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  1. WTB: yellow Commodore 64 function keys. I need all four of them. Will also consider a working/non-working keyboard that includes them if the price is right. Please let me know if you have them available for sale with price + shipping. Thanks!
  2. The only place I've ever seen an Astrocade BITD was in Montgomery Wards.
  3. Not including homebrews and according to the AA database, Swordquest: Waterworld is the rarest.
  4. A 1.6GHz P4 w/2GB of RAM and WinXP was used in my MAME cabinet for several years. I'd probably still be using it if one of the DIMM sockets on the motherboard didn't stop working.
  5. I didn't know there was multiple versions of the Sears catalogs. The two I have are on the right (on the picture above).
  6. I have two: one loose that I got in an eBay lot in 2003 and another that came in a CIB Pong Sports that I bought a few years later. I don't think I've ever seen one otherwise.
  7. 1994-2004: Amass everything I could get my hands on 2005-2011: Buy very specific things I didn't already own and/or really wanted, but only if the price was right 2012+: Rarely buy anything except a couple homebrews every year
  8. I didn't own an Atari 8-bit computer until I bought a huge lot locally, for about $150 IIRC, from an eBay seller in 1998. But all my other 8-bit's (with the exception of my C64 which I used sporadically until about 1992-1993) were boxed up and packed away between 1990 and 1997.
  9. Just got notification that mine was delivered to my front porch. Can't wait to get home tonight to check it out....
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