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  1. Next item to get is a SDC and you have a floppy disk system built into a Cart that uses a SD card for storing games...
  2. Long as your OS-9 boot disk is already setup for DSDD access you should be good to go!!! Unless your Drive is on a Single sided floppy drive.. Tell us what OS-9 floppies you have? and we can tell you if it is ready to go mate.. Btw find our coco facebook group you can get heaps off help in there as well... TRS-80 Color Computer (CoCo) is the groups name.... laters Briza
  3. Nick did a good job for a game that only took a week with only a couple hours at most most days to do, while still dreaming what features he could add to his GunStar project. laters Briza
  4. Gidday Hloberg Tino Deleurgo was he the Australian programmer from the 80's? As I recall a Tino Delbourgo something like tat who did some great coco 1,2 assembly programs for the coco mags produced in Aust...
  5. Gidday SQL, I know I released the games for the others to play with, But do not think I ever released your Apps stuff. Sounds like tonight I need to take a looksy through your stuff and checkout your Apps mate laters Briza
  6. Gidday SQL. Shame you never finished the semi-graphics game you were working... Do you still have the code for it?
  7. Gidday mate. Shame Tandy never got the Semi-graphics from the coco 1,2 to work in the coco 3. It was the modes most under used and had the most colours. laters Briza
  8. Gidday Nebulon. MOst coco users are looking to acquire or already using the most amazing hardware software storage system ever made for the coco called the SDC made by ED Snider. If you are in Facebook join the TRS-80/color computer group for more info laters Briza
  9. gidday courtesi. that is one game I have not managed to locate Docs for... Btw You are not the Courtesi that frequented the old coco chatroom years ago? laters Briza
  10. pretty sure there is a crude directory type system... I am waiting for someone to design a GUI menu system will make it so much better
  11. lolz Chaz. mate don't we all. nothing beats the old clunking drives heads moving back and forth. just finding decent floppies that do not leave gunk on the floopy heads is the problem now. I have ordered a SDC which with any luck will allow me to archive my remaining floppies and then no more having to worry about floppies getting damaged..
  12. once I receive my SDC I will be looking forward to playing this game on my coco 3, love these type of adventure game. viva le coco Briza
  13. Looking at the pics. It does look like same as my colorware hi-res cart. Pretty sure it was used for the cocomax designer. laters Briza
  14. Mine was a Vic-20 with the Ram expansions, Mult-expander slots, tape drive, and Joysticks. Miss that machine should never have traded it for a bird cage and birds, But aye I was a kid back then. if I could go back I would have never did it Then at X-mas 86 coco 3 with tape deck and a couple games, later on the full works Cm-8, Games, Os-9 lvl 2, disk drives and hard drive setup etc, still use it today to hack the gime chip to see what it can do then around 87 my Father brought home a Tandy 1000, tried using it, found it boring as hell lolz. I had more fun with my fathers CPM based computer that used those massive 8 inch drives talk about noisy and clunky while it read or writes to floppy. And the printer it used was massive had a feature to make it quiet, yeah right it would shake the table all over the place and was noisy as hell, so we used it with the standard power mode and found it was half as noisy and rocky. Then I got a Amiga 500 with a 512k ram expansion and games galore it is since now been stripped to pieces etc as it does not work anymore
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