600 back on Xmas 1980:-) Finally, & please someone answer without being a d**k, what is it with the "Bacon" - I'm new to boards and have no clue at all?? Hope all is well.
  11. Yeah you can get DOTC demo for $30 or get on intellicart or Cuttlecart if you got one of those.
  12. Hey Rev and Cmart - thanks for quick reply. Please put me down for what you think is fair - want to add to my collection for my 3 and 5 year old boys but would be very happy with one if you could spare. Thanks in advance. Joe.
  13. Hi Fushek, Thanks for reply and info. Yeah I saw a bunch of D2K patches on ebay for like $10 but never picked one up:-( Hey Rev you got an extra?
  14. Hi, what is list of 29 intellivision games you have for sale?
  15. Mentioned in previous thread - anyone have extra D2K Patch for sale or trade? Please feel free to PM me. Thanks.
  16. Off topic - anyone have an extra D2K patch or Christmas Carol patch or their own that they would be willing to sell or trade? If so please feel free to PM me. Thanks.
  17. Pboland, Nice Job!! I'm in for 2 copies & my brother-in-law is in for 2 copies! If possible, my number choices would be #2, #5, #9, #19, #22, #23, #27, #31, #40, #44, #45, #54, #55, #56, #66, #77, #88, & #91 in that order so there shouldn't be too much trouble getting be 4 of these #'s with flexibly I have provided and getting my request in early. Thanks and can't wait for project to be done. Please confirm order at your earliest convenience and best regards. Joe.
  18. Remember playing Miner 2049er on Commadore 64 - would LOVE to see a good port of that game made for the imty - is the processor fast enough? Can this be done by independent party or does license need to be aquired? Anyways, definitely a GREAT Idea! Would love to one day see ARCHON too!
  19. Hi Jason, Thanks for input - I gotta try Adventures of Tron. I remember getting pretty decent at Solar Sailor as you do get to use the 16-direction disc a lot. Just thought it was a very playable game back then and liked the intellivoice feature + getting the pass codes for next stage. If I'm not mistaken though you couldn't save the game but you still needed to write down code to type in - God its been so long I really gotta play it again now. Amazingly enough, I played Deadly Discs but not that much which is a shame because I assume that game blows Maze-A-Tron out of the water - still not sure how I gave that game as many hours as I did way back when? I would need to read directions to even know how to play today - maybe its not that bad?
  20. Hi Rev, Please put me down for #65 and #68. Also, please do me a favor and reserve #80 and #82 for my brother-in-law who needs to sign up for AtariAge forums. He will do so and send you separate reply asap. Thanks. Joe.
  21. Hi Rev, Please count me in for at least 2 when they become available. I remember playing Solar Sailor most as a kid 3 decades ago. I played Maze-A-Tron too but find that one annoying now. I haven't played Adventures of Tron yet. Just curious how you guys rank the 4 inty Tron games? Hope all is well in inty community. Joe.
  22. Looks great. Please put me down for at least 2 copies. Hope all is well in inty community. Joe.
  23. Groovybee, Also wanted to get an idea on ship date for Rocketeer game - please contact me at [email protected] when you get a chance as I want to update my mailing address with you and get your email address if possible. Thanks again. Joe
  24. Groovybee, Please put me down for 2-copies of Mars Mini Games and KillBotz! when you get to that game as well. Hopefully that completes my Pre-order, if not please contact me at [email protected] Thanks. Joe
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