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  2. Cartridge Tomek is using PIC24 and screen memory is inside PIC ram. Simply you just have to make Display List for every single line pointing one address e.g. $D500 Nothing more. Use 160B mode then you do not have to worry about zones, holey dma, DL or DLL anymore. I hope someone will adapt this cartridge for Atari 7800 one day
  3. Hmmm, something like Veronica could do. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/164097-project-veronica/ But personally, I would like to adapt Tomek to A7800 and use it with 160B mode. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/202347-nostys-tomek-cartridge-for-8-bit-atari-great/
  4. I doubt that there would be a universal tool for this. A7800 has no graphics banks like other computers or consoles. Display list complicate this. A7800 can do different sizes for each zone from 1 to 16, mostly is 16 but for example I'm using recently 12. Also sprite width can be various. Data graphics is up side down, every sprite can have different colours. I do not even want mention about 160B mode Editing graphics without programming skills will be very difficult.
  5. http://loktar00.github.io/AtariRomDisplay/ try this one
  6. I notice that But it is not important. Because Maria can display sprites using different palettes. Each sprite can have a different bit combination for colors. Then you will have to set colors for each sprite separately ;( I don't have a simple answer. I would copy the sprite data from Omnivore and convert it to graphics. I tried to find a tool that would help you. Unfortunately, nothing comes to my mind. The only solution that comes to my mind now is printscreen. Paste into the graphics program (for example MSPaint), crop sprite and resize X and Y = 20% It is a very primitive method but it works. Remember this works only for 160A mode!
  7. You can try Omnivore for Atari XL/XE https://playermissile.com/omnivore/ Click right button on "Bitmap" window and set Bitmap Width=256 Go to View->Bitmap Display->2bpp You can change colors in View->Bitmap->Color->Choose Colors Remember, the graphics is upside down.
  8. Graf2x http://grafx2.chez.com/index.php?static3/downloads Aseprite https://www.aseprite.org/
  9. BBC version https://bitshifters.github.io/posts/prods/bs-pop-beeb.html I'm impressed, it took them only one year
  10. I will be on Sunday with my son. I have booked tickets a long time ago. My wife goes to the Trafford Centre
  11. In progress. So far 6 million evals....
  12. +1 (Definitely wife stays at home. Too close to Trafford Centre)
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