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  1. Ah yes, of course. There might be other releases I forgot too.
  2. Really fun, fabulous and fantastic games and demos everyone! 🤯 🤩 🥳 Looking forward to try them all out. What is it now, 19 Lynx games this year in total! Pretty amazing.
  3. Yup, thanks! Don't stress it if you have a party, there's so much more work with videos than with screenshots too.
  4. I love lawnmmower games! This is my go to tune when I mow the lawn IRL with our little Honda Well, personally I'd be happy with some screenshots or perhaps some video(s). I think there's such a big risk uploading work in progress versions of the games somewhere, because then half of the people (except the most dedicated/crazy fans/enthusiasts) end up with all kinds of half done versions, since iirc a few devs here have stated that they'll keep working on their games up until the 24th.
  5. Will there be some sort of show-case of the games after the weekend or do we have to wait all the way 'til the 24th to even see them? That'd be a pain! Like a kid waiting for christmas! 😅
  6. Yup, I had a look a tiled not too long ago, and it seems very, very nice nowadays. Tidy clean interface etc. For creating and exporting maps it's obviously perfect, but this time with all the level submissions I would've needed it to work the other way around to import tables/arrays/csv (which it might do, but I couldn't find an import in one minute so I couldn't risk wasting more time on it right now) so I could've gotten a better visual representation of every map for "cataloging" the levels, to be able to order them in a somewhat reasonable manner from easyer to harder levels. However importing the maps straight into the game and taking screenshots worked OK so far. @Fadest it's not too late if you want to create a few levels. I realised that on Silly Venture the games wont probably be played for thaaat long each, so there's time to put in more levels before 24.12 too. I'll invite you to the level design club so you can have a look there too if you want.
  7. I was in such a hurry and the levels are simple so I thought it would make sense to ask here for levels. I'm very happy for the submissions, and hoping to put in as much of them as possible. Actually I realised later that I'm not able to visualise the levels very good by only looking at the tables, so I should've set up some tile mapper file for everyone, but I didn't have the time. At the moment I'm cleaning up all the double digit level submissions to one digit with np++, going through every level to check for accidental duplicates of numbers, giving the levels names to be able to differentiate them later, putting them into the game and taking screenshots for later recognisability and ordering by difficulty. I've made it through perhaps 50% or 60% of all submitted levels in two nights. I'm in a hurry! I did do some bug fixes, failed feature additions and one succesful feature addition too in between. Ah, too bad you couldn't make it this time, but good luck with your new game always fun and exciting with more new Lynx games.
  8. Hi guys, I've gotten a lot of levels already, I think more than I can handle before the deadline. Big thanks to everbody! I don't know if they're all going to fit, or if I have the time to go through and add everything, but I will make sure at least one or two of every contributors levels will end up in the first version / compo version of the game. As I mentioned I'm hoping to make an enhanced version of the game after the compo, so if I have the energy left for that I will put in all the levels everyone has submitted.
  9. I mean you can move freely, but there needs to be at least one open path to the key and then to the door.
  10. Ah, that's true, it can actually be any path via the key and then to the door, so actually you could place all the stuff randomly as long as there is at least one path to the key and then out the door. But I went with designed levels, since I didn't have the time to start understanding creating levels randomly with a*. It seems already that the designed levels should be more fun.
  11. Might be a genre preference too, seems to be action/arcade games there other than 4TTude. What a nice date for release by the way, looking forward to this xmas present! ^^
  12. @karri Diagonal movement is not allowed. The dimension is static 9x6, or 10x6 if you count the column for the door. I'll invite you to the level design club if you happen to get excited and want to create levels, so you can check out how the game works. It's going to be hard to beat KevinMos3's levels already, he came up with such creative levels with so little at hand to make levels with.🤯 I do need a few more levels, so everybody is welcome to join in.
  13. @LordKraken @KevinMos3 Thanks for looking into helping me out with creating some level(s)! I created a private club for those who want a closer explanation of how the game works without spoiling it for others. -> Anyone who wants to join just let me know and I'll invite you to the club. But as stated earlier, it's perfectly possible to create those levels without knowing more than told in this thread (if you don't wanna join the club). The path to the door via the key is the focus. @LordKraken @KevinMos3 I already invited you guys if you wanna have a look.
  14. I don't wanna spoil it, buth the path is really the focus, or a nice pattern of everything layed out (that you're not supposed to run into) forming a path via the key to the door, no need to know about the enemies. You'll see in a couple of days! 😀
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