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  1. Hi Tim. Can you PM me as I mistakenly never made payment for Pumpkin Master Cart + Manual so I would like to pay you for that. I received my Upmonsters Cart + Manual last week. Hi Steve, I received the Upmonsters and Pumpkin Master Boxes and Overlays this week thanks again! Happy Holidays everyone! Joe
  2. Hi Tim thanks for the link and congratulations to all the participants!!
  3. Just saw this thread - Ordered! I’m also in for the Box and Overlays when they are ready. Out of curiosity what won 1st place for 2018 IntyBasic contest? Thanks!
  4. Hi hatman you stole my question:). Im taking 1st guess: Spiker, Stadium Mud Buggies, LF I, LF II, Congo Bongo, Super Cobra & Tutankham. How many did I get right?
  5. Shouldnt Sea Venture and Secret Government Waffle Project be added to list?
  6. Yes exactly lower price that’s a bit egregious.
  7. I would definitely be interested in one if someone here wins it.
  8. Yes the last INTV Mail Order Catalog was from 1988. Always liked those catalogs!
  9. Damn that music was pretty damn good! Is that without the ECS? Either way its really good! Can you change tunes intra game? I would think not but thats ok this was definitely a cool idea.
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