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  1. Ah nice! Thanks! I had completely forgotten about these articles.
  2. I agree that it'd be interresting to know more about the original dev kit. I seem to remember though that it's been discussed "somewhat much" years ago on this forum, but I can't remember much about what I read anymore. Might be sprinkled over threads and hard to find the info at this point though.
  3. Nice! It was not meant as a critique (just in case you thought that) I just wanted to be sure what it was portraying. I really love simple graphics and your pixelwork is perfect for this game. 🎨 Thanks for the in depth info on how the game works, it's a really great idea for a small game. It's really fascinating but hard trying to think of game ideas that are both small and fun. I guess it has to do with the mood of the player too (simple vs complex), but all in all there's something about simplifying things and removing excess stuff.
  4. Really great collection of small fun games!
  5. Nice seeing more work done on this game Fadest! I agree with the other guys, the third background from the top seems a bit noisy, but it could very well work with lighter / cooler colors to give more contrast to the foreground tiles. Also I too LOVED the name Ynxa from the very beginning when you explained that it's a merge of Lynx and Inca, it's a perfect name for the game.
  6. Nice one @Nop90! Really clever idea for a more involved lcd game. Just out of curiosity, if I may ask? What are the enemies that kind of look like penguins that look down? Are they zombies? Sorry I just had trouble visualizing them. Also why is there a back row of the player characters? Can you have a party of six at best?
  7. I received my Dragonfly cart about a week ago, it's beautiful and to my surprise the cart screen and buttons are really easy and intuitive to use. Good UI design there. The 3D printed case feels really sturdy and nice quality, and I love the cartoon dragonfly sticker too. Haven't set up developer mode yet, but will try that later. Overall it's an absolutely fantastic cart! 🎨🦄🌌 I had an issue at first that the colors were all wrong, but after about an hour of troubleshooting I noticed that I had my new psu upside down (it has a tiny screen with only the number digits on it, and adjustable voltages), so I was running at 6V instead of 9V. Apparently that changes the colours.
  8. Yup, it's indeed the color depth. I've had "mystery issues" with this a few times before remembering the cause again.
  9. Yeah very nice initiative! I'll register soon too.
  10. Wow, it looks really lovely and exciting!
  11. @Fadest My abc notes from back in the day for both cc65 versions are attached here on the first post (it's furthest down on the first post). Probably containing mostly info I've gotten from Karri in the first place. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/256753-atari-lynx-game-development-tools-and-tutorials-wip/
  12. Thanks @rj1307! I assumed this, but I just had to ask to be 110% sure. ^^
  13. Fantastic work on this cart RJ! 🥳 🎨 How lucky I was getting interested in Atari 7800 development just before the release of the Dragonfly! I have one question: I suppose the PokeyMax also supports simulating a single Pokey? I'm just thinking that perhaps single pokey would have the highest compatibility (with earlier carts and stuff), although I must say dual pokey and YM sounds pretty freakin' exciting! Hopefully the Dragonfly will sell a lot so potential games and demos supporting those would reach out to a "maximum audience".
  14. Fantastic work man! 🥳 I'd like to preorder a purple dragonfly cart + pokey max and yamaha.
  15. Great work @Fadest and @Nop90 your games look like lots of fun! @karri Thanks so much for sharing the minimal template! I was thinking about how to do that. Thanks for the nice words man! Yeah I know, but the Kaamos really got to me this year, been feeling uncomfortably numb and no energy. Dark when you start working and dark when you finish work... 😵 I did come up with a ridiculous game idea though, so there's still a small chance I could get something done, but only 7days left 😬
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