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  1. timdu


    I received a FREE ( yes, free ) RF switch box from JrPac. All I had to do was pay for the shipping expense in paypal. He sent me a quote. The RF switch for my Atari computer arrived a few days later, tested it out and it works great! Thank you JrPac. I hope to do more business in the future!
  2. Update: Animal Keeper game cartridge has been sold separately. It is now computer with box and joystick. Please let me know if you are interested. I can provide a shipping quote.
  3. There will definitely be a manual. As for the box, I am considering one. Still planning and getting prices. I do not think there will be colored cartridges...but I will look into this. Maybe red , green, or clear cartridges would be a nice touch, but may be costly.
  4. For sale: Atari 600XL computer, includes box with styrofoam insert( has some tears see picture ), RF TV switch box with cable and coax adaptor, power adaptor, Atari 600XL instruction manual and Animal Keeper (a Zookeeper clone) CIB published by Video 61 in 2019. A great, fun game. Animal Keeper game cartridge has been sold separately & one Atari joystick ( TV not included ) Price: $150 $110 plus shipping
  5. This is coming along nicely. Keep up the great work! I like how Santa falls out of the sleigh when hit by a rogue snowflake, but the reindeer remain unharmed. A nice touch! I was able to complete level 1 just under 1 minute and 20 seconds.... my time was 1:17! Just made it by three seconds! But enough time to unlock level 2! Here is a screen shot with my best time for level 2:
  6. I have a COLECOVISION game here that I am looking to sell that I bought earlier this year. Wizard of Wor , by Team Pixelboy, includes box, manual and cartridge * Please note this Requires Super Game Module * Will play on Collectorvision Phoenix system Price: $85 plus $5 shipping for US addresses. I also have a Bally Astrocade game here that I am looking to sell. The Incredible Wizard , Bally Astrocade Videocade Cartridge "2017" dated 1981 includes box, manual and cartridge ... manual is also the cover of the box when inserted inside box Price: $20 plus $5 shipping for US addresses. please send me a private message if interested, thanks, Tim
  7. Kiwi, I will send you a PM and we can discuss making the Colecovision version there.
  8. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/299264-mean-santa-rom-full-source-code-manual-now-available-free/
  9. In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the release of MEAN SANTA (this homebrew ATARI 2600 game was originally released in December 2009), programmer John K. Harvey and myself (game designer Tim Duarte) have agreed to decide to release the game ROM, instruction manual, and full source code to the general public. The ROM file is for use on the Stella emulator, Harmony cartridge, Atari Flashback 9 on an SD card, Atari Flashback portable on an SD card, etc. The ROM file is not to be used to manufacture and sell physical Atari 2600 game cartridges. If you would like MEAN SANTA in physical cartridge form, please visit my web site: http://www.2600connection.com/features/mean_santa/features_mean_santa.html It has the ordering information. If you have any questions, please let me know. You can scroll all the way down to the bottom of my web site page and you will discover I have posted the ROM files ( NTSC and PAL), a PDF of the manual, and the assembly source code that John found after all of these years! I will also attach the files to this message as well. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and have some fun playing this game! Enjoy! Tim mean_santa_v75_ntsc.bin mean_santa_v75_pal.bin mean_santa_v75.asm mean_santa.pdf
  10. So cool... all these levels! I like what you are doing here. Very creative! Suggestion: If you are going to have ICELAND in the game, you may as well have PEA MAN travel to GREENLAND in a future level. There will be a small inconsistency issue though, which you will have to decide upon how to address: In actuality, Iceland is green and Greenland has ice ..... ( see WorldAtlas.com ) So you may have to reverse things a little... Keep up the good work! Tim
  11. I am happy to announce that Óscar has agreed to allow a release of a limited run of 50 SPACE RAID cartridges. I have these for sale starting today, November 1, 2019. Once the 50 cartridges sell, no more are going to be made. Price is $25 and ( $3 shipping in the US ). More information at: http://www.2600connection.com/features/spaceraid/spaceraid.html thanks, Tim
  12. K.C.’s CRAZY NIGHTMARE for the Atari 2600 is now available for sale on cartridge for $25 plus shipping. Includes 4-page color manual and game cartridge. More information is at: http://www.2600connection.com/features/kc/features_kc.html thanks, Tim
  13. I have a Complete In Box NIMBLE NUMBERS NED that I am selling. I will send you a private message. I have a few others too... http://www.2600connection.com/features/o2special.html thanks, Tim
  14. I don't think I would be interested. I am fine with utilizing existing Odyssey2 cartridges just as I have been doing since 2012. Also, the market is very, very small. I do not think there is justification to make the new cartridges. This is just my opinion.
  15. timdu

    Windows 2600

    I believe you are referring to my article " Microsoft monopolizes with Windows 2600 cartridges" Looking back, I think this was some of my best review writing... it was a lot of fun reviewing these cartridges. I have placed the article on my web site: http://www.2600connection.com/articles/blast.html ENJOY! Tim
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