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  1. Trebor reminded me that I forgot to share the version of Centipede "Arcade Bezel" with joystick / gamepad support only. Thanks Robert. Centipede Arcade Bezel_Stick Pad Ed.A78 Note: This version is very old and does not include all the graphical updates of the "tb" versions. The only difference from the original version is the removal of the frame-border around the playfield which I replaced with the "Arcade Bezel". However, all missing graphics changes will be included in the next "Deluxe" release.
  2. This is horribly shocking, I'm speechless. This is a tremendous loss for the community. Curt, we will miss you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Rest In Peace.
  3. Hi everyone, it's been a long time since my last update here, however some things are moving behind the scenes, so there will be some interesting news ... For now, let's start with my latest binary file of "Centipede Frameless tb v.3 " and other two alternative versions : "Centipede Dark Bezel tb" and "Centipede Arcade Bezel tb". These versions remained in a dormant state on my hard disk for a few years but they are complete and perfectly playable. Centipede "Arcade Bezel" tb is born thanks to an nice idea from Trebor . Here's a complete list of changes : - removed / updated the frame-border around the playfield. - re-draw the mushrooms graphics (now softer and closer to the arcade). - edited the graphics of the damaged mushrooms and the graphics of the poisoned mushrooms. - updated the eyes and the animation of the Centipede (now his feet are no longer alternate). - tweaked the graphics of the spider. - used the arcade score font. - updated the text font (options menu). - updated some colors / details on the title screen. - included the "TB" graphics on the title screen. There will be other interesting news so stay tuned! Cheers, Marco Centipede_Frameless_tb_v3.a78 Centipede_Frameless_tb_v3.bin Centipede_Dark_Bezel_tb.a78 Centipede_Dark_Bezel_tb.bin Centipede_Arcade_Bezel_tb.a78 Centipede_Arcade_Bezel_tb.bin Note: all versions above only support Trak-Ball control. Instead, the first "Frameless" version that supports joystick / pad controls can be found here.
  4. Yup, we are all getting old and maybe we also begin to lose our memory. In fact, taking it with irony, you've already visited that topic in 2016, there is still your "like" to the version of Pac-Man Collection with updated ghosts .
  5. Before my last move, my Atari 7800 was connected to a Sony Trinitron PVM 20" CRT monitor via a professional demodulator, RF to S-Video with comb filter, the result was spectacular. The image had an excellent definition, every single pixel was clearly visible and the artifacts were almost imperceptible thanks to a high quality comb filter. Look at these pictures (below) of my 7800 PMC graphic hack and think of something better displayed on Sony Trinitron PVM 20" CRT monitor... I drew the sprites you see in the pictures (above) in 2015, when I shared my graphics hack of 7800 Ms. Pac-Man. It was an incomplete version which I later continued to work on in the spare time, I have made many revisions paying attention to details, I looked for different solutions and in the end I was very satisfied with the result I got but I didn't share publicly the final version because I thought there was not enough interest in an another update of Ms. Pac-Man. Among other things, I also removed the mole because it seemed like a second eye in the vertical corridor. I also want to mention that, in 2015, PacManPlus has already released a version of Pac-Man Collection with updated ghosts (thanks again and again Bob!).
  6. I still remember our conversation about the possibility of drawing Ms. Pac-Man round in 160 mode. Since then, I have made other graphic updates, I will show you the latest version of my 7800 Ms. Pac-Man hack, I have already shared it with some friend.
  7. No hack of 7800 Pac-Man Collection has been authorized by PacManPlus, so thank you for removing the ROM. The Construction Set was kindly shared to give the opportunity to create original games but not a version that overlaps the official version. Asking before sharing is appreciated.
  8. There are some familiar things in your hacks ... I have my own 7800 Pac-Man Collection hack, one day I will show it to PacManPlus, I could publish it but only if I get the kind blessing from Bob.
  9. Since you have finally decided to get a 7800, I would like to suggest you update the title of this discussion with something that everyone can interpret in a positive way. From the title, which you have chosen, it may seem that you are looking for a universal truth without having consideration of the people involved in the development of the system. I am sure that a moderator will be available to listen to your request. Thank you.
  10. However that is a Yamaha WIP version, the final version has a lot of updates.
  11. I'm assuming you're referring to the version with the TIA sound. Here is the version with Yamaha sound.
  12. Atari 7800 Pac-Man ( 320 horizontal pixels, TIA sound) VS NES Pac-Man. 7800 Pac-Man ( 4:59 ) NES Pac-Man Yes, the 7800 is absolutely necessary. 😁
  13. I just haven't experienced any big wow moment with It.
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