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  1. I apologize to Nopaybob. I let people influence me when I shouldn't have.
  2. I cancelled because bob went so high on his bids and people were getting pissed off, people I respected. If I was so greedy, wouldn't I have taken the ridiculously high prices? To be honest I probably should have taken the next highest bids,but i didn't even think of that. I am not a pro at this. Now according to everybody I'm just an asshole.
  3. this is where the pricing should be...good luck to bob.... This is why I cancelled the auction. Good people were dropping out because of his really high bids.
  4. you cant not go through with an auction style posting... I don't care if you did have some incredibly rare titles and posted them here for people to buy. Sounds to me like you wish you had more rare items to sell cause you are greedy with your bad self now. I know for a fact, that you received a more than fair offer from an esteemed member here at AA. If you didnt want to accept his offer that is fine. But to list all these items even after having been given a more than fair offer....just to see if you can make a few more bucks? Now you are cancelling. I wouldnt be surprised if the person that wanted to buy the bulk of these, doesn't just tell you to forget it...... Good luck with whatever future sales you try next, but I for one want nothing to do with your items. I don't know who you are talking about.I haven't had an offer for the bulk of my games since March. 2 people made offers for the lot and I said no. Who are you talking about?
  5. It was your response to nopaybob that made me question this auction. I know you are respected and I thought that by cancelling the auction I would show I was not in cahoots with nopaybob. I was angered by this situation because it made me look like I was.
  6. Something just doesn't feel right here. This auction is cancelled.
  7. I got one for Stronghold today too. I think its because I put "Commavid, cart and manual" in the title. I tried to fix it, but it wouldn't let me.
  8. What's going on here? I'm gone for the day and come back to a mess. Nobody here knows me well enough to know if I need the money or not, and please do not use that as an excuse to start trouble.
  9. I have listed Stronghold on eBay today: eBay Auction -- Item Number: 320716712304 I also listed 6 games at the Marketplace today.
  10. The 6 games are: Shootin' Gallery Miner 2049er Quick Step Subterranea Cosmic Corridor Harbor Escape
  11. I am selling 6 Atari carts auction style. The auction will end at 9pm EST on Friday, June 24. Highest bid wins. I will mail carts USPS Delivery Confirmation, small flate rate box. The total cost will be $5.90 for up to 2 carts. If more than 2 carts need to be shipped I will use the medium flat rate box with Delivery Confirmation. That cost is $11.65. The buyer is responsible for this cost. I will not ship outside the USA. I accept Paypal only. Package will be shipped after I receive payment, usually within 3 days. I have listed the carts and the starting bids below. Just post your bid, but remember to put what game it is for. Every evening I will post high bids. Starting bids are $1.00. Good Luck!
  12. Winnig bids: Bank Heist 20ohm20 $12.00 Crypts of Chaos PsychoKittyNet $7.50 Cosmic Commuter bennybingo $20.00 Fast Eddie 20ohm20 $7.00 Montezuma's Revenge Newtype5 $20.00
  13. I'm curious, how old are you guys? I'm 47. I thought I was a lot older than you, but maybe I'm not.
  14. The bad talk shouldn't bother him too much, if he's got the goods. I did a lot of laughing st the things you guya said.
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