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  1. Working on one for the 64, so I can look at what it'll take for the TI.
  2. The trick is finding a way to kill off the internal ROM, which might be a non starter. Otherwise, someone would need to find a way to hook into the cc40 OS to implement the cc40+ stuff. Jim
  3. My second attempt did great for updates, but is not handling the timing good enough. So, I have two parts that I think can make a whole. I am going to combine my two attempts into a single project that will heopfull have what everyone needs. It'll most likely be around Christmas before I can show something off. For now, I do have an arduino project online you can wire up to do rudimentary SD usage: https://github.com/go4retro/HEXTir
  4. I have made two attempts at a disk drive interfce, and both have success in different areas. The first worked fine, but I was having trouble finding out how to upgrade features in the field. The second has great upgrade capabilities, but could not meet the tight timing of the protocol. This Winter, I am going to merge the ideas, so I can have a single solution with the best of both worlds. Stay tuned. Jim
  5. I concur. I have the printer, but not the CAD drawing 🙂
  6. OK, let me clear a few projects off the bench...
  7. The RAM cart design is good for 512kB RAM (AS6C4008 or similar) with 16 banks of 32kB RAM). If there is interest, I can make a design with a soft banking scheme, so you can use all 512kB at one time from program control Jim
  8. You can run the UII units standalone for drive operations, which is the only way it would have compatibility with the 264 series. Jim
  9. I'm not sure on "in the day" periupherals. I have 2 partially completed attempts at an SD card interface, and I am embarking on the third try, which I believe will be successful. If so, it can form the basis for a line of peripherals. Jim
  10. It may indeed be too much to ask, as converting a 24 bit PNG to a max 16 color C64 bitmap is an incredibly tall order. What is the source PNG resolution and size?
  11. No worries. Happy to add batt and mounts. Just look over the schematic and PCB and make sure things are correct before trying. Jim
  12. OK, I am mailing out two units to each person who contacted me. I am attaching the schematic and I implore folks to check it over before using the unit, as I don't want to be responsible for frying a peripheral. The adapter requires a 2x4 right angle .1"x.1" header and a 1x10 .1" header. You can use non right angle headers in a pinch. If they work, I'll put them int he store for a few bucks assembled. I cna also add a battery connector if that's of interest. Assuming they work, a small 3D printed case should be easy to create. I'll leave that for someone else. Jim
  13. Same as above. PCB or do you need an assembled unit?
  14. Do you need just the PCB or do you have to have an assembled unit? Jim
  15. I made these up a while back. Anyone want to test? I don't have a dockbus item...
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