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  1. It was never released back in the day, but the game was indeed finished. I think I read that some major reasons for it not being released back in the day was that it would have needed a big cart + save possibility, also it was done really late in the Lynxes commercial life. It was then released some ten years ago if I remember correctly. The rom was released / leaked (depending on how you see it) to the internet at some point too, in the name of preserving the game for all Lynx fans, and there was some bad feelings involved. But I think even with a quite big re-release it would sell out quickly. The Lynx has become way more popular since then, with videos from MetalJesusRocks and the retro-scene growing etc. Nice! Congrats! ☺👍 I agree on all your points. It's a big help having the graphics already designed (even if you'd have to pixelate them again to fit the low Lynx resolution), having the music composed and omg I hadn't even though about the game design! That's such a hard and slow thing to get right, through iterations of play testing. 🥵
  2. Eye of the beholder has been released a couple of times on the Lynx in later years. I've only gotten to try it out very little, but it seems to be really well made. I'd say the Lynx is very capable compared to other gizmos of the time, and we have big carts now too. But yeah, any way you would approach it, porting or creating a big game is a huge task. Have you heard of Wyvern Tales by the way? Personally I haven't gotten so far in it yet, but it's a big game and the graphics are great. Songbird is re-releasing it at this very moment. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/205836-wyvern-tales/ https://atariage.com/forums/topic/314140-sky-raider-redux-preview-for-the-atari-lynx/?do=findComment&comment=4904397
  3. Speaking of Shadow of the Colossus, I always loved the gameboy "demake" screenshots someone had made a few years ago. I always thought a version for the Lynx where you could somehow zoom in and out like in California Games halfpipe would be wicked. Possibly not so easy to achieve.😁
  4. There was a thread about it a few years back. The ones in black clamshell tape cases look especially great in my opinion, but they're quite expensive (or at least when I checked last time). I was gonna buy a bunch for some homebrew project(s), but in the end the standard Lynx box form factor seems to be the most popular for that after all.
  5. Really beautiful products from start to finish! Fantastic stuff! Thanks and congratulations for making them reality. 🎨🦄🌃 I love the gleaming, "waxy" finish on the box and the cart-stickers. Asteroid chasers was driving me nuts the other night haha, really fun game.
  6. I remember only once seeing Loom on a friends PC, but I can't remember much about it. I saw on wikipedia that it uses a a four musical note system for spells instead of point and click. Anything with as good level design and progression would be a treat for Lynx fans anyhow! 🙂👍
  7. Great music again man! And nice that it's chip-music. Taking the Lynx sound to new places. I knew that the Lynx can sound a lot like Pokey if you know how to do it. I've heard it in some games and perhaps some homebrews (can't remember which ones right now though).
  8. I tried on my old GameDrive and I was stuck on the title screen as expected. Perhaps I need to update to the newer GameDrive at some point if cool stuff like this, that utilises it, keeps coming out.
  9. Fab little game, I love it! 😊👍🎨 As said earlier great visuals, music and fun gameplay. I like the big graphics. It kind of looks like it might not work with the small screen, but I felt the gameplay was working 100% nicely and had a lot of fun while playing it last night. I already got almost 40K points. @miker did you do the music? The in game music is so good! Is it sampled or chip music? I can't tell for sure, but it sounds a lot like POKEY (which I love).
  10. Exciting to see what the Lynx is capable of in capable hands and given more space than usual. Fantastic stuff!👍🎨 I love chip music, but it's really exciting to see the Lynx reaching Amiga level sample music and beyond here. Curious to see what the future holds for gamedrive "mega -demos/-games". I'll have a try on my old GD asap and let you know if it works.
  11. Congratulations for setting up your own homebrew-/"games for retro systems"- business, everything looks really great and in a coherent style. It's so much fun releasing some of your own games on real physical media for some reason! 😁 I wish you good luck with everything! The boxes and game carts look really fantastic in the unboxing videos. I like how gleamy and shiny the boxes look!
  12. I did it yesterday, so works with at least jpg but perhaps not bmp.
  13. Great looking demo! 😊👍 It probably looks really fab on a real Lynx, got to try that out.
  14. What a great game you've got going on again. You make the best platformers! Super fun to play!
  15. I really like flappy bird that also is a vertical game. It's a bit more forgiving (figuratively speaking), since you don't use the D-pad. The graphics are fun and colourful, the music is funny and I just love that yellow cart! I think it really pulled me back into developing for the Lynx a few years ago. Karri's comment about the game always make me giggle when I come to think of it. There's been some discussion in some other threads about how to do some vertically oriented classic arcade games on the small Lynx screen, like Donkey kong or Bomb Jack. Scrolling with bigger graphics or static (perhaps vertical) screen with smaller graphics. Probably quite subjective which one would feel better.
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