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  1. Thanks for info - I don’t have my boys that weekend so it is a possibility. Any good affordable hotels/lodging near by?
  2. Hi Rev, Can you let me know the exact date(s)/time(s)? I’d like to go if at all possible I’ve never been able to go to any of these. Thanks. Joe
  3. I had a blast with the last grab bag! Please add me to the list again.
  4. For me Yes, Yes, & Yes! I thought it was really fun & a nice diversion from real life. Maybe we can just set some ground rules going forward to make it move faster. Everyone should really be able to go through and Mail it in 2 weeks. Maybe come up with a list of items not to put in it that are to common. And obviously come up with a weight/shipping method that works for everyone. International S+H does get a bit tricky but for US a combination of 1 or even 2 Flat Rate Priority Boxes should be manageable and keep S+H costs at $30 or so which I think is definitely worth it.
  5. Just wanted to say that GB contacted me and graciously refunded my preorder payment no problem. I understand all to well life kicking you in the nuts as that’s been my life for the better part of 5 years now. Glad he’s ok and hopefully these get released sometime in future and I will be supporting them like I do all Homebrew games. Thanks again for the refund and Happy New Year - hopefully a better one for many of us! Joe
  6. Hi Pimpmaul69, No I’m not sure if plastic or painted metal I just took a quick glance and you definitely could not see anything at all through vents. I can look more another time at all 6 of mine if I can be of some help which I doubt lol:)
  7. 2 of my 4 loose INTV System III and my loose Super Pro System all have plastic covering the vents. I’ve never opened a system before so would want to do on a broken one 1st. I’ll check my other 2 boxes System III and boxed SP System another day.
  8. I hope I have one but I am not tech savvy and feel more stupid with each passing post by the people who actually know what they are looking at:) Maybe some time in New Year someone can help me - I think I may have a grand total of 5 or 6 Super Pro System (2) & INTV System III (3 or 4) w/one being a very low serial # I think I recall and booting up but acting funny like I’ve never seen a System so before with baseball as my go to test cart. On a somewhat related side note and NOT to hijack the thread with a million condolences just PM if you wish - My beloved sister and only sibling lost her 3-year battle with colorectal cancer on October 16, 2017 at the young age of 51 - she was special and a fighter I wouldn’t have lasted 1/2 year - I’m a whiney bitch when I have a two-week common cold. Anyways, she bought me my Intellivision III System in 1987 from Toys R Us in NJ for $69.99 to replace my 2nd broken regular Inty, and I used that fucker on and off until around Mid 2005 before I made my permanent switch to a Sears Telegames Unit. It worked fine when I packed it away in original box with packing materials in 2005 and I can’t misplace it because the top left button on the left controller was dented in a good bit from SO much use. It was always sentimental to me but more so now Obviously! RIP BEST BIG SISTER!! #RosannaStrong
  9. Thanks mthompson I actually knew that but every now and then I’ll use Media Mail but I definitely don’t abuse it so it’s definitely the exception and not the rule. It sounds like everything is working itself out and the materials will be used by someone which is good. As a last resort all unclaimed items should be put in one lot on eBay with proceeds going to one or two items for Grab Bag 2018:)
  10. Un-needed screw-back carts to Rev, un-needed commons to the1hatman or whomever else needs via Media Mail maybe.
  11. Wow very impressive collection stupus. Good luck on your project sure it's going to come out nice. I'll probably buy something with at least 12" depth so it could hold some hardware & misc. I'm hoping to find something with glass doors that hopefully lock as well.
  12. Thanks again stupus that's what I'm going to do. Now I need to find something from IKEA as I never had chance to properly display my collection yet with real life, etc..
  13. Hi Stupus, Thanks for reply - I'm leaning towards the ones from your link I think since they are a little cheaper & I like them opening on both top & bottom. If I'm unhappy with some being to tight then I can pick up some from keep em minty. Anyone else have a strong preference either way? Thanks again. Joe
  14. Hi Stupus, Thank you for starting this thread. I am eventually in market for these box protectors for intellivision only & wanted to ask if link you provided are as good or better than ones from "keep em minty" on eBay? Anyone have opinions on which ones are best to get as I don't currently have sny but have been meaning to get for over a year. Thanks for any help or suggestions! Joe
  15. Wow Clockwork Orange another good one. Beleive I own that one haven't watched in a while. Thanks again for all info & link intymike. Joe
  16. Very cool now I have to watch Tron movie again I have it on my DVR.
  17. Hi Rev, Hope all is well I sent you a payment just let me know that you got it ok. Thanks. Joe
  18. Intymike, Damn thanks for link - that is so damn cool. Saved link & hope to go one day!!
  19. Intymike, Thanks for info - really cool & good to know. And so funny you mention the drive to hotel in very beginning of movie as the music was downright awesome and that drive was scenic as hell wonder where that was filmed. Thanks again. Joe
  20. Wait I just watched "The Shining" a few days ago one of my top 3 movies - I'd that really the hotel from movie & was it in Portland? If so just another reason to keep PRGE on my bucket list very cool.
  21. PM sent - Thanks for helping me & others out!!
  22. Nice Liqmat. If you come across an extra Water bottle I'd definitely be interested. I checked the 4 nearest Targets to me so now would need to drive a bit to others or just get lucky at existing 4 closer to me.
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