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  1. I've made amazing progress in 7800 programming and as you can see the game is nearly complete and almost indistinguishable from the arcade version. The list coming soon...
  2. Personally, I consider the conversion of Manfred Trenz a masterpiece, a single man who had a few weeks to work on it. When I saw the game running I was amazed, gameplay, graphics, audio... I couldn't believe the C64 could handle that little wonder. That said, the incomplete version of Electric Dreams shows some interesting features but also some gaps, among which a rather monotonous palette and a not brilliantly fast scrolling despite the absence of some sprites and the absence of background graphics, a lack that I have hated in the Amiga version. Good work with the Dobkeratops graphics, having only three colors, but there is still the absence of the upper and lower background graphics that are present in the Manfred Trenz version. And while we cannot know if and what room for improvement the incomplete version of Electric Dreams could have shown, if there was more time available for development, it is equally true that Manfred Trenz's version could have been an even better product if he had more time and resources for development.
  3. Thank you! I still don't consider it finished but I was starting to get tired and I thought it was enough to give an idea.
  4. It is possible to use the 160B mode in the circumstances that allow it, for example the Dobkeratops screen is almost without background graphics, so it could be done in 160B, leaving its tail in 160A. I couldn't resist, so here's a mock-up..
  5. In truth, this is already working on 7800 real hardware ... playsoft Portal¹⁷ | Mar 31, 2021 | Development
  6. I was just curious to see how the R-9 star ship could look on the 7800. Although most of the graphics should be done in 160A mode, nothing prevents you from doing some graphics with 160B mode, including the R-9 star ship. In any case, the 7800 version would have more color depth than the Commodore 64 version, in fact it would be possible to have at least 25 colors on screen from a palette of 256 colors.
  7. I agree, R-Type could not be done on Atari 8-Bit computers. Maybe if someone finds their potential untapped ...
  8. No, I was just kidding, after my mind started fantasizing about the 7800 graphics modes to use but also thinking about the amount of work that would be required to make an excellent port of R-Type. But never say never, I really loved this game in my teens and it's one of my favorites, so a 7800 version would be wonderful for me.
  9. And yes, it certainly could be done very well on 7800. And that would be a ton of work. A very large donation could incentivize ...
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