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  1. The game is incomplete so theoretically there is room for improvement but obviously, in current circumstances, a game update really doesn't interest us. Either way, you can satisfy your curiosity by taking a look at these old mockups: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/234406-toki-prototype-for-7800-discovered/?do=findComment&comment=3361679
  2. Toki is a unique game in the 7800 library, it combines horizontal scrolling, vertical scrolling, some background tiles in 160B / 12 colors, large sprites, different end-of-level Bosses and more. It is also quite impressive considering that development time and resources have been rather limited.
  3. Hi Eduardo, I sent you an email on November 22 and I sent a second email today (just as a reminder). Thank you.
  4. I am looking at the box and the certificate of authenticity and I see that they have left no credit to PacManPlus and PAC-MAN-RED. Only a generic "Studio Coleco" in the features. Sad.
  5. I took a quick look, it seems we have almost all the colors in the 160B palette. It just seems that we need more contrast between _P2C1 = $a8 ;Cyan_ and _P3C3 = $94 ;Blue_.
  6. Thanks! And, if it can be useful, I can also make an alternative with 5 colors. I don't remember if this is the last update: rem Palette 0 - font/sprites/playfield/brick P0C1 = $0f ;White rem Palette 2 - sprites / brick P2C1 = $a8 ;Cyan P2C3 = $00 ;Black rem Palette 3 - sprites P3C3 = $94 ;Blue rem Palette 7 - brick P7C1 = $92 ;Blue
  7. No worries, Matt! And in the meantime, I have a preview for you.
  8. Just an example in 4 colors (160 x 192) that I derived from the Macintosh version. It could also be reduced to 3 colors.
  9. Fantastic news! Best wishes! Regarding the background, I have always loved the clean look of the DOS version and I was thinking it could be a nice option. But maybe I'm just nostalgic.
  10. Interested in a boxed cartridge/disc combo. If possible, I would prefer Atarimax cartridge with save. Thank you!
  11. Oh yeah, you have good eyes. Resolution is not an advantage when you have few colors on screen. And, that NES monochromatic background is really a weak point.
  12. Very nice concept, guys! I was thinking it could be a nice option vary the background color every 32 pixels to simulate the depth of the sea and the seabed :
  13. Just remember that the palette is shared with all the sprites and you have 2 frames for each sprite / enemy.
  14. Bentley animation consists of 2 frames (running / walking) instead the animation of Pac-Man is composed of 8 frames (running) + 8 frames (walking). In general, there are too many differences, therefore the game engine should be updated (IMHO).
  15. I would just suggest to consider the real pixel aspect ratio so that, as far as possible, this graphics do not look wide on real hardware. And again, I think a good compromise is 16 horizontal x 32 vertical (the same height as the arcade version).
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