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  1. Interesting project! You are an architect of development systems. I wish I could maintain my enthusiasm all year 'round like you seem to be able to do. However I think I might be waking up from the winter hibernation at the moment so hoping to get some Lynx related stuff going soon again.
  2. The new website looks great!
  3. Ah, damn it! Hope you still get it, it's a sweet shirt.
  4. Hey, I was supposed to post this earlier, wohoo! Lovely stuff!
  5. I beat Shadow of the Beast two times some 15+ years ago. It was before Youtube, and one day I wanted to listen to the ending music again. It was much easier completing it the second time around, because at that point I still remembered all the unfair traps etc. One of the few games I've completely played through, because usually I'm happy checking out the graphics and music for a few levels, skipping around and exploring the enchanted forest.
  6. That's also interesting! One thing is that there is quite a few great games that make use of the Lynx's sprite scaling in a similar way, like blue lightning, stun runner, road blasters, checkered flag, hydra etc. Obviously wouldn't say no to Outrun or Space Harrier for the Lynx! One game in that style that immediately comes to mind is Yoomp! https://youtu.be/0P4UlkkhgpI?t=41 Mikey also inherently seem to sound quite a bit like Pokey in the right hands, so perhaps even the excellent music could be closely ported. Sadly I can't remember THAT much creative use of the Lynx hardware capabilities. My personal favorite is Slime World with its pulsating slime levels and creatures, the stretching clouds, the stretching and moving slime-'water falls' etc. Electrocop is really unique too, I can't remember seeing anything quite like it elsewhere. We had a little discussion about this earlier here too: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/274653-epyx-creative-use-of-lynx-hardware-features/?tab=comments#comment-3942096 but it would be really nice to try and come up with something new and unique that would make use of the scaling, even if it would only be cosmetic. Somtimes I've been playing with the idea of making some simple arcade game called "nose invaders" (inspired by tooth invaders) where you could have nice droplets of snot pulsating haha.
  7. I agree that the absolutely fantastic Graftgold home computer ports of Rainbow Islands are better than the console ports. I love the graphics in the CPC port! ☺️ In fact I would even go as far as saying that the Amiga and ST versions are sliightly better than the arcade version, because of the simple fact that they have a more pleasing/cartoony (without being too garish) color palette. Andrew Braybrook wrote a really interesting blog about the development of the Rainbow Islands home computer ports: https://uridiumauthor.blogspot.com/2018/03/rainbow-islands.html
  8. No, I think he made the box 'n' stuff just for fun, I mean it looks really nice.
  9. Ah, forgot to add this unbearable / nice looking teaser mock-up someone put up on façadebook!
  10. Ahaa, another friend of colorful, cartoony platformers! On paper the Lynx should be able to handle those games fine, I mean some of the much older 8-bit systems have excellent ports of those games.
  11. It's still fun to play with the thought(s) and dream. I would've loved Rainbow Islands and Ghosts 'n' Goblins myself (amongst many, many others of course). It's nice in a way that there's gaping holes in the Lynx library, so that developers don't have to feel like a game they're contributing is a drop in the ocean, like on some of the most popular systems. A point and click game in the vain of monkey island, sam and max or day of the tentacle would probably be easier to produce these days with 512k carts readily available. I think you could make really good looking games in that kind of cartoony style too, since the Lynx can show 16 colors anywhere on screen (should be enough for anyone ). I remember dreaming of Speedball II for the Lynx back in the day, but after playing it on game gear I'd say the game really is at its best played with a joystick. Of course wouldn't mind it for the Lynx anyhow!
  12. @explorer It's a matter of taste too, I originally had a c64 so I love those double wide pixels from before, but perhaps you want to do something different from the Spectrum and dip your toes in "chunky pixel bliss" I recently got myself an Atari 130xe, so looking forward to see a port of this for the Atari 8-bits. As I read more home computer history, it is quite apparent Commodore borrowed a few ideas from the Atari 8-bit computers. the thread emkay linked to has a lot of interesting discussion and opinions about the A8 graphic modes: Btw. I love the zx spectrum and the speccy scene too, so many colorful and great games coming out for it all the time! (I have a +2)
  13. You can still submit levels if you would happen to get excited about it. I'm still working on an improved version of the game for a physical cartridge release with more levels and a few more features.
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