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  1. While in this case I would really leave aside any "artistic" opinion, since we are only evaluating the combination of two colors, I certainly understand and respect personal tastes. Generally, I prefer to get as close as possible to the arcade versions and in this case I see that dark blue color is close to black and on some displays you may not easily notice the difference between the two colors. Furthermore, the names stand out very well on the black as they do in the arcade version, instead I see that the yellow tends to blend into the green. So I'm just evaluating what seems to me the closest color match, completely refraining from an aesthetic or even "artistic" judgment, very slippery ground. Again, just my point of view and just a suggestion. P.S. Thanks for the compliments but you also know that I have always thought very well of your work. P.P.S. Since I have your attention, I renew my invitation to publicly share your Crossbow color update. Although I have not given up on the project to update the graphics and therefore I think I may return to work on it in the future, I am currently involved in many projects so in the meantime I renew my invitation to share it publicly. Thank you!
  2. So, for logical coherence, you should also use the color green in the empty space below... Anyway, in case Darryl likes the result, here are some tweaks to the roofs of the houses:
  3. Instead you have now made me remember that, around the names of Popeye and Olive, it might be preferable to replace the green color with the black color of the background in order to be closer to the dark blue color of the arcade version. Just a thought.
  4. The pillar update was mentioned as a minor detail of a more significant suggestion, which is to get correct proportions in the dimensions of the platforms that support the Popeye and Olive houses. In my previous message I explained and showed, with detailed images, the benefits we can get by updating the width of those two platforms and the idea seemed to be liked. This is an update that requires a quick and easy repositioning of existing tiles. Within the aforementioned change, reversing the black line of the pillar also takes only a few seconds and is useful. Personally, I don't think that updating the dimensions of the platforms that support Popeye and Olive's houses is an exaggerated suggestion / request, otherwise I would not have shared my thoughts and I would not have devoted my time to them. Still, while a hint is just a hint and as such doesn't bind the programmer in any way, we certainly don't have any printed boxes and manuals yet, so I'd say these simple tweaks aren't responsible for delaying Popeye's release in the store. Finally, over the years, I have known Darryl as a detail-conscious person, which is why I thought the attention to detail was considered welcome and not exaggerated. Thanks anyway.
  5. Absolutely, I know. In fact, this is precisely the goal, by inverting the black line we obtain greater coherence with the arcade version since both pillars will appear moved by one pixel to the right. This way, the left pillar will be one pixel closer to the end of the gray floor and the right pillar will be one pixel farther from the end of the gray floor. In the arcade version there is this same asymmetry, looking at the position of the pillar on the gray floor. Thanks so much!
  6. Darryl, I hate going back to this but, watching your latest video, I saw you could make an easy change that would make a big difference. My attention is again on those two platforms that support Popeye and Olive's houses, simply because looking at your video (latest update 3.3) I noticed that it is very evident that the platform under Popeye's house is much wider than the platform under Olive's house, instead in the arcade version the two platforms have about the same width. Just a premise, this change requires only a repositioning of the tiles already available and _no tile_ must be redrawn with the only exception for the _pillar tile_ in which I moved the black line from right to left, in fact modifying the asymmetry of the pillar we get a more correct position on the gray floor and closer to the arcade version. So considering that, in the latest update 3.3, the platform under Popeye's house is 12 tiles wide and the platform under Olive's house is only 10 tiles wide, instead in the arcade version both platforms are the same width of 9 tiles (to be precise, 8.5 for the Olive house but we really need to ignore the half tiles), the goal in the 7800 version is to use 11 tiles for both platforms in order to make the proportions more balanced and close to the arcade version. Here are some comparative images: To obtain these changes, just slide 5 tiles of a column to the left under Olive's house and slide 8 tiles of a column to the left under Popeye's house (I say 8 tiles because I am also including the _ grass tiles_ in order to preserve the existing symmetry of 3 green tiles + 3 green tiles). Note that Popeye's house and Olive's house retain their current location, the change only affects the platforms below. In this image and in the GIF, you can clearly see which tiles are involved in the slide / change: With this change we also get two further benefits, the two pillar tiles will finally be correctly placed / aligned in their vertical axis under the two houses. In fact, in the current 7800 version, the left platform pillar is not aligned correctly under Popeye's house but protrudes outward to the right. And the right platform pillar should be aligned with the outside of Olive's house instead currently and shifted to the right by one column. This change corrects the positions of both pillars by aligning them perfectly under the houses as in the arcade version. The second benefit we get it with the inner ends of both platforms. in the current 7800 version, the inner end of the left platform protrudes too much from the gray floor below, while the inner end of the right platform does not protrude at all. With this change we get that the inner ends of both platforms protrude equally as happens in the arcade version. Well, it seems this change is more complicated to describe than implement but I thought it was worth sharing. Thanks again, Darryl.
  7. Nice. You made me look at the ship again... I was thinking of a couple of cosmetic updates that shouldn't be difficult to implement: reduce the width of the cockpit by a tile (right) and increase the width of Olive's floor (left), just to improve the aesthetics and be closer to the arcade version, but without updating the logic.
  8. I don't wish this to happen, however if you ever come back for any reason, please remember to update this grass tile which makes it even closer to the arcades version. Thanks again.
  9. So, update 3.2 is now published on the first page.
  10. I didn't surround it because, in the image you posted, you used 3,5 tiles for that detail and although, to be completely honest, I didn't really like the result, I still thought it was your decision. Later, in update 3.1, you changed those tiles again (getting a better result) but this time you used 4 tiles for that detail, so it was time to propose 3 tiles for both the right and left platforms. Thank you! Absolutely fantastic, I'm glad you did.
  11. Darryl, forgive me if I'm finicky, in update 3.1 the area above the pillar below Olive's house has a width of 3 tiles instead the area above the pillar below Popeye's house has a width of 4 tiles, so you can have perfect symmetry (as in the arcade version) reducing the area above the pillar below Popeye's house to 3 tiles. In this case, all the grass under the window (3 tiles) should move one tile to the right. It's an easy change and also my last tip. Thank you.
  12. Looks good. In the area above the pillar below Olive's house, please consider reducing the width of one tile as it seems disproportionate compared with the arcade version: Just another detail in the level of the ship, I was wondering if the floor in the lower left corner needs to be very wide. Thanks again, Darryl.
  13. I understand what you are saying, actually yesterday I had prepared another mock-up but then I did not share it as it would require some work. The idea was to move Popeye's house one tile to the right and reduce the width of both platforms by one tile (in the rear area), the resulting proportions look very good.
  14. Hey Darryl, in case you do another release candidate, I took a further look at the graphics of the platforms that support Popeye's and Olive's houses, since I was not convinced of the result in low resolution of the ends. I redesigned the 8 available tiles so that the two platforms have a higher resolution like the arcade version, you can see the good result in the image below. Thanks again for your attention.
  15. I don't know if it has already been mentioned, is the game compatible with the CX40 single button joystick?
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