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  1. I had one of these I received as a birthday present when I was 12. It was stolen by a friends older brother a few months later and I never saw it again. I was thinking about this the other day when I was playing Hunt the Wumpus on my TI-99/4A and remembered how similar the gameplay was to the D&D handheld.
  2. Hunt the Wumpus, TI Invaders, and Car Wars for the TI-99/4A Pirate Cove and Radar Rat Race for the VIC-20
  3. Depends on which room I'm in. Currently either a 25" Sony WEGA Trinitron with a composite/S-video modded Sears light sixer or a 13" Sylvania with RF on an Atari heavy sixer.
  4. It looks like a TNC connector (but I can't tell if it's threaded or not). If it is, a F to TNC adapter should work.
  5. I exchanged two non-working 5200 controllers with two refurbished ones from Best in 2012 and they still work flawlessly.
  6. WTB: yellow Commodore 64 function keys. I need all four of them. Will also consider a working/non-working keyboard that includes them if the price is right. Please let me know if you have them available for sale with price + shipping. Thanks!
  7. The only place I've ever seen an Astrocade BITD was in Montgomery Wards.
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