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  1. My question to the panel... Got a couple of Lynx's , fully funactional but with screen problems, black lines etc Just wondering if the screen replacements in earlier threads are good to replace my lynx screens... and which one wold be recomended by the panel... (thats you lot)
  2. It is with geat personal regret and sadeness I must announce that 16/32 Systems (my retro hobby) will be closing down over the next few months (not sure exactly how long because I have quite a bit of stock to sell off, so if your interested in anything make me offer you might be suprised). I have been involved in the Atari scene since the 90's when I sold my Spectrum with Opus Disk Drive at the Royal Victoria Halls in Westminster to buy my first ST. I have never regreted that decision, all the people I have met, all the deals I have done and the Shows and events I have been involved with are all part of my history. Thank you. It is just with my real life job recently going into another direction and more responsibilities I just don't have the time to commit as I want too. I will still be involved, but as a player as I do have ST, Falcon and Jaguar of my own and am not planning to sell these.
  3. well I sold out, quite a few went to the States as well.... Nick
  4. http://sales1632.myzen.co.uk/acatalog/16_32_Webshop_Jaguar_Cartridge_Games_16.html#aJAG_2dAlice is the link to whats left of my original stock Nick
  5. Received my delivery today... thanks Gaz and omf, happy to support you. Only got 5 left.. if I still have them by weekend they will go to Germany with me
  6. I know I have not been particularly active last few months (work etc), that list was impressive, didn't even know half of them existed. Think I have some downloading to do if some are still available. But the pisser for me is seeing Mathias, orion, and carl's work just being ripped. How did whoever did it think that someone would not notice... Out'em Cyrano.. this scene is too small for this type of shit
  7. So order from the website if you can't make eJagfest? Nick
  8. It's Ok I have some reserved, but I am not reserving anymore, hence 5 left.. that would be unfair to those who are going to the show
  9. .. and all i have left is 5 copies for E-JagFest... Really nice job by Carl, Well done
  10. I have UK PSU for Jag CD, Atari branded.. same as the Jaguar. Not boxed.. pm if you need
  11. I will be checking my stock as suggested by Orion, I have no doubt he will sort any problem. The CD's do look nice packaged and will deserve a place in any collectors collection. Nick
  12. Pre orders available on web site now.... These will be shipped first Nick
  13. I will have it for Oct.. or at least plan to.... I will start taking advance order at Revival 2014 and on the website Nick Guitari - as to be being busy.. unfortunatley my "professional" life has been somewhat hectic in last 6 months, and I am trying to catch up.
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