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  1. Going through my Floppy Disks and finding lost software for the archives. Slow process but very enjoyable. Coco lives
  2. Your welcome mate. I was also curious about line 140. I suspected it was causing the sound effects and thanks to your reply to JHD my suspicions were confirmed. laters Briza
  3. lol I am not fully up to spec when it comes to Internet terms, I know enough too get me through 🙂
  4. Gidday Mate Nice just loaded it up and ran it. Nice well done
  5. Yep it is the best hardware device ever for the coco, You can even run copy protected software from it.. laters Briza
  6. Gidday Steve.. Reading up on this game in the http://www.lcurtisboyle.com/nitros9/pitstopii.html This game was released on Tape and Disk... But To be honest I have not seen a tape version too date, but maybe someone does have a copy off it somewhere.. laters Briza
  7. Welcome back to the coco community, I will one day get one off those Mech Keyboards, I got to catch up with a fellow coconut who has one in his coco 3 unit and I agree they are a sweet beauty. laters Briza
  8. More people in the Group is great, means more people means more people buying the new software and hardware on offer. laters Briza
  9. Yep that is the group mate. laters Briza
  10. Hopefully we will see you join the group in facebook or even the Discord group... laters Briza
  11. No way off changing the border colour in Pmode 4 unless you purchase the CocoVGA product that has modified it so you can change it.... laters Briza
  12. Pal units do not display the artifact colours seen on the NTSC units but everything else is the same, only difference is artifacts not working on Pal units. laters Briza
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