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  1. Impressive work, Trebor. Thank you very much!!
  2. No worries. You know that the whole community is extremely grateful to you for all your hard work.
  3. However, just out of curiosity, Bentley Bear Crystal Quest includes some TIA sound effects.
  4. Mark, we will miss you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Rest In Peace, my friend.




    1. JacobZu7zu7


      Salute to you, and prayers to your family.

    2. Breakpack
  5. We hope you guys can appreciate our efforts...
  6. Congratulations, Bob! I always thought that you deserve a page on Wikipedia.
  7. Fantastic work as usual, Atariboy2600! I was also thinking that since DOH seems to be a Moai, maybe you could be inspired by those very ancient statues full of mystery.
  8. mksmith, meanwhile, if it could be useful... 7800 Arkanoid_DOH graphic_160B_6 colors and 160A_3 colors.bmp
  9. Many Thanks for the explanation, mksmith! It's really fascinating to be able to look under the hood! P.S. Just a thought, perhaps you could reserve a palette (160A) exclusively for the background tiles and update the palette colors at each level (about 5 palettes should be needed to cover all levels). But probably this has already been considered.
  10. Spectacular update, mksmith! Absolutely love it! Among other things, I'm looking at the colors of the background tiles and I was wondering if it is possible to add a second color to get closer to the arcade version. I would also suggest using the arcade colors for the ball in order to make it more visible. Regardless, fantastic job mksmith! And thank you again!
  11. If it could be useful, here is the spaceship graphic in 160B mode. :) 7800 Arkanoid_spaceship graphic_160B mode_8 colors.bmp
  12. Thank you very much, mksmith and RevEng! And in the meantime, you can already use my new arcade font in 160A mode. 7800 new arcade font 160A mode.bmp
  13. Hi guys, congratulations for this amazing project! I really appreciate your efforts! I would like to share a consideration regarding the vertical resolution of the playing field since it directly affects the gameplay. If it is technically possible, I would like to suggest increasing the vertical resolution of the playing field of a zone / 8 pixels (using a zone that is currently reserved for the score text) and then to move the bricks upwards of a zone / 8 pixels ( total increase: + 16 pixels ). And, as already suggested by Synthpopalooza, you could use the 320A mode for the score text (mockup below). Thanks for your kind attention. Marco
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