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  1. The final boss will be gigantic. It'll be 16x64 pixels, stretched horizontally to the maximum.
  2. I'm cutting Metal Max 2 short. It'll have 2 more zones, and an ending cutscene, and then it'll be done.
  3. That's actually somewhat my problem. When I did my own personal flavor, I made "Split Second", and we all know how 'good' that game was. >n< I'm probably not gonna redo the whole game, as i've gotten so far with it, but still...I just don't know that it'll hold up even near as good.
  4. The next 2 Levels will be as follows... Volcanic Vault, and Sunny Sea. The boss of Volcanic vault will most likely be Valentine, Xaim's sidekick, and the boss of Sunny Sea, is still being decided. I'm actually somewhat considering scrapping this iteration of this game, and yet again, starting from scratch, mostly because after playing through the zippy the porcupine game, I kinda feel like this game really isn't all that great.
  5. 2 more levels are coming soon, along with 2 more bosses, many new enemies, and possibly even new attacks, and I'm removing Herobrine.
  6. 4 votes so far. Even my most popular game is barely noticed.
  7. Turns out, old max somehow is invincible. I'll get a fix up sometime today, but not now. I have a job interview to go to. With any luck, i'll land a full-time position.
  8. Okay, new demo up. I've decided to add full-fledged cut-scenes into the game.
  9. ...you make QB64 programs to aid your Batari Basic programming too?! O.O
  10. 10 votes to "Yes", and I start on the game. Feel free to use this thread to suggest characters, stages, and moves for characters.
  11. And it's only 8 of a possible 20-40 characters.
  12. I will most likely have a cast of anywhere from 20-40 characters, all with move-sets as unique as the Atari's limitations will allow. I *will* have the following Characters: - The hero from H.E.R.O - Pitfall Harry((And Maybe his monkey)) - Mario - Kirby - Link - Pacman - At least one of the Pacman ghosts - Chuck Norris Any other characters are debatable.
  13. Okay, should I get those 10 people to speak up, and I start work on a remake of Smash Bros Skirmish, I *WILL* be making it a 64k cart, provided Bb supports it before I finish the game.
  14. Can't. If I'm remaking this game, i'm remaking it right, using floating-point math. That's 4 variables per player, not to mention the cycles that'll use. But, the upside is, thanks to metal max 2, i've learned a lot of sly tricks to improve a game. Tricks that could allow more than 1 attack per character. And better single-player AI. *Much* better single-player AI.
  15. I used non-2600 characters, simply because with each character they're either a favorite of mine, such as Megaman, Sonic, and Neku Sakuraba, or they're just plain Smash Brothers tradition, such as Mario, Kirby, and Link. I'm not going to remove Mario, Kirby, or Link, simply because it's just not smash brothers without them. I will be willing to remove Megaman, Sonic, and Neku though.
  16. It wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't put any real effort into this game. If this game was gonna be the same crap as Smash Bros. Skirmish, or some of my other games, I might not have been so hurt....but I put a *LOT* of work into this project and yet THIS one is the one nobody cares about. EDIT: I mean, even now, look, everyone is flocking towards my crappy smash bros game, and completely ignoring this! Can you see why i'm so ticked off?! As much as I will keep my word, I'm already regretting saying i'd remake that game if it gets enough attention, because I'm already seeing it booming while this one simply fades out of existence.
  17. Considering a hard-drive crash wiped out my source code? Not without a complete and total remake. But the question is, does anybody more than 2 people even want me to remake this game? EDIT: Also, not a good idea to necropost. Even though it's a really strange rule, it's still a rule. I tell you all what. If you can make a thread, and can get at least 10 people to post in that thread, saying they want a remake, then I'll do it.
  18. Production has completely stopped. I haven't even bothered to make a fix for being unable to get past the first boss. Honestly, I'm just plain getting discouraged by a lack of really any enthusiasm, by really anybody. I'm not looking for a ton of people to be enthusiastic about a crappy little homebrew game being developed for a *more* than out-of-date system, but when you have only one person really mentioning anything at all, it's really quite disheartening. I might pick up the game some other time, but for now, I'm just too bummed out...and it doesn't help that i've had the most exhausting and disappointing 2 weeks of my life so far either. I really wish my family would stop including my sisters in everything, then leaving me out, making up s*** excuses that could easily be shot down with even a slight bit of logic and reasoning.
  19. Okay! Stage 5 is almost complete! I have a boss in place...Mecha Max. He's got 240 HP, and has an insane attack-pattern. First, he waits a few moments, giving you an opening. He then dashes at you. If he collides with you, he grabs the player, holding them up in the air, before throwing them into the ceiling, at which point he flies up to the ceiling. If not, then he just goes to the edge of the screen, then flies up. After a few moments of being off-screen, he drops down in the center of the screen, smashing into the ground, sending debris flying up around him. I might add another move after that, where he fires large beams at you, but for now, this is all I have. Oh, and him grabbing you before throwing you, knocks you out of your giga state.
  20. Okay, I'm working on Stage 5 now...I'm dubbing it, for now, "Feral Fortress." Think of Sonic 1's scrap brain zone...but with more lasers. Much more lasers. And motion-triggered turrets. And homing missiles, that can go through walls. This stage is going to frustrate, and annoy a lot of players.
  21. Okay, I have her programmed in((mostly. Her defeated sprite isn't made yet.)) Her attacks are, she drains your life by running into you, and after you beat her up a bit, Mina will start using Teleportation occasionally, appearing right behind you....just to make sure the battle isn't too easy. B) She has 100 HP, and when she comes into contact with you, she can knock you out of your invincible "Giga" form.
  22. Okay, small update, though I'm not posting a new version just yet. I've added Max's "Giga" form, which you can use after you obtain 3 of the special gemstones. It makes you invincible, and harm enemies just by touching them, but it slowly drains your life until you have one life-bar left, at which point, you fall out of your Giga form, and are unable to re-enter it until you have more life than one full bar. I've also got the beginnings of stage 4 on the way, which will be a desert/pyramid themed stage. The boss will be a character I actually used in Roleplays, rather than past attempts at a game...Mina. She's a giant snake. So far, her attack pattern, will be that she'll dash towards you, and if she comes into contact with the player, she'll grab the player, and begin to drain life from them. From there, you have to rapidly press the fire button to escape. I'm going to try to think of at least one more attack for her, but I have all the graphics ready for her already.
  23. Okay, new demo peeps! In this, I fixed the sliding issue with Max...his movements are *much* more precise and controlled. AND!! After you beat the blue boss, boss #2, AkA Tora, you can play as her. Press the Select Switch to alternate between the two! Tora Accelerates much faster, and jumps higher, but slides a bit, so be careful! default3.bas.bin
  24. Ah. Well, I'll probably try that out if I run out of my newly-freed cycles.
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