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  1. Football (not hand-egg ) or Ice Hockey with big cartoon players and with fewer players than in real football/hockey, something inspired by Nintendo World Cup or Nintendo Hockey. I think almost any game theoretically could be made on the Lynx despite it's low resolution, but team sport games becomes cluttered super easily. Perhaps one of the few strengths of basketbrawl is they realised using not that many players and to use big player characters. A simple football manager game could be pretty awesome too. Ah, speedball 2, all the hours I played that with my friends. You can tell the game is super polished. @karri I used to love Bust a Groove on PS1
  2. Nice, fun stuff! I love this kind of thing, I can really see the appeal. Another fun thing I've run into is when people write small games for old systems in 10 rows of basic. I can imagine one wouldn't get bored by the size of the project at least!
  3. Ah, too bad. But since you say "not easily" I guess it's still possibly possible I'd need to experiment at some point, perhaps it's possible by just creating fast arpeggios. But I have a feeling there's some other parameter(s) that change while the sound is playing too to create that distinct sound, and not only changing notes. Unfortunately I don't properly understand how sounds are created (or the parameters that create sounds) on the Lynx, or how those "fake chords" / fast arpeggiating sounds are "properly" created on any system. I'd need to look into that and/or ask around if a chip musician could explain it a bit. Yeah, I like chipper because it's quite fast creating small songs with the the tracker/UI, but HandyMusic seems nice since it uses less space and the instrument creation seems fairly straight forward in comparison. Perhaps creating sounds / instruments in chipper is easy too if you know what you're doing. I wonder if there's some documentation or tutorial(s) somewhere on how to create chip sounds. I know it involves changing different parameters of the sounds "on the fly".
  4. Really nice sounds, thanks for sharing! Sorry, I've looked into it, but haven't played around with Handy Music yet since Chipper has gotten the job done quite nicely so far, but I guess it should be possible to create those "bubbly arpeggio-ish" sounds that play an important part of chip music (at least in the chip music that arose in Europe in the 80s and continues to this day) in Handy music too? Would it be possible to translate for example this nice sound from Chipper to Handy music?
  5. Wow, that first kick sound is really... kick ass! When I went to music school (LAFO) near Närpes they called the base drum "kickelin".
  6. @Clint Thompson Damn, the game looks super nice on a real Lynx! I don't know what "music driver" Fadest wants to use, but when it comes to Lynx music there's actually a few alternatives at this point in addition to the mod player. More info about them can be found in this thread under Creating music for Lynx games: - There's Karri's abc-music that is really easy to use, with abc/ascii notation. - Chipper is a tracker that will give you fast results after the initial learning curve, also you can use your gained tracker knowledge on other trackers for all the other old computers and consoles. Here's a getting started guide for chipper: - Then there's HandyMusic too, Karri's got a really interesting launchpad project going on for that:
  7. It looks great so far! Here's a couple of details that popped into my head from a self proclaimed graphics artist / designer point of view: I think the first splash screen should be hand pixeled instead of scaled down (if possible), to be more consistent with the rest of the gfx that seem to be hand pixeled/drawn. Another small graphical thing is that the Datatracking looks so impressive with the parallax scrolling, that the city part could use some details for a parallax illusion too. Perhaps just some one pixel stars that move behind buildings.
  8. Nice! Really phenomenal prizes! 🥳 Do you happen to have any details about the AtariAge release? At least their Atari 2600 releases seem to be high quality. I was just curious if you happen to know any details? For example if the cart will be 3D printed or injection molded / laser cut, or if the box will be printed on a "home printer" or printed "for real". Also I'm wondering if the developer(s) of the game have any say about the box art and "art direction" of the box art or the graphic design of the box? I'm just asking because I recently tried to do some soul searching about "retro game dev", and I realised that it's not only about the game itself, the graphics or the music. It's about the whole thing, bringing something beautiful and fun into the world (and at least I haven't done that myself full out yet with a Lynx release, with box art, boxed release and all). *To clarify I'm not saying that a box printed with a home printer and a 3D printed cart wouldn't be beautiful! What exactly does this mean? I was just thinking if devs are expected to make changes and/or additions after the compo?
  9. Interesting project! You are an architect of development systems. I wish I could maintain my enthusiasm all year 'round like you seem to be able to do. However I think I might be waking up from the winter hibernation at the moment so hoping to get some Lynx related stuff going soon again.
  10. The new website looks great!
  11. Ah, damn it! Hope you still get it, it's a sweet shirt.
  12. Hey, I was supposed to post this earlier, wohoo! Lovely stuff!
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