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  1. I programmed a couple of carts last night with my raspberry pi 2, and it took a little over 12min per cart, that's with some old version of the software though. A very long time if you stare at the raspi screen haha, but not very long if you do something else meanwhile. 😁
  2. Wow, nice order! Even though I'm a cartoon-man at heart, I must say that Yastuna has the best looking box-art of all the homebrews at this point! Hats of to J. Selanski (all of his cover art and pins look amazing!)
  3. Very sorry to hear about your brothers passing. Hopefully life will be back on track soon! One thing about the handycast. Have you ever thought of grouping some of the "not so great" titles together, for example 2-4 in one show? I know that it's a bit against the game by game approach of the show so I'm just throwing it out there. I would still find it as a big proof of will power (and a bit comedic too) to create a 1-2h high quality episode of for example "kung food" or "basketbrawl"
  4. Hahahaha! Made my day, that's so funny!
  5. How interesting, nice find! I had to check it up and I must say the movement, scrolling and the animations are sooo much better done on the Lynx. Not that unrealistic "8-bit" movement/animation can't be really fun and entertaining too.
  6. Thanks! Btw. From the rules I interpret this: "(this is not automatically extended to making physical copies of your demo/game)" the way that no physical copies will be made without permission from the developer(s) / without a deal, is that correct?
  7. Have the rules already been updated on atarigamer.com or when do you think they will be updated? Just curious to re-read the rules.
  8. Yes, let's hope there's a few game developers in the bunch!
  9. There's a bunch of them here on AA too: http://www.atariage.com/system_items.html?SystemID=LYNX&ItemTypeID=ROM
  10. Where did you find all the cart connectors? Even broken Lynxes are expensive as strawberries in the wintertime now a days. Yeah, thanks for being such a bright new star keeping the Lynx community going!
  11. @Nop90 Nice! That sounds exciting! Wishing you good luck and keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  12. @jum I love the newest version of the game! I played it on the emulator tonight, I'll try it on a real Lynx asap.
  13. @bhall408 The only homebrew games with comlynx support that I can seem to remember from the top of my head are indeed "Championship Rally" and the recently released "Space Battle" http://atariage.com/forums/topic/260379-ls-upcoming-releases-2017/?p=4254374 I guess you might have seen this thread already? http://atariage.com/forums/topic/283514-multiplayer-comlynx-from-championship-rally/ I wish you good luck in your comlynx endeavours, it would be exciting to have better/easier dev tools for it.
  14. Beautiful products! The box art, the carts, the manuals, everything!
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