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  1. NES Games: Top Gun (COMPLETE) $5 Top Gun: Second Mission (Game & Manual) $4 DeJa Vu (comes with Manual, which is creased up a bit) $6. Double Dragon (Cart only) $8 Dragon Warrior (comes with Manual, Explorer's Handbook, Poster/Dungeon Map) Everything looks MINT, except Poster. $25 Friday The 13th (Cart only) $6 Krusty's Fun House (Cart only) $7 Rad Racer II (comes with Manual & Poster) Everything looks MINT. $10 Rampage (comes with Manual) Rygar (comes with Manual, Cart looks MINT, Manual has some light handling) $10 Super Mario Bros 2 (Cart only) Super Mario Bros 3 (Cart only, some label damage) $12 Spy Hunter (comes with Manual, Cart looks MINT, Manual has some light handling) $6 Tetris 2 (comes with Box, No Manual or Styrofoam, Cart looks MINT. $5 Manuals: Excitebike 64 (N64) $2.50 Garfield: Caught in the Act (Sega Game Gear) $2.50 Top Gun (NES) $1.00 Kung-Fu (NES) $1.00 Hook (Sega CD) $2.00 Road Avenger (Sega CD) $2.00 Night Trap (Sega CD) $2.00 Spyro: Season of Ice (GBA) $1.00 Earthworm Jim (GBA) $1.00 NES Manuals: Double Dribble Dragon's Lair Dr. Mario Galaga Golf Guardian Legend, The Isolated Warrior Kung Fu NES Play Action Football Othello Robo Warrior Spot: The Video Game Tecmo Bowl Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tetris WWF WrestleMania Challenge GameCube modded with Xeno Chip. It is indigo color and has a skin on it. Comes with the official power cable & AV Cord plus Generic Memory Card. No controllers included. $60
  2. I have for sale 2 Commodore 64 Games The titles are: Kickman (Complete in box) Clowns (Game in Box, box is torn) These have not been tested, as I do not own a C64. Any offers?
  3. just checking to see if there is any interest for the Stuntmaster Victor Maxx Virtual Reality Headset for Genesis/SNES i found one on ebay here and a i have the box for it, and all cables, but it is missing the manual & black long thing that went on the side. any one???
  4. I'm clearing out some games from my collection, this is what I am selling at the moment, I will be adding more. I will give some discounts if multiple games are purchased. Commodore 64 / 128 COMPLETE unless otherwise noted. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Gateway to the Savage Frontier Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Secret of the Silver Blades Sega CD Demolition Man $20.00 (COMPLETE with sponge, Disc is MINT) Double Switch $4.00 (COMPLETE with sponge, Disc is MINT) Final Fight $50.00 (Opened, but COMPLETE in Cardboard Box with Shrinkwrap still over it). Hook (Manual Only) Mortal Kombat $12.00 (COMPLETE with sponge, Disc is MINT) Night Trap (COMPLETE, Cardboard Box is in bad shape) Night Trap (Manual Only) Road Avenger (Manual Only) Sol-Feace $7.00 (Disc in Cardboard Case with Manual) The Software Toolworks Star Wars Chess $5.00 (Disc in Case with Back Artwork Only, No Manual) Third World War $10.00 (COMPLETE) The Sega CD cases have cracks and missing small pieces of plastic from when they fell off my shelf, oops. I was gonna buy some cheap Sega CD games to replace the cases but never got around to it. Sega Genesis COMPLETE unless otherwise noted. --------- Asterix and the Great Rescue $4.00 Batman Returns $3.00 (No Manual) Battletoads / Double Dragon $10.00 (No Manual) Budokan $5.00 California Games (No Manual) California Games Clayfighter Columns Comix Zone Double Dragon V The Shadow Falls Dungeons & Dragons: Warrior Of The Eternal Sun $15.00 Ecco The Tides Of Time Fantasia Ghouls' N Ghosts (No Manual) Krusty's Super Fun House Last Battle Madden 98 (SEALED) Mercs Mickey Mania Midnight Resistance Mortal Kombat Mortal Kombat II Mortal Kombat 3 Mortal Kombat 3 (No Manual) Ms. Pac-Man MTV's Beavis & Butt-Head (No Manual) Outlander $10.00 Pit-Fighter Rambo III Ren & Stimpy Show Stimpy's Invention $3.00 Rock N' Roll Racing Slaughter Sport $10.00 Sonic The Hedgehog Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Sonic Spinball Spider-Man $9.00 Star Control TMNT Tournament Fighters (No Manual) Vectorman Vectorman 2 Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego? $5.00 Winter Olympic Games $2.00 Wrestlemania The Arcade Game (No Manual) Zombies Ate My Neighbors (No Manual) Sega Master System COMPLETE unless otherwise noted. Lord Of The Sword Shanghai Thunder Blade Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? Misc stuff Reality Quest Glove Controller for Nintendo 64 Game Boy Player for GameCube (No start-up disc) 2 Justifier Guns for Sega Genesis (Pink & Blue)
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