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  1. The web site is displaying outdated information. Send a private message to BAH here on Atari Age. Tell him which games you are interested in. BAH is Brent H. He will get back to you. He is handling the orders for the reproduction cartridges. thanks, Tim
  2. For sale: I have made a number of cartridges of SPACE INVASION for the Colecovision. Price $ 25 and $4 shipping in the USA. Please send me a private message for an international ( outside the USA ) shipping quote. This game was originally programmed by John Dondzila in 1998. A few years ago I contacted John and he gave me the OK and his blessing to re-release the game on cartridge. I created a label similar to the Coleco style from the 1980's and a small printed instruction card. Please send me a private message if you are interested. thanks, Tim
  3. Yes - but the web site is down for right now. Please send me a Private Message here on Atari age with which games you would like and I will reply. the 3 games are: K.C.’s CRAZY NIGHTMARE UFO HANDY PICK HANK You can also go to the other web site http://timduarte.blogspot.com
  4. I have decided not to renew the domain name and the hosting for the web site at this point in time. I'm not a business like others here, I have been just doing this as a hobby. In time, I may bring it back. We'll see. For now, you can go to the web site I created on blogspot: http://timduarte.blogspot.com/ thanks, Tim
  5. FOR SALE: Cuttle Cart by Schell's Electronics for Atari 2600 Price: $250 shipped ( in the USA. ) I will ship international but will need to get quote for shipping. Includes Cuttle Cart, Instruction manual, and 3.5" floppy disk with software also: FUJINET adaptor for Atari 8-bit computers Price: $67 shipped ( in the USA. ) I will ship international but will need to get quote for shipping. "FujiNet is a network adapter that attaches to the SIO (Peripheral) port of an Atari 8-bit system. FujiNet is planned to provide the following functionality: "D:" Emulation, to virtually mount, read, and write ATR disk images over a protocol borrowed from the Spectranet community called TNFS. "R:" Emulation, via Type 1 POLL handler, to provide a virtual Wi-Fi modem for use with existing Communications programs such as Ice-T, BobTerm, AMODEM, and PLATOTERM. "N:" A new device for establishing TCP and UDP communication with other hosts, as well as controlling the adapter (setting configuration, mounting images, etc.) More functionality to be available by future over-the-air (OTA) updates to the firmware, such as IPP printing. Please send me a private message if interested. thanks, Tim
  6. Keep trying. Hint: Use the search engine google.com to look up information about the movie.
  7. If your MEAN SANTA game is playing fine, then you do not need to do anything. I have received a few emails from a few customers that a message that states “Turn Game Off before Inserting Cartridge or Expansion” appears on the TV. Or the game would start, but then it would change to all garbled graphics on the screen. Or sometimes it would just show a solid black screen. I have sent emails back to these customers and replied to them and have asked these customers to send the problematic cartridge back to me, and I would offer a replacement. Upon investigating this, it has been determined that some of the EPROMs and GAL chips that I used on the printed circuit board were failing and / or were defective. THIS IS NOT THE CASE FOR ALL OF THEM! With the problem to be fixed with a failing cartridge, the chips have to be desoldered off the printed circuit board and new ones have to be programmed and soldered on. I was hoping that I would receive the new supply of chips but they have not arrived as of yet. I am told that the USPS is overwhelmed with packages this holiday season. We are being told that "High shipping volumes are causing some delays. Please allow extra time." Again, if your game is working fine, you don't need to do anything. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to send an email or send me a private message here on Atari Age. thanks, Tim
  8. Did you know that Atari made a trak ball for the 2600 but didn't release one single game that supported it? Be sure to check out long-time 2600 CONNECTION staff writer Scott Stilphen's excellent and in-depth article "The Failed Promise of the VCS/2600 Trak-Ball Controller." http://www.ataricompendium.com/archives/articles/trak-ball/trak-ball.html I do not own a track ball for the 2600 right now. I want to get one! Years ago, in the early 1990s, I picked up one of the models that looks like the Atai 800XL at Child world or Kay Bee Toys - I cannot recall. I needed $ so I sold it. Damn! What do you think about the trak ball? Which model do you own? thanks, Tim
  9. Ebay doesn't count. Where is the brick and mortar retail store where I can go to in December 2020 to purchase a Flashback X? Sam's club? I am in Massachusetts and the closest Sam's club is in Hudson, NH and one in CT. I am not travelling that far for this. Sams club is out of stock online. Atgames.net is sold out online of everything when you click on flashback. I am trying to be optimistic, but I am afraid the end of the road has been reached. Who knows... maybe I will be proved wrong and in 2021 we will see the Flashback 11. One can dream...
  10. I heard from Zaphro72 and he said he got the link to work. May have been a problem on the paypal end. I have the materials to make 100 cartridges and manuals and boxes. It is not sold out. I will make a post here when it is coming close to being sold out. There are plenty available as of right now. I do not want anyone to panic. thanks, Tim D.
  11. Black Friday is upon us and it appears there are no deals to be found for the flashbacks. Is this the beginning of the end?
  12. I should have included a picture of the top of the game cartridge label. It says "COLECOVISION MEAN SANTA" on it. It is not on the front because I wanted to spotlight the artwork by Dan Skelton. And on the box... again, it is not on the front but it is on the side spine. It says " MEAN SANTA COLECOVISION " on it. Again, my idea here in the design is that I wanted to spotlight the artwork by Dan Skelton without anything else on it. See picture. Also on the back of the box it does state " MEAN SANTA a game for your COLECOVISION " on it. Sorry for any confusion there. thanks, Tim
  13. OK! I am happy to announce that MEAN SANTA for the COLECOVISION is now available for sale. The price is $29 plus shipping. $6 for the USA, $15 for anywhere else in the world. Includes game cartridge with color label, printed 8-page color manual, and a black plastic storage case with a color printed insert. Please visit my web site to order: http://www.2600connection.com/features/meancv/meancv.html thank you for your support & please let me know if you have any questions! Tim D.
  14. Since you guessed the correct game, you will receive a special gift along with your purchase. Be sure to send me a note with your real name so I can match it up to your handle here on AA. Thanks again for your support. The web site order form will be live in about an hour. I will make a post on this thread as soon as it is ready. Just finishing up. Stay tuned, Tim D.
  15. I have 20 C.I.B. SPACE RAID for the ATARI 2600 game cartridges, manuals, and boxes. The game is inspired by Zaxxon, the 1982 coin-operated arcade videogame by Sega. This is a special sale. 100% of the proceeds go to programmer Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez and his family. PLEASE NOTE: Óscar's wife Rosa Nely is battling lung cancer and they are experiencing some troubling times right now. If you would like to help, please purchase SPACE RAID for the Atari 2600! It is being sold for $50 plus shipping. Please visit my web site page at: http://www.2600connection.com/features/spaceraid/spaceraid.html or send me a private message if you would like more information. Happy Thanksgiving! thank you, Tim
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