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  1. And yes, it certainly could be done very well on 7800. And that would be a ton of work. A very large donation could incentivize ...
  2. Atari 7800 30th Anniversary Multicart #2
  3. We really need new transparent shells for these wonderful CPUWIZ's boards...
  4. https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1024 "Crazy Otto was developed as an enhancement kit for Pac-man cabinets by General Computer Corporation (GCC). GCC also created an upgrade kit for Missile Command titled Super Missile Command, for which they were sued by Atari, but the suit was dropped and the two companies entered into a business arrangement. GCC went on to develop the arcade games Fight and Quantum for Atari, as well as games for the Atari 2600, 5200 and 7800 game consoles. As a drop-in upgrade for Pac-Man, Crazy Otto brought many changes to the game, although basic gameplay remained the same. Most notable is the main character (Crazy Otto) had legs and blue eyes. The monsters also have feet, as well as animated antennae. Other changes included new mazes, music, sound effects, and bonus fruit. Otto and his female counterpart were featured in three new intermissions, the last of which shows the arrival of baby Crazy Otto, "Junior". In October 1981 Crazy Otto was licensed to Midway, who had the rights to produce Pac-Man in North America. The only changes between Crazy Otto and Pac-Man are the visual representation of characters and various text strings. The decision was made to use the female character as the protagonist, and the game was renamed to Ms. Pac-Man. Ms. Pac-Man went on to become the most successful American-produced arcade game, selling 115,000 cabinets. Atari 7800 programmer Robert DeCrescenzo has taken Atari's version of Ms. Pac-Man for the 7800 and updated the graphics to match the Crazy Otto arcade game."
  5. The PMP Collection - 30th Anniversary Cart Note that exclusively in this collection is included the version of Pac-Man Collection with small dots and an updated version of Scramble in which two red side borders have been added to the playing field to improve scrolling.
  6. The Genesis version is not really a port but a sort of exclusive remake.
  7. Hmmm... Since I've had the pleasure of knowing a little about your tastes over the years, I'm thinking I'm not sure if you really would have liked the final result. Scale everything down, therefore including the horizontal resolution, would mean making the sprites 11 x 11 pixels against the current 14 x 14 pixels of the arcade version, with consequent loss of detail. Furthermore, in the arcade version, the width of the vertical corridors and the height of the horizontal corridors measure the same number of pixels and the same applies to the width / height of the vertical / horizontal walls, instead scaling the resolution down some asymmetries are obtained in the proportions of the corridors and walls of the labyrinth. For example, width of vertical corridors less than height of horizontal corridors, vertical corridors with different widths between them, or narrow vertical walls and too high horizontal walls... I'm just saying that I know you as a perfectionist who doesn't really like this kind of asymmetries... Anyway seriously, I think that full high resolution (with 320 pixel aspect ratio) is an fundamental element that distinguishes this your new Pac-Man Collection 320 from other 8 bit versions and we've been waiting to have the same high resolution as the arcade version for years. And without forgetting that the original (excellent) version of your Pac-Man Collection is also always available, without vertical scrolling and full of colors and gameplay options.
  8. Here you can still find the original (excellent) version of Pac-Man Collection, without vertical scrolling and with the most recent graphic update of the ghosts.
  9. Bob, your TIA audio is absolutely spectacular!! Out of curiosity, just try to compare it to the work done on the NES with five sound channels (!)... NES Pac-Man NES Ms. Pac-Man (Tengen) 7800 (spectacular) TIA Sound - WIP #3 7800 Yamaha Sound - * Thanks a lot to tep392 And as for the colors, it's still a great job. Again, it has pretty balanced colors and you can clearly distinguish the role of each ghost. Instead, I can't say the same about the Tengen version of Ms. Pac-Man on NES, where it's easy to get confused between Blinky and Sue (and "fatty" Blinky and Sue I might add). And more... professional quality, accurate gameplay, all the many game options and the avalanche of mazes available... there is no comparison to make, this is the definitive Pac-Man Collection. Bob, thank you very much for this unbelievable astonishing work !!
  10. Thank you very much for your kind reply and for your attention to our suggestions! I am sure that a good implementation of both features will be greatly appreciated by the community . The attention to detail is making Evercade one of the most fascinating retrogaming projects of recent years!
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